TV Overmind’s Top 10 “Bitch-Slapper” Moments of The Vampire Diaries

Great article over at TV Overmind. Top 10 “Bitch-Slapper” Moments of The Vampire Diaries. Here’s a couple of my favs and you can view the entire list at TV Overmind.

7) Tyler’s Birthright

Everyone wondered why Tyler was such a dick to everyone and we might’ve gotten our answer: it’s just the wolf in him. When Tyler started acting all confused and pissed more than usual in the episode “The Turning Point”, we just chalked it up to his bastardly ways. Then at the end of the episode, we see Tyler lamenting on the fact that he doesn’t know what’s up with him… while the camera pans to make sure that we see the big ass full moon behind him. In the novels, Tyler is also a werewolf so it wouldn’t be long before the writers to bring this notion into play, but still it was a tastefully done reveal that got equal reaction in the finale when Tyler was also affected by the pulse that was reserved for the vampires. THEN we learn that not only is Tyler a werewolf, but his brutish father, Mayor Lockwood, was as well!!! Talk about your modern day “Teen Wolf”!!!

4) The Tomb Opens… And Katherine is NOT THERE!!!! With the first thirteen episodes of TVD, the tomb below Fell’s Church dominated the minds of the residents of Mystic Falls and the fans who love them. The thought of 27 vampires, including Katherine, reigning blood upon Mystic Falls was unnerving and down right scary as hell. So imagine our faces when Damon discovered that Katherine’s ass was nowhere in attendance in the tomb?!?!?! GOB. SMACKED!!!!! This shocking fact took the show and the audience in an entire different direction and changed the mood for the rest of the season. Especially when the tomb leaked a century old hunger of pissed off vampires. Plus, Damon finding out that Katherine didn’t give him a New York minute of a thought, having been alive and well since that fateful night in Mystic Falls, sent the bad boy vamp on an even darker path that is possibly leading him to a road of redemption.

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