Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale Reaction Post PLUS Summary for Season 6


Tonight’s Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale was a bold move by the writers for sure. Heart-wrenching to say the least. Let me know what you guys thought in the comments, but FIRST. Today The CW announced their 2014 – 2015 Fall Schedule, and with it included a summary of the past season, and a snippet of what’s to come in season 6, which may give us a little hope. *Spoiler Alert*

Season five of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES began with a sense of hope for Elena (Nina Dobrev).  After a passionate summer with Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Elena headed to Whitmore College with Caroline (Candice Accola), not knowing that Bonnie (Kat Graham) sacrificed her life to save Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen).  As Bonnie’s friends fought to bring her back to life as the Anchor to the Other Side, Stefan (Paul Wesley) had to face-off with his doppelganger Silas, and a newly human Katherine (Nina Dobrev) struggled with mortality and motherhood.  Damon’s relationship with Elena was put to the test when Enzo (guest star Michael Malarkey), an old vampire friend from Damon’s past, revealed he was still alive and looking for revenge.  Stefan and Caroline’s friendship deepened as they stood up to the Travelers, a nomadic witch tribe driven to strip Mystic Falls of magic and cast out its supernatural residents.  Finally, having lost his town and fearing losing his loved ones on the crumbling Other Side, Damon made a huge sacrifice to bring them all back – to catastrophic results.

While the cliffhanger will send our characters reeling, season six will be the story of their journey back to each other as they explore the duality of good versus evil inside themselves on their quest to reclaim their home.


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  1. You killed Damon?!!! Are you frickin kidding me?!! He was the only reason to watch the damn show anymore. I have watched this show from day 1. And have watched it become more ridiculous each season. Now that Damon has left, so will I. This show is no longer worth watching. Stupid move on your part CW.

  2. Damon and Bonnie are not gone. if you read the article you will se that in season 6 it;s about bring people back!! Grams will become the anchor and damon&bonnie will come back! I’m happy that Alaric wil be a regular character!!!

  3. Well, Grams told Bonnie she was looking out for her, and, Damon was touching Bonnie when they “died”. So perhaps Grams worked some magic to save Bonnie and thereby Damon. Stranger things have happened on TVD. Just say’in.

  4. Of course Damon and Bonnie will come back. The only way to ensure people would continue watching next season was to kill Damon off. Perfect hook! Grams will be the key (as others have said) to bringing them back. I’m ecstatic Alaric is back. Love him!

  5. Seriously Damon?!! But I’m sure in a way or another he will come back, he has to. The show won’t be complete without him God

  6. I think Damon will return next season, but as a human. Eventually his life will be in danger and the only way to save him will be to turn him back into a vampire. Jeremy will probably beat him up while he is human…..pay back!

  7. Loved it and hated it all at the same time! Heartwrenching! It will indeed be interesting to see Alaric back and how Damon and hopefully Bonnie get back!! I just hate the wait for the next season! :/

  8. People use your brains. Bonnie and Damon didnt get sucked into darkness. It was bright LIGHT. Grahams saves the day. Too bad Lexie didnt make it.

  9. I can’t believe they killed off Damon. They have to bring him back otherwise I’m not watching anymore. Damon and Elena’s love story is the only reason I’ve kept watching this long. The writers have ruined the show again and again with the love triangle, only to finally have Elena choose Damon and they break up after like 5 episodes. Now- just when they were back on track and things were getting good, they do this. The finale was good. I was excited by every move…until Damon’s death. There are just some lines you don’t cross and killing off the 2nd half of one of the greatest television love stores is something you just don’t do. FIX IT JULIE…FIX IT!!!!

  10. OMG I can’t believe they killed Damon off like I did not espect that at all!! I don’t know what but I do think Grams did something for Bonnie. Also I am so excited that Alaric back that was the only thing that helped me from going totallly nuts when Damon doesn’t pass through. I missed haveing him on the show so much. I think it’s so funny I and everybody always say “BRING ALARIC BACK’ who knew that it would actually happen and Damon would be gone now once he’s back. BEST FRIENDS need to be reunited ALREADY! #SeptemberBeHereAlready

  11. All I can do is cry! I feel like someone just ran over my puppy! The finale was epic but so heartbreaking. I’m just going to sit here with my fingers crossed every day hoping that Grams was really able to save the day and that in Season 6 Damon and Bonnie make it back to everyone.

