#TheOriginals Snark: The Final Season Part 1 – Where You Left Your Heart

The Originals Snark: Where You Left Your Heart

When this episode aired, I think I cried all the way through it. I don’t want it to end!

And, I’ll especially miss these one-liners, digs, and daggery sarcasm. As well as the heartfelt confessions that sometimes happen, too.


* bites heart just ripped out of bouncer *
I myself prefer Klaus the Mad
* spits *
Do spread the word

Poppy the new Bartender:
If these don’t prep your liver for Mardi Gras, then nothing will.
Josh: My liver was probably dead before I became a vampire, but thanks.
Little later
Vincent: Let me remind you, moments of prosperity are invaribly followed by times of great pain unless we remain vigilant.
Freya: Thank you, Mr Buzzkill


Vincent: Marcel means Rebekah. Rebekah means Kol and Elijah. And I don’t even want to think about Klaus right now cuz, apparently, he’s lost his mind.

Hayley: Marcel’s in New York. Elijah’s in . . .
Josh: Amnesia Land.

Josh, to Hayley: Girl, I swear, if you don’t marry that man, I will.
Hayley: Baby steps. He’s human. Life’s complicated enough.

Marcel: Rebekah Mikaelson, delicate as lace, elegant as a fine home, tough as polished steel, and love of all my lives . . . will you marry me?

Elijah: Modern conundrum, my friend, you work just to take care of your family and then you don’t have any time to spend with them.
Klaus: My family is geographically challenged.

Elijah: You’re talking about him in the past tense.
Klaus: He’s been . . . away. I’ve only just realized how far he’s gone.

Rebekah: How does he look?
Klaus: Happy. He seems happy.
Rebekah: You spoke to him?
Klaus: I never dared before.
Rebekah: I miss him, too, Nick, but you have got to leave. Now.

Hope: Can you just yell at me already? Seven hours of hostile silence is punishment enough.

Freya: Hope made a mistake, it’ll get sorted out. And besides, its only two things. And everybody knows bad things come in threes. So.
Flowers wilt.
Vincent: Hope is coming home. She created a hyrbid. Points to blood that used to be water in a bowl – One, two, three.
Freya: Yep.

Hayley: Its just . . . right now . . . I think Hope’s gonna need all of my attention . . . which means, maybe, you and I should probably take –
Declan: Don’t finish that sentence! I deserve better than that. Come on, I’m a chef, you’re a good eater, you can’t break up with me.
Hayley: Well, you can’t break up with someone if you’re not really a couple.
Declan: Well, one half of this couple was deeply committed. I’m sorry, if you want to break up, you have to do it like a civilized person, at a bar, with bourbon.

Kol: How’s my little ne’er do well?

Kol: You can’t get your knickers in a knot every time you have a little cuffuffle, you’ll never have a moment of pleasure. And, I for one, thought you showed some real entriapulrar spirit.
Hope: Yeah, that’s me, you’re friendly neighborhood blood dealer.
Kol: I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, the best people are black sheep.
Hope: Like my dad?
Kol: I was referring to me.

Rebekah: If my bloody brother doesn’t answer the bloody phone I swear, I’m going to rip his heart –
Marcel: I don’t want to hear it!

Marcel: We’re either all in, or we’re done.

Hayley to Rebekah: My daughter is acting like a freaking alien.
Rebekah: I know someone who can track him down.

Klaus: Its a pity, I thought there’d be more of them.
Caroline: Trying to break your own record?
Klaus: At the moment, I’m trying not to flatter myself that you’re here on a sudden whim to see me.

Caroline: I don’t know what year you think it is, Klaus. But I’m the mother of twins, I was married, and widowed, on the same day, and I am responsible for an entire school full of kids. Including yours.

Caroline: Yet, standing here, you seem only normal crazy to me.
Klaus: High praise indeed.

Vincent: So he tempts fate, while his daughter wakes sleeping dogs. Great.

Vincent: Freya, I’m not even sure that we can stop all this. I mean, we put it on pause for a few years, but how are we supposed to stop human nature? Or vampire, werewolf, witch nature? You should go. You should go. Because I have absolutely no idea how this is gonna end up, and I think at least one of us should have a shot at happiness.

Hope: So, I can’t judge my deadbeat Dad, but you can judge me?
Hayley: I don’t judge you, I judge your actions.

What was your favorite line from this episode?

The Originals Final Season airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW

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