New Vampire Diaries Spoilers for Tonight via TVLine’s Ask Ausiello


We have some major scoop from tonight’s episode from TVLine’s Ask Ausiello. Read at your own risk!

Question: Any Vampire Diaries scoop? —Candice
Ausiello: In tonight’s episode, “Stefan learns a bombshell from his past as we start to understand even further the depths of Valerie’s resentment, and it will cause a problem in the Stefan/Caroline relationship,” executive producer Caroline Dries previews. Bonus Scoop: “A fun bickerfest between Bonnie and Enzo will end in a major surprise for the audience,” the EP teases.


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  1. The only Thing I am interested in watching anymore is Damon and Bonnie and Alaric Scenes and there is not enough of them. Everything else is boring as Heck and I just forward to there Scenes.

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