Thirteen Things We Learned from #Legacies 101, This is the Part Where You Run

Thirteen Things We Learned from Legacies 101

If you have hung out with VDO for the last few years, you already know me – and you know this reoccurring article. WELCOME BACK!

If you are new to this wonderful world – full of vampires, witches, werewolves, hybrids, and the occasional human – this should be your stop after every episode of Legacies! I break down each episode into a bite-sized chunk of 13 key things that we learned from the most recent episode. (*whispers* There’s usually a few extras, too!)

And, if you have read articles written by me before, then you know my disdain for dumb teenagers! <— Disclaimer for you newbies! I have a feeling this show is gonna be great . . . . as long as everyone calls an adult when they need help.



Have you BEEN to Mystic Falls before? Everyone in this town seems to think they can solve things on their own, then they screw it up worse, and learn that lesson that EVERYONE in this town should know by now . . . life only gets better when you confide in your friends, and ask for their help.

But, yes, sometimes that doesn’t even work.

This time, all of this is happening inside a school – The Salvatore Boarding School for Young and Gifted – think Harry Potter on steroids. Two years after the *sniff* events that ended The Originals – literally *sniff* – we find Hope back at school, just trying to get on with life after losing both her parents, one of her uncles, and just after triggering her werewolf curse.

NOTHING to see here, folks. Surely, it’ll just be a nice walk in the park of a sweet small town . . .


About that . . .

Here we go!

1) Hope can give a good speech, I’ll give her that.

And that is how the episode starts – with Hope giving a quick little speech about good and evil, savior vs lost cause, and the line of villains she’s descended from. Sorta. She warns us that, under the light of this full moon, the Salvatore School is welcoming a new student. And, since the full moon is mentioned . . .  werewolf.

2)  Landon – who we met back on The Originals.

…and Hope was battling the Hollow’s magic inside her. Landon has a foster brother named Rafael. He is the aforementioned werewolf. Apparently, the foster parents think an Exorcism is gonna help.


Alaric and Hope to the rescue!

(What school sends its Headmaster – DR Saltzman – and an 17-year-old on a werewolf rescue mission? Oh, right, one with a TRIbrid 17-year-old and a reformed vampire hunter headmaster.)

Turns out, Rafael triggered his curse by accidentally killing his girlfriend, Cassie, in a car accident. The aggression, and acting out that followed, most people chalked up to grief.

3)  Josie has an evil ex, named Penelope.

4)  And Landon seems to be immune to compulsion.

In the immortal words of DR Alaric Saltzman, “this is not good, this is bad.”

Turns out he just drank some Vervain-laced coffee at a gas station. It’ll be out of his system in a day or so. Meanwhile, he gets to stay in the “witch dungeon,” or the “werewolf transition space,” depending on your perspective.

Also, he doesn’t like being locked up. Seems he had some dick-like foster parents.

5)  They play some weird version of rugby/football/Quidditch at the Salvatore School.

. . . its called “Wickery.”  You’d think “Wickery” would be a banned word, as many times as the Wickery Bridge caused issues in Mystic Falls.

6)  Lizzie . . . has issues.  Remember this psychological assessment?

Note the “Bipolar Disorder” line . . . those tantrums destroyed the Salvatore School’s kitchen.  And kinda threw a knife at her Dad’s face. Holy moly! I won’t complain about my teenager anymore after seeing that!

Does that mean that one of the Gemini twins always has to be crazy? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look up Kai Parker in The Vampire Diaries Wiki.  Here, I’ll even give you the link.  He was Lizzie’s biological mom’s brother. And he was NUTS! Cute as all Hell, though.




7)  Something – or someone – dragged Landon by his foot out to the Salvatore School party?

Cuz that’s not weird at all.

Turns out it was Josie. She’s still working on that summoning spell, she hopes she didn’t bruise Landon too much.

And we’re taken back to where Hope showed Freya some of her powers.

I love how they’re incorporating things from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals into this, without sorta beating us about the head and shoulders with the mythology of those shows.

8)  Alaric tells Hope to make some friends, while they’re training.

He also tells Lizzie to make friends, that maybe it’ll help with her outbursts. I’m sensing a trend here.  Maybe friendship is what these, damaged, kids need to help them?

Alaric really seems to be trying to get Lizzie and Hope to be friends.  And Lizzie makes it sound like she’s tried to be friends with Hope in the past, but it hasn’t worked out.

There’s definitely some tension – and some jealousy on Lizzie’s part, at least – between these two.

9)  Hope interrupts Alaric and Lizzie’s attempt at calming meditation.

She says that she is restless (after also saying that to Landon) and that she needs “a release.” Maybe she just needs to let her wolf run . . . and almost kill Landon?

10)  The Stefan Salvatore Memorial Library.

I’ve got something in my eye, hold on. * sniff *  Ok, I think I’m ok.

11) Oh yeah, Penelope is going to be a problem.

12)  Hope can share her memories, and does, with Landon.

Conveniently leaving out the bits with Elijah in them. #sadpanda

And she turns the witch dungeon’s ceiling into the night sky, hoping that it will help Landon feel less enclosed and able to sleep.

I sure hope he finds a way to keep his memories.

The knife that Landon was “not touching” disappears without the alarm triggering, eh?

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he was compelled to go home – after practically BEGGING to be allowed to stay – and he didn’t go there?

Uh oh.

He’s supernatural?  Hmmmmmmm….

And Hope needs a “kindred spirit in revenge.” This is gonna be goooooood.

“Turns out, Landon isn’t the hero of my story at all. But when I hunt him down, I’m gonna be the villain of his.”  Hope’s got a little of her Daddy in her, for sure. And who wouldn’t after seeing this? 

13)  And Matt Donovan remains . . . steadfast as always. And Sheriff!!


#1 Alaric still looks Hella Good with a crossbow.

#2 Raphael is a pretty wolf! (Still mad we never got to see Klaus’s wolf!)

#3 Klaus gets an honorable mention! (Man, I miss him. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.)

#4 The twins are great. In their damaged-ness.

In their interaction with each other – the way Josie’s face goes to stone when Lizzie says she’s got her sights on Rafael, when Josie seems to have done the same – and the competitive nature between the two of them.

So, what did you think of our introduction into this new (and, in some ways, not so new) world of witches, werewolves, vampires, hybrids, tribrids . . . and the occasional human (maybe)?

I can’t wait to see where they go with it!

Tune in Thursday for another look!

Allison Smith


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