Vampire Diaries Music: Episode 6.20 “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You” Song List

Check out the song list from last night’s episode!

1. Ladies’ Night – Kool & The Gang

2. The Danks “Not News” – Unavailable

3. Moment Goes – The Young Wild

4. Dreamers “Wolves” – Unavailable

5. Family and Genus – Shakey Graves

6. Better Together – Imaginary Future

7. Classic (feat. Powers) – The Knocks

8. Archie, Marry Me – Alvvays

9. All the Time – TEAM

10. Brain Tan “Fruitopia” – Unavailable

11. Fly – Meadowlark

12. Shine – Collective Soul


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  1. Hi! could you please tell me which is the instrumental piece that comes in the scene when Damon and Elena are on the clock in chapter 20 of the season 6. THANK YOU

  2. now this episode is more like it pppeeewww shot gun laser bip I’d Leave My Happy Home For You this ep is rules oh yeaa baby specially from the beginning AWWW!!!!!!

  3. JAJAJAJAJAJAJA unbelievable now Kai is the most powerful chief is ever known jajajajaaja so this guy Kai take all of the death back in in the other world JJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA like a puppies like I said unbeiliebable and I thing there would be season 7 I think

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