  12. I love the book series. My favorite character would be Damon. Yes, I’m throwing a giant hissy fit about the finale. Bring him back next season and you’re forgiven. On a personal note please quit beating the Doppelganger story line to death. The actors onscreen chemistry isn’t as half as potent. It’s actually bland in comparison. They are both hotter with other people. In the dictionary under the word titillating is a smiling picture of Damon Salvatore. Also, can you give Stephan some balls this next season? Stephan is much hotter when he has balls. To clarify, I will be most disappointed if Damon is actually killed off.

  13. The dumbest move killing Damon!! If he doesn’t return in season 6 I will not be watching! Devastated that you left it like that. I really hopeyou come to your senses and bring Damom back. Would be smart!

  14. They’re gonna bring damon back, I knew it when he died. Im glad Alaric is back, I wish they would have brought back lexi instead of her “moving on” because she is awesome!! And they should turn hybrid boy back into a vampire after a few episodes of him trying to adjust to being human, he’s just no fun being human

  15. why the hell did you kill damon? he was the only reason this show was this popular. but i think grahms has done something and he comes back with bonnie. so MAKE IT HAPPEN.
    BTW now that the whole original family is back except Kol , i had a little hope that he would come back too.

  16. listen Sleeping beauty and listen well and good god dam it i was and i extremely m a fan of Bonnie Stepen is save by Arielle Kebbel so he is back from the death so we the hell don’t know yet if this people is returning tor the season 6 is depends on my extra favorite character as Bonnie and the most loverful that is damon we the hell don’t know if they are coming back or no, we don’t know yet so shut the hell up and wait, NOW!!! so i extremely agree with Sophie so she has all the dam informatin so y don’t the hell ask her what does she knows about season 6 for goodness sake this Sophie so ask her if you have any dobuts so i sujest that you people ask Sohpie about all the info that she knows

  17. Lol at all the people raging about them killing off Damon. Grams made way to big a deal about how she finally found piece by arranging to save bonnie from being the anchor. Bonnie and Damon were holding hands at the end, they will both come back. I’m just annoyed because the entire episode teased that Lexi might finally become a main character, and then they got rid of her for no reason. She killed Markos, it was stupid for her to just decide to die. Maybe we will get lucky though and the person who’s view we saw approaching Damon at the end will be Lexi before grams saves them. What better way to look out for Stefan than bringing his brother back? We didn’t ever see the nothingness take her, we only saw her look up and exclaim that it wouldn’t.

    Also I can’t help but wonder if Elena hadn’t decided to go with Damon in that car, would Bonnie and Liv have been a little less underwhelmed, to the point where Liv could tell her brother off for a little longer, and everyone could have made it?

  18. So I would like to say I will stop watchin if Damon is dead but let’s be reals I don’t have the self discipline to not watch Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev. They are just too awesome. But you do need to brink Damon back anyways because he is an exceptional character and Elena needs to be able to see him again. She has to finally see and realize how much he truly loves her. Plus I love reunions. Supernatural brings people back a lot! And their reunions are always my fave! So sweet!! I love Damon!


  20. And all of your reactions is why they did what they did! A good story is one that gets a HUGE reaction from the fans which is exactly what the writers done.
    I was doing my ugly cry when Elena was breaking down. It was great acting.
    And of course they came back. They didn’t get sucked into the black hole they went into a bright white light. And neither did Lexie for that matter. So I would say we will see Bonnie, Damon, Lexie and maybe Grams on this other plane that exists and the struggle next season will be to get them back where they all belong,

    I thought it was a fantastic way to end the season. If they did what you expected all the time what would be the point of that and where would the dramatic storytelling be?
    Going to be a long summer!

  21. I really hate it when damon elena had to leave, my heart is very cut saw them together in the last episode of season 5.

