Thirteen Things We Learned From #TheOriginals 5.03 “Ne Me Quitte Pas”

“Ne me quitte pas” is French for “do not leave me.”

That doesn’t bode well for this Elijah-centric episode . . .

. . . and that ending?!

Hold me.

When Joseph Morgan directs, there are powerful feelings. Every. Single. Time.

1) Elijah vs a Vending Machine = comic gold

But, PORK RINDS, Elijah? Really? (Says the girl eating Sour Patch Kids for . . . brunch, I guess . . .)

2)  Clueless and in “Amnesia Land” (thanks, Josh) Elijah is still quite crafty, stealing a man’s clothes and truck!


3) He thought he was the only one and he suddenly has an American accent? Just how much of his brain did Marcel wipe?


4) Antoinette is kinda cool, but I knew she knew who Elijah was before he figured it out. (What is her motivation? Her fate? Is my daughter right in thinking she is the next Big Bad?)

5) Apparently, blood tastes better if the victim is calm when you drink from them.

6) Marcel is the one that screwed everything up.

I understand he was trying to keep New York safe for Rebekah, but, in doing so, he let Elijah know who he was . . . and Elijah can research as good as anyone. Which leads to Klaus’s heartbreak in #12.

7) Elijah has a little Ripper in him . . .

8) You won’t like Marcel when he’s angry . . . but he doesn’t turn green.


9) Seeing Elijah smile as much as he did in this episode almost makes up for the ending (we’ll get to that in a moment).

10) This broke my Haylijah heart into a thousand pieces, and still I’m smiling because it was such a sweet moment.

(But why did Antoinette bail to get champagne before answering?) And when Elijah says that Hayley’s name means no more to him than the name Mikaelson – heartbreak.

11) In NOLA, when two parts of the Hollow get too close, snakes start coming out of everything. In France . . . maggots. (I’d rather snakes, and I HATE snakes!)

12) When Elijah said, “I don’t have all the memories, but I know all about you. And Rebekah, Kol, Freya. Hope. And even Hayley.

And I don’t care about any of you,” you could feel Klaus shatter. And then, “Elijah Mikaelson spent every day of his wretched life trying to save you from yourself,” oh my goodness, Klaus felt those words.

“Elijah Mikaelson is dead.”

Elijah says later, “They say Elijah Mikaelson was his North Star. That he guided Klaus through the darkest parts of his pathetic life. So to renounce that family, to renounce him the way that I did. I saw it. I watched the light vanish from his eyes. This immovable man, this legendary Niklaus Mikaelson, broke.”

Klaus: Freya, I couldn’t find him in France. He’s gone.

And we broke with you Klaus.

13) Elijah took off his Daylight ring . . . and stepped into the sunlight, setting himself and everything left of Elijah Mikaelson – his suit, his cufflinks, the note from Marcel “Don’t look back,” and even his Daylight ring – on fire.


Right before he does that, he says “I might not be able to die in the sun, but I need you to see that this is everything to me.”

He’s an Original. He’s not gone.

Bonus #1: Mr Awesome Scruff when he’s hangry . . . is kinda hot. (See #1)

Question: What is Antoinette up to? Why take Elijah in, knowing what baggage he carries? When saying that she prefers a “drama free” life? Doesn’t taking in a stray Original seem opposite to “drama free?”

Maybe my daughter is on to something. Maybe we’re just reading too much into it.

And why is Bobblehead Jesus so important that we needed to see him 3-4 times? I’ve never seen a random object so focused on before . . . Hmmmmm.

Tune in TONIGHT at 9/8c on The CW for 5.04 “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea!”

Allison Smith


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