Check it out! Bonnie & Kol get up close and personal in Episode 4.12 titled “A View To A Kill”. The episode airs January 31st.

A View to a Kill

Mystic Falls Messenger

Dearly Departed, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Life. Electric word, life. It means forever and that’s a mighty long time. Keep your theories in your pants, because this week was fraught with OSMs (oh SHIT moments)! We’re callin ‘em like we saw ‘em, so don’t shoot The Messenger!

Editor’s note: A great big, super-duper, squishy Woobie Hug to Ruthie for enduring this season of screencapping for The Messenger. We couldn’t have done it without her! Maybe over our hiatus she’ll be tolerant enough to teach someone on our staff the tricks of the trade! The presses might roll more slowly if she does!


Pink’s “So What” was number 4 on the May 2009 pop charts, and playing on Elena Gilbert’s radio alarm on the fateful morning of May 23. If the smiling, pom poms, and cheerleading uniform weren‘t enough to clue you in we were digging in the archives…

…possibly Aunt Jenna in the Gilbert kitchen did it for you?  Well, that plus a 14-year-old Jeremy locked in the Jack-n-Jill bathroom he shared with his sister, doing Lord knows what *wink*. And who was that beautiful brunette bidding Jenna and Elena a good morning? Miranda Gilbert, former adopted mom.


Great interview from Clevver TV with Claire Holt. She chats about Rebekah bringing change to the future of the show and who should Elena choose?

Mystic Falls Messenger

Synchronize your watches, it’s all going down Before Sunset in Mystic Falls! Step right up and make a choice, nobody else can! Hybrids or family, Stefan or Damon, Original or Psycho, paper or plastic?

Editor’s note: A big gory thank you goes out to Ruthie, as usual, for CHOOSING the great screