Vampire Diaries – Season Finale – Founder’s Day – Promo

Wow…this promo for the season finale “Founder’s Day” is a doozy! I think this is the longest promo we have ever seen! It’s gonna be crazy!


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  1. Wow thats intense. I wonder if their planing on a 2 hour ep. It seems like a lot to be packed into only 1 hour

  2. OMG the promo gives me chills…its gonna be awesome can’t wait…I really hope Damon does’nt get killed I love him.

  3. ok that is so not fair.. – but guess that is also the point – to leave us guessing till next thursday.. there are so many people in trouble in the web clip any number of them could die.. this is going to be a very very long summer.. UGH!!! i do hope it is 2 hours after all to hold us over..

  4. I think that Caroline will die and maybe Scheriff,but not Damon and Stefan

  5. this looks so good… I cannot believe it’s the finale already. summer is going to be torture without the vampire diaries :(

  6. If Jeremy goes I won’t miss him. Elena only wanted to protect him. I’m guessing a man wrote this script, more action, no Elena and Stefan alone/romance time. Guess I’ll watch turning point, it’s the only episode that showed it.

  7. Stefan and Damon are obviously safe. Even if they end with a cliffhanger with their life in danger they are going to come back, that’s a given.

    But yes mostly likely Caroline and/or Jeremy are gonna bite the dust.

    And no I don’t think it’s a two hour b/c if it was they would probably advertise it as that – they usually do with two hour episodes.

  8. damn it that sucks.. I was so hoping for 2 hours.. yeah i think the bro’s are safe 2.


  10. Wow that was an awesome trailer. I think her is either catherine or isobel. I dont think both brothers will die evn when they leave us hanging. They’re important

  11. I would stake both of them. I love damon!! So hilarous when he tells stephen that he is here for cotten candy and to steal his girl friend! DAMON RULES!!!!

  12. I’m guessing that Anna will get killed with the vampire hunting device. Perhaps at the hands of Jonathan? And then I think he will get killed as well.

  13. Does anyone else think its ironic that the song playing during the trailer is you bury me alive…???

  14. Obviously Damon and Stefan aren’t going to die they’re lead characters. There would be no Vamp Diaries without them.. I think Anna will die trying to protect Jeremy or something.. I don’t want Jeremy to be sad anymore so I hope she doesn’t :( I’m totally going Fangirl with all of these ideas I feel silly.. BUT I’m thinking Sheriff Forbes may die and Caroline will finally be in on all the vamps… oh who knows! Also thinking maybe Isobelle will come back and die protecting Elena. i DO feel pretty confident that Katherine will appear at the end of this ep and we’ll all be left wondering who we saw.. Elena or Katherine.. These are all my fun little ideas.. obsessed much? lmao

    Love this show.. never been into a show or book series like this before :D Its great!

  15. I don’t think Caroline will die because she’s important in books 5 and 6, so I’m guessing that Anna will die. In the intro credits of the recent episodes, they introduce Malese Jow with “Guest Starring” so it might imply she won’t be around for long, although I hope I’m wrong cause I really like her.

  16. I can’t stand Bonnie, and hope to NEVER see Bonnie and Damon together. I love the VD books and would love if the author suprised us and put Damon and Elena together, they are so much more interesting. I don’t want Damon to be sad

  17. Omigosh I AM SO EXCITEDDDD :):) but then I am saddd :( Its ending. Summer is going to be horrible. :):(

  18. i think damon will get hurt bad i am thinking stehan is a beter edward from twilight. i think caroline will die also her mom. i think it should be 2 hours long. i think annabell will turn jeremy. i think fereth on either stephen or daman will turn her. i think stphen will turn elayan. i do not think she will stay human.

  19. this looks so good! i have been hooked on this show from the start. so much intensity and action. has anyone read the books? i haven’t and don’t want to now cuz i am scared that they will ruin the show for me!

    really hope they come out with a soundtrack and can’t wait to get season one on dvd!

  20. So far the books have nothing in common with the show except for the names of some characters. The books are great though!

  21. Hi all, please do not post any comments on these posts about tonight’s show, some may have not watched the episode yet. Thanks!

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  23. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case.
    my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it
    with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

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