Win 2 Gold Weekend Passes for Creation’s TVD Convention in Orlando, FL!

*****The Giveaway has now closed*****

Once again, Creation Entertainment and VDO are teaming up to provide our readers and followers the chance to win tickets to one of their upcoming conventions! We have 2 Gold Weekend Passes to give away to The Official Vampire Diaries convention in Orlando, FL to be held December 8 – 9, 2012. Plus, 1st and 2nd runners up will receive 2 General Weekend Admission Passes each!

Guests that have been confirmed for the event are: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Michael Trevino, Steven R. McQueen and Torrey DeVitto with more to be announced! And hosts for the weekend are the always lovely sister duo The Hillywood Show.

So what is included in a Gold Weekend Pass (a value of $598)? Well I’m going to tell you…

The GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGE is the ultimate upscale way to attend the entire convention and see it all! Here’s what the GOLD WEEKEND Package includes:

1) The absolute best reserved seats in the main theatre where all our major guests appear and events and contests occur! These seats are YOURS, come and go, all weekend, both days. See all the stars up close and personal and this is great for photographers too! You get to pick your actual seats!

2) Complimentary in-person autographs with great guests including IAN SOMERHALDER, PAUL WESLEY, STEVEN R. McQUEEN and MICHAEL TREVINO and more to come . The value of these autographs alone is $240 if bought separately so you can see why the Gold Package is such an awesome deal! Take advantage and grab your seats today!

3) First to get autographs: we go row by row: you are in the front rows: you get the idea!

4) Pre-Registration Fun: we get you set for the weekend before other patrons and give you first crack at the exclusive merchandise!

5) Wristband access: we have special color coded wristbands and collectible lanyard credentials for GOLD Package Holders: once you get set you don’t need to wait again!

6) Complimentary admission to our Saturday Evening DECADE DANCE and COCKTAIL PARTY and Centerpiece Contest! This is gonna be one wild party so come “dressed to kill” and enjoy your special hosts THE HILLYWOOD SHOW CAST and get ready to hit the dance floor (or just catch the moves!). A cash bar is available for adults, soft drinks too! A hot DJ keeps the action moving and we will have celebrity guests making special appearances (so far Steven R. McQueen and Michael Trevino).

7) Admission to the vendors area and of course!

8) Keep your same great seats and enjoy a GOLD EXCLUSIVE ONE HALF HOUR Panel with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, together on stage!!

For more information on the event, head on over to Creation’s Orlando convention page.

Rules for the Giveaway:

*****The Giveaway has now closed*****

All entries will be calculated via this blog post, so you must leave a comment for each entry.  Please use a valid email address when leaving comments!

The giveaway is open WORLDWIDE, but winner will have to keep in mind that transportation or hotel accommodations are the sole responsibility of the winner and are NOT INCLUDED.

Giveaway is open now until Sunday, September 30th 11:59PM CST and winners will be chosen via Random.org. Good luck!


Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 8 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever



  1. This is an awesome prize! I was hoping to buy Gold passes for Dec. but wouldn’t it be great to just win them!!!
    Fingers crossed!

  2. “Win 2 Gold Passes from @CreationEnt & @tvdfansonline to the Official @TVDCon in Orlando, FL December 8 – 9th #VDOTVDCon”.

  3. “Win 2 Gold Passes from @CreationEnt & @tvdfansonline to the Official @TVDCon in Orlando, FL December 8 – 9th #VDOTVDCon”.

  4. It would be AMAZING to win! The Vampire Diaries is my favorite show in tv. I am asking for a DVR for my 21st birthday because I have class on Thursday nights just so my dad won’t complain .

  5. “Win 2 Gold Passes from @CreationEnt & @tvdfansonline to the Official @TVDCon in Orlando, FL December 8 – 9th #VDOTVDCon”.

    pick me..pick me..pick me..pick me..pick me..pick me..PRETTY PLEASE, I’LL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!!!

  6. Can we post on this blog more than once for multiple entries? and allowed tweeting several times for more entries too?

