Thirteen Things We Learned from #TheOriginals 5.01 “Where You Left Your Heart”

Thirteen Things We Learned from “Where You Left Your Heart”

Ok. So. Who else just started bawling as the episode started? Just me? *sigh* This is the beginning of the end, ya’ll, and I don’t know if I can take it.

But let’s get into it, shall we? What did we learn from this episode?

Here’s the first 13 things – and a few bonus ones.

1) Omg. Mr Awesome Scruff looks even better not wearing a suit?!

Is that possible? (Visual evidence of un-suited hotness above.)


2) When Vincent said “you can never be near each other again”…

…he was not wearing his “I’m kidding” face. AT. ALL. When Klaus visits Elijah – and then later when Rebekah does – flowers die around each of the four members of the Original family “infected” with The Hollow. If they linger? All liquid – even wine, beer, etc – turns to blood. Around all of them, no matter how far apart they are. So, each of them knows when another is breaking the rules. And Klaus seems to be the biggest offender – visiting poor, memory-wiped, Piano Man Awesome Scruff.

3) “Klaus the Mad” is right sexy. And rather frighteningly so.

4) Hope is freaking adorable.

And busy being her father’s daughter by a) painting with blood, b) making hybrids (and profitting from it), and c) getting suspended from The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted.  (And did she do it to impress a guy? Cuz that’s TOTALLY a Klaus move…)

Yes, I realize that Klaus never attended said school. However, you know he would’ve been suspended had he been there. Probably within the first 24 hours.


5) And this one needs a great, big SIGH OF RELIEF attached to it.

IT WAS NOT ELIJAH WHO JUMPED OUT OF A WINDOW. It was a kid named Henry. Picked on by everyone because he’s a wolf, Henry decided becoming a hybrid would make things better for him. I don’t have to tell you that that ended badly, do I? Because if I have to explain that to you, I don’t think we’ve been watching the same show for the last five years.

6) Hayley’s new ‘do is awesome.

And this Declan fella, he’s adorable. And they’re adorable together. There, I said it. You all KNOW I’m hard-core Haylijah, but I have to admit Hayclan/Decley is pretty stinking adorable. But, doesn’t Declan know that cooks at Rousseau’s don’t last very long?

7) Marcel’s proposal to Rebekah – “Four Objects and a Question” – was absolutely adorable.

And heart-breaking. And epitomizes everything about those two together. They know they are better together, but the family pulls them apart every. damned. time. And this time is no different.

8) Vincent has always had a knack for pointing out the obvious in very creative ways.

This episode is no different. First, proving to Freya that this wave of “bad things” is indeed a wave of three. And second . . . second is #13 –  when writing in his journal.

9) Kol and Davina are married.

And Kol has to be the cutest uncle to his little “ne’er do well” and “favorite” niece. Their Facetime convo is probably the cutest ever . . . even if it seems to give Hope an idea to get her Dad to come home.

10) This. This is all I’ve wanted for soooooooooooooooooooooo long.

These two, together again. That wry smile of Klaus’s, the knowing Mom-look from Caroline. *sigh* That “Hello, luv” as she holds him up against the wall by his neck . . . I nearly died. (Did I mention I was crying from the word “go” on this episode, and might be for the entire season? I did? Ok. Good.)

11)  So, new hybrid Henry…

…has a “mishap” with the new vampire bartender, Poppy. He got angry enough that she bumped into him on the sidewalk, that he killed her. And now he’s sired to Hope. This should be interesting.

12) Caroline making Klaus clean up his mess in the “historical building”…

…is a scene that you truly have to see. She moms him like no one has ever mommed him before. And her scolding of him about not even calling Hope, and telling him he’s someone of value…omg, perfection. “I’ll see you at the next parent-teacher conference.” Too cute.

13) “The tricky thing about tipping points,”…

…Vincent writes in his journal, “is you can only define them in retrospect. Who can say which choice led to a car crash or which cigarette started the cancer? And so we blindly stumble forward, never sure how close we are to the edge. All I know for certain, is if the four Mikaelsons come together, it will signal darkness like we’ve never known. So many possible tipping points. But without the benefit of hindsight, how will we know if we’re at the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?”

Blood rain, dude. BLOOD. RAIN.

Words that are going to make life “interesting” for folks in NOLA?

“Let my city know I’m coming home.”

Bonus 1: The Freylin scenes are adorable. Astral projecting to visit your girlfriend whose doing humanitarian doctoring in Lebanon is just super witchy cool. Which is Freya’s specialty.

Bonus 2: That expression on Elijah’s face, when Klaus walks in to the bar where he’s playing piano is . . . heart-breaking. Something in his mind recognizes his brother – he’s puzzled for an instant – but there’s just . . . nothing . . . where all those memories of 1,000 years should be. And, yet, he starts to play a bit of music that Klaus says he’s “always been a sucker for.”

Questions:  Is Hope somehow orchestrating all this, to get her Father to come home? (Her convo with Kol, and her thoughtful look after he says that something always brings them back to New Orleans made me wonder – what about you?) How is this Hope-has-a-hybrid-sired-to-her thing gonna work out? Is she gonna use him, like I think she is?

I thought, at first, that Hope had even gone as far as having her own mother attacked . . . but that clearly was a witch whammo. But could she have orchestrated that? Or am I just a little too paranoid?

Allison Smith


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