OMFG Reaction Post and Poll: Vampire Diaries Episode 3.10 “The New Deal”

OMFG….you damn straight! Tonight’s episode “The New Deal” was full of OMFG moments and here’s your chance to choose the most shocking one! Vote in the poll, and discuss! ***Spoiler Alert***


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  1. I so love this show. The Damon and Elena kiss was less of a shocker to me b/c I had a feeling it would probably happen. Their kiss was more of an awe/about time moment. However Jeremy chopping off the Hybrid’s head and Steven possibly not being on the rest of this season or any other season was much of a shocker to me. Gonna miss Jere. Another shocker for me was Klaus re-daggering Rebekah I knew he would probably do after Elena told him she knew what he did to their mother but I didn’t think he would that soon. Anyway Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson are doing an amazing job with show.

  2. The most shocking/heartbreaking momment for me is when Damon came into Jer’s room and was like “Your sister thinks we need to have another one our talks”… They didnt even give him time to object! And then ofcourse there was the Delena kiss! YAY! Finally! :D

  3. I just keep thinking about “If I’m going to feel gulty about something, I’d rather feel gulty about this…” that line, the way he kissed her, that was… Amazing, Beautiful, Waay Better than any Elena/Stefan kisses! I think I screamed, the jumped, then danced around my computer and then… I don’t know, I think I fainted! I want more moments like that… (:

  4. @Michelle — Meredith is a character from the book… Though, in the books, she’s a friend of Elena (Same age) and if I’m not mistaking, it is revealed later that she’s a Vampire hunter. (Can’t remember)
    As for a shocker, I’d say the only one that surprised me a little bit was Jeremy chopping the hybrid’s head off. Tough I really enjoyed how manly he was about it. Everything else was pretty much expected in that episode.

  5. Meredith? Okay, did I miss something?
    She isn’t in the TV series, just in the book, right(althought the TVD writers and producers mentioned they might bring her into the TV series)?
    Then why did someone write her down in the “The New Deal: Most Shocking OMFG Moment” poll??

  6. Lu, they revealed in the episode that the Dr. that was speaking with Alaric is Meredith. It’s all over the news sites, and Julie Plec has been talking about it.

  7. I cannot believe Elena and Damon kissed! That was so stupid and not believable at all. Elena belongs with Stefan forever, and with Damon everything seems forced!

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