  7. This would be the best Christmas & Birthday present EVER for my daughter & I! Crossing fingers & toes… :)

  8. I would love to win the Gold passes. If I were to win, this would be my first TVD Convention which would be great because I live near Orlando.

  9. This would mean the world to me to win these tickets! I have never wanted something more in my entire life!

  10. WOW. If I won this, I would probably cry! Haha! I was hoping to go to the Con, and if I won these, it would save a lot of money! Who doesn’t want to meet all of the stars AND get their autographs without spending $600+? Um, ME!

  11. My daughter and I are huge Vampire Diaries fans. Her 14th birthday is November 24. What better way to celebrate?

  12. My daughter loves The Vampire Diaries and I was planning on taking her to this Convention. It would be a miracle if we won these and she’d be very excited.

  13. I went to my first con a couple weeks ago in NJ and I’d love to do it all again in Orlando! Hope I can win!

  14. I would love to win these! Perfect excuse to get down to Florida and hopefully finally meet my twitter twin!

  15. PICK ME! I’ve never even been to Florida and this would be a most excellent reason!

  16. I was thinking about going but would love free tickets!!

  17. OOOOOH! I wanna win so bad so me and my mom can go!!!!

  18. omg i would love to win this have just finished watching season 1-3 AGAIN and am now back on season 1 i am addicted :)

  19. from facebook- “Allyson ******* shared a link.
    6 minutes ago
    I’m sharing this, but no one else enter so I can win! http://vampirediariesonline.com/vampire-diaries-contests/win-2-gold-weekend-passes-for-creations-tvd-convention-in-orlando-fl/#comment-61814
    Win 2 Gold Weekend Passes for Creation’s TVD Convention in Orlando, FL! | Vampire Diaries Spoilers a
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    Entry #3! I’m not quite sure how to actually share a link to my facebook status.


  21. I’d love to win this! I have a good friend who would love to go and I could bring her as a belated birthday present.

  22. I would definitely take a weekend off for this convention if I win :)

  23. My birthday is December 10th so this would be the best birthday present ever!!!! Please pick me!!!

  24. I would love the opportunity to win this. I’ve been going to Creation convention for about three years now & I’ve never miss one when they’re in Florida. I have yet to go to a Vampire Diaries con and would love to be able to go– But to be able to go with gold weekend passes would be amazing!! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway. <3

  25. Love that your doing this!! I would LOVE to win these!!! Being a stay at home mom, these would be GREAT! !! LOVE TVD!! ♥ THANKS!

  26. I keep waiting to buy tickets until I have the cash…so this would be perfect!

  27. I was hoping to go to the NJ convention however i could not get the money in time. So i would be so happy if i could go especially since a lot of my friends are going to go to this one. i would love to meet the vampire diaries cast they are awesome.

  28. I’d love to meet the stars of TVD at a Convention. I’ve thought about buying tickets, but it would be nice to win some.

  29. OMFG this would be sooo amazing! My friends and I are coming from Spain!!! Please this would mean the world to us because we can only afford the cheapeast tickets!

  30. But seriously, this in an amazing giveaway! I’ve read all the TVD books and seen every episode of the series at least twice, so getting to meet all of them would literally make my year. They’re such a fun, nice cast too, I want to be able to experience that!

  31. this is an amazing prize! it would be the best thing thats ever happened to me to win these tickets!

  32. I would love to win these tickets…never been to florida before and it’s right after my birthday!!!!

  33. It’d be amazing if I won this!! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to at least try it! Kisses from Spain!

  34. I’d be amazing if I won this! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to at least try it! kisses from Spain! :)

  35. It would be insanely amazing to win tickets to a Vampire Diaries Convention! My life would be complete! ;)

  36. This in an amazing giveaway! I’ve read all the TVD books and seen every episode of the series at least twice, would be so excited to win!

