Five Things We Learned From the 30-Second #TheOriginals Promo

Blargh. This is all we get? REALLY?  TOO SHORT!!!

1. The first thing I noticed – and it got me in the feels – is ELIJAH BURNING IN THE SUN! (AND: Mr Awesome Scruff is NOT WEARING A SUIT at that piano, man. Do you see what I did there? Haha.) Guys, this is seriously not okay. I’m hoping he just kinda forgot that he’s a vampire, with the whole memory-wipe thingy, and someone’s watching him to pull him out of the sunlight and get his daylight ring on him! We can’t have The Originals without its savior!!!

I’m not ok . . . but on to the next thing:



Ok, but did we really learn anything about what is going to happen this season?

2. The second thing (because that was really all Elijah, and therefore, ONE thing) I noticed was . . . Hayley looks like she’s been having a rough go of life since we left her. She’s filthy!


3. Third, something has upset my baby. I mean, Klaus. Klaus is doing that eye-well of tears that just rips your heart out and stomps it into a thousand microscopic pieces. No? Just me? I think not.


Thanks, TV Line, for capturing that heart breaking image! But, who’s hurt him? And why is someone, later on in the promo, whammying him with witchy magic?

4. Fourth, someone commits what looks like to be suicide by jumping out a window . . . and I’m scared it might be a crispy-fried Elijah. And that, further, breaks my heart.


5. Hope is a bad-ass. That’s the fifth thing. She is strong, like wicked strong, folks.

There’s some bonus things, too. Hayley gets a loving face-pet, from someone we’ve never seen before. And then there’s . . . this . . . which cannot be good news. Is the Hollow back? Is it coming OUT or going IN? My vote is going out. And I’m pretty sure that’s BAD.

There was so very little in this very short promo. You can watch for yourself below. I am really hoping that there’s more to come. Like, maybe, a little Klaroline? Pretty please?!

Another bonus…The CW has decided to move the premiere to April 18th! Hope to see you guys there!

Allison Smith


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