EW Season Finale Awards Wins Plus Director Takes Us Inside Season Finale


The Vampire Diaries has racked up 5 awards in EW’s Season Finale Awards. The show earned awards in the following categories: Most Rewound Moment, Most Unforgettable Line, Best Use of Music for Damon’s goodbye to Elena, Best (Presumed) Death or Exit and Best Final Shot for Damon’s mysterious disappearance with Bonnie. TVD Director, Chris Grismer called into Entertainment Weekly Radio to accept the award for Best Final Shot.

Listen below.


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  1. TVD without Damon and Bon-Bon- as regular characters? Verses, being in dreams or flash backs,, is really going to be tough. Having Alaric back doesn’t take away from the sting, but,, adds to it, if only to enphasize what we have missed between them
    The Mystic Grill is gone! A place where these two men would sit for hours, Drink, Talk, and make strategic plans. I just don’t know how this will play out.

    Stefan,, I hope keeps it together with some help from his “friend” Caroline. I think she has a little “Lexi” in her.:)

    Mattie Blue Eyes?,, He is going to be good.,, Like really Good!! lolol Maybe a certain colored Blue Uniform would suit him;)
    Jeremy and Tyler,, are they still on the show? lololol

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