Reaction Post: Discuss The Vampire Diaries “Promised Land” *SPOILER ALERT*

WELL…I’m completely shocked…why, you say? THIS HAPPENED….


Surely Stefan isn’t really gone forever right? They’ll find a way to bring him back. Let me know what you guys though about tonight’s episode, that felt like a season finale. But it wasn’t! We have one more episode to go! Sound off in the comments!


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  1. NO! NO! NO!
    Damon better sacrifice himself next episode to BRING HIM BACK!

  2. This episode was EPIC !!!!!! one of the BEST i think the lines were good the actions NOn stop and so many feelings!!!!
    But i’m just speechless abt STefan dead i can’t process it now

  3. WOW!! That was some old school Vampire Diaries tonight!!

    I can’t wait to see how they fix this – because I know they’ll fix it!! :)

  4. We all know that Damon will sacrifice himself next week to bring Stefan back, and he and Bonnie will end up in some other dimension. Season 6 will start with trying to get them both back from the ‘new’ ‘other side’.

  5. tonight it BLOOWS all are minds up because of Stepen is death so DEEPLY SHOOOOCKING MEEEENNN!!!!!!

  6. I couldn’t believe it!! :( i cried! But I like most have read all the books which don’t always match the tv show but i am hoping that they bring in the different dimension which bonnie and damon went too with Elena but i don’t think they will make Elena go too :S you can wish i suppose!

  7. I’m speechless.. i almost had a heart attack when he died! and I cried. It’s time to stop make him suffer, jeez, this has been going on since season 3, it’s enough! They better bring him back soon, and I hope he will be with Caroline coz Elena has seriously crossed the line here.

  8. What if it’s Elena that sacrifices herself for Stefen…I know it’s different circumstances than in the books, but Elena does die in the books via sacrifice to kill Katherine and was gone with occasional appearances in the following book. Would they go that route?

  9. I need Stefan back!!!!! Tvd will Not be worth watching without him. Stefan is a brilliant actor we need more of him

  10. @Marcia that’s a great theory I believe your on to something there.!) Also
    @Tania I 2nd that entirely!
    Stefan Elena & Damon make this show yes, but Stefan brings a certain something to the table and wen I seen it was his heart not Tyler’s I bout shit a brick I was screaming at the television I cried my eyes out& everything! Now I know since this TV show was sort of built on death or revolves around it for that matter then it’ll more than likely end in death but id like to Thnk there’s got to be another way to write the ending! @julieplec leave an opening for a future movie instead just sealing the door shut plz!:0

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