  37. I would love to win and take my daughter to this! She loves Ian so much!

  38. You guys are the best! My first source for all that is hot and new for TVD! Come on season four!!!!

  39. this would be awesome !!! I am looking forward to it !!! @christie1073

  40. That would be the most exciting trip I would have ever been on, I could take my daughter with me!

  41. It would be amazing to win this. December 8th is my BIRTHDAY along with IAN SOMERHALDER!!! We could spend them together!!!!!!! :D

  42. twitter.com/jaymejune/status/241211912854073344 Here is my TWEET!!!

  43. OMG!!! When i read that i screamed!!! So loud because that is sooooo awesome!!!! Imagine actually winning those omg omg, i would b like this isnt happening!:) omg it would b amazing to win the golden package!!!

  44. Wowwwww!!!! I would love to win these!! I have never been to a convention but so have wanted to for a while now, this would solve that!!! Yayyyyyy!!

  45. https://www.facebook.com/felicity.smith.106 if i shared the worng things im sorry i shared a link to my twitter profile where i posted that and to my fb profile where i posted that if i shared the wrong link pls tell me and ill change it cus im a huge fan and i would love to win!!!

  46. I want to go to the convention so badly! I want the gold passes but I’m not exactly fortunate enough to get those ones but to be able to win them would be absolutely amazing!! Best of luck to everyone!! :)


  47. I love the vampire diaries and of course everyone wants to meet Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley!! I hope to be that lucky person. i have left my three comments on here with my link to facebook and twitter!!! look forward to seeing you there!! ;-)

  48. https://twitter.com/StormMcl
    you would grant my one wish :D
    ..and my mom’s too.
    please <3

  49. https://twitter.com/StormMcl
    you would grant my one wish :D
    ..and my mom’s too.
    please <3

  50. Great prize!! I so need to win this. Can’t afford tickets.. Yay for #TVD!!

  51. Win 2 Gold Passes from @CreationEnt & @tvdfansonline to the Official @TVDCon in Orlando, FL December 8 – 9th http://is.gd/6U9eSX

    TVD is my life to win this would be unbelievable!!! I will never be able to afford these tickets if I don’t win this, so I really hope I do. Ive watched every episode of TVD at least 3 times! and I think everyone on TVD is an amazing actor/actress and I especially love Ian Somerhalder.. So I really want to win :D

  52. Yay! This is an awesome contest! I have plans to go the convention!

  53. I would really love to go! I have been to the Twilight convention and it was the best weekend of my life!

  54. Heres the link to my tweet :) I hope I win I love the vampire diaries, I just get crazy thinking about them lol :)

  55. This such an awsome contest i really want to go and actually i was planning to go so hopefully i win. :) Fingers crossed

  56. Love the show, really nice developed characters. The brothers are exellent.

  57. This is the best damn prize I have seen on a site in a long time…… I love it!!!! I wanna win lol!!!!!! *jumping up and down* ;)

  58. I will go from Spain just to be in the Convention so it would be totally awesome to have this tickets. It would be the best weekend EVER.

  59. This would be a dream come true!! I would love to hear what the cast has to say about shooting my favorite TV show!!

  60. It would be the BEST birthday ever if I got this chance. I shared this on Facebook and tweet it too :)

  61. Live two hours from Orlando and want to go so badly. Hopefully I can win and go! Would be my first TVD Con! Excited!!!

  62. I would love to win this! My husband and I love this show…we always watch it together! It would also be a vacation for me and my husband as well!!

  63. I would love to win..I posted it on twitter but i don’t know how to copy link to here. my username is 1989heaven up on twitter for you to see…

  64. Umm it would be great to win because I was hoping to go to the convention but wouldn’t know where to get the money but im not a charity case so yea I wish myself the luck and others that are in the the same conundrums

  65. This is the most amazing prize ever and I have been wanting to meet Ian and Paul ever since I started watching the show. I love this show and there will never be another time I can meet them so I am hoping that I will be chosen this means so much to me. And I would appreciate this prize and I will be very grateful if I win. Thank you!

  66. I would really love to get these free tickets I really love the show and would greatly appreciate the tickets. I have always wanted to meet Ian and Paul I am a huge fan and I may never get another chance to see them. Thank you!

  67. oh, I’d love this price is amazing, love all your contests!!!!!

  68. Eeeeeeeek!!!! I can’t wait til this Con!!!!!!!! Gold Weekend Passes would be sooooooooo rad!!!!!

  69. This is yet another great opportunity to get a chance to meet these awesome, inspiring people! The Vampire Diaries is an EXCELLENT show! I’m a HUGE FAN!!! I love them all! I hope I win! Good luck to everyone! xoxo :)

  70. I don’t have Facebook just Twitter. Can i still enter by just leaving a comment and/or Twitter link?

  71. I had been thinking about going to this one, but it being in Dec. and so close to Christmas, it would make it difficult due to the cost .Meeting the TVD gang would be a great Christmas gift. Particularly getting to meet my fave, the Smolderhalder! :)

  72. I’ve never won anything in my life and if I win this it would definitely make up for it!!!! The Vampire Diaries is my favorite show ever!! I never miss an episode or a book!!

  73. It’d be a dream for me winning this and going to the Con!!! I’ve started watching the show just a few months ago, but I’m already a big fan!!!

  74. I would really love to win this since my birthday is that weekend. I want to spend my birthday with one of my good friends but she can’t afford to go. If I win, I can bring her. Please pick me!

  75. I would LOVE to win tickets..really want to go and winning would help! Going through so much, TVD convention would be a GREAT and perfect break for me! :) thanks!

  76. I wanna win Orlando tickets!! My love…Steven McQueen will be there…So I need to be there too!!! Pleeeaseeee!

  77. Wowwwwwww, I’m coming from Spain, I’d love to win and enjoy the convention!!! <3

  78. Are the tickets transferrable? I would love to give these to my wife and daughter!

  79. I am so excited for this event! I’m counting down the days and everything! i would really love and appreciate winning this, it would make me soo HAPPY! Please choose keep me in mind! if not, well i appreciate the opportunity and i’m happy for who ever wins! But i really hope i get the opportunity it would just make my life soo much better!


    (If by any chance one of them shows up private please let me know, so i can make it visible) :)

    Thank you for this :)

  80. It would be great if I won these. Definitely a experience I want to have!

  81. I can’t explain how unbelievable it would be to win these tickets. I’m a huge fan of the show and would absolutely honored to attend the event! Good luck to everyone! :)

  82. i would love to win these gold weekend tickets because i am an avid fan of the show.

  83. I so want to win. I need to see Michael Trevino & Steven McQueen. Love them. lol

  84. I want to win these tickets because I am trying to scrounge up the money to go and this would help tremendously! Also, my kids think I deserve it for being a full-time mommy, wife, and college student at the age of 30! :) I need a break!

  85. This is amazing! What a great giveaway! You are all so wonderful to be doing this for us that anyone of us who wins is going to be so lucky! Thanks again for the opportunity to have a chance to go to such an exciting event! :)

  86. Hello! I am a HUGE fan and I would absolutely love to win these tickets, it would be a dream come true! I have never won anything in my life and I’ve never met the cast before! It would be an amazing experience :)

  87. I want to go to this so bad it would just be amazing to win this suprise .

  88. I would love to have the oppurtunity to attend this event, Ive only just got my 1st passport and this would be a great and awesome way to use it and visit the states and meet new Vampire Diaries fans :-)
    shaz xx

  89. “Win 2 Gold Passes from @CreationEnt & @tvdfansonline to the Official @TVDCon in Orlando, FL December 8 – 9th #VDOTVDCon”.

  90. I want to win so bad!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick me!!! I have all the seasons on DVD and I’ve turned my sister into an obsessed fan The Vampire Diaries!!! Almost as obsessed as me. I’ve watched all the YouTube videos of the cast at other conventions and always wish that I could be there to see them in person. Maybe my dream will come true!!! TEAM DELENA!!! ❤❤❤

  91. Winning this contest would mean everything to me!!! Im the biggest Vampire Diaries fan ever! I have never loved something so much in my entire life! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!

  92. If I were to win this then I would fly to Florida just to meet Ian and Paul :)

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