  22. Like really!!! i am still in shock!!! DAMON IS THE ONLY AND ONLY REASON FOR ME TO WATCH THIS SHOW!! please!!!! he s done playing the sacrifice king!!!! please give him some good tym!! just when elena and damon were getting back on track….u had to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please…..get DAMON BACK IN SEASON 6 first episode itself!!!! WITHOUT DAMON…..THIS SHOW IS NOT WORTH IT!!! I JUST WANT DAMON TO BE BACK WITH ELENA AND THE SHOW IMMEDIATELY !!!!! please season 6 should just be aired asap….hate the long waiting!!! DAMON PLEASE COME BACK!

  23. i think bringing back damon into life is the story for the next season, and maybe went they come back as a human, MAYBE ITS TIME ELENA AND DAMONS FUTURE WITH CHILDREN. ~cross fingers till the end~

  24. Read the book eventually Damon does die! I missed most of it only saw the last 20 minutes. From everything I read he Damon will be back and Bonnie maybe not they said they have been trying for seasons too write her off. We will tell thank God for reruns. Hurry and make the dvd.

  25. Bonnie and Damon are the only two reasons that I watch the show!!! Please bring them back.

  26. Please bring Damon back as human so Jeremy can beat the crap out of him
    But also some how get Elena pregnant !
    Where is Stephan and Damon’s mother ?

  27. Best news ever, Damon dies. Dullena was the most horrible, toxic, forced, sickening, relationship to ever exist. They ruined TVD and the ratings are proof. Dullena stop being DEnial, ratings died after Dullena. #truth

  28. My feelings about last night’s episode kind of sums up how I’ve felt about the whole season. I really haven’t been impressed about this season. I’ve felt it has been lacking something. Don’t get me wrong the acting, directing and filming of each episode has been done beautifully by both the cast and the crew. I really just didn’t feel the way the story was going. But I even felt that way about last seasons “race for the cure.” All that to say I am not going to stop watching TVD until the last season of the last episode is shown. As for last night’s episode I felt a little disappoint b/c I felt it was missing something. Last week’s episode provided more of the shock I was expecting from TVD than last nights episode. Am I shocked that Bonnie and Damon are possibly “dead forever” in a way I am but in a way I’m not. If we are honest with ourselves Bonnie has not been an active player on the show this season. And yes I get that it’s an ensemble cast and you can’t film story for everyone. But as I’ve always felt about Bonnie’s stories she is only there when somebody needs her. (But that is another can of worms) Am I sad that Bonnie(Kat) and Damon(Ian) will possibly no longer be on the show as series regulars, YES. But I also know that for any story to make it to a conclusion there has be elements that move the story along. So Julie will not be getting any hate tweets from me :-) My reaction to other parts of last night’s episode It was beautiful to see Grams’, Lexi’s and Bonnie’s sacrifice. Both Grams and Lexi making peace and accepting they’re fates. Bonnie’s phone call to Jeremy about having died before graduating and having the gift to basically save her friends. (SideBar: I cried during this b/c I’ve felt that Bonnie has sacrificed so much for her friends and frienemies but she has lost more in return. She lost her Grams, she lost her mom, she dad and she lost her life.) I love that we got to see the return of some characters like Lexi, Alaric and even Silas(I just like to see Paul Wesley as Silas). Love, love, love that Alaric is back so that will be an interesting story. The scene with Bonnie and Damon was great (I cried even more after that). What I didn’t understand about from last night though is why Luke didn’t help his sister with the spell? Tyler being human again will be interesting story as well. Glad the travelers are gone(I guess this is TVD after all). Elena and ghost Damon was great scene(Again still crying). Overall I thought the episode was okay it was emotional but what I love more about the episode is the quality of acting that everyone displayed. I can’t wait to see what next will bring but I definitely felt that last night’s episode will lead to a new beginning and the slate has been wiped clean. Hope I didn’t ramble to much and I at least made a little sense.

  29. I love bonnie nd damon ..they have 2 come back geeeeez ..mb now they can finally end up together ..I hate delina no way I’m a bamon fan all the way…nd bring bonnie back with her powers !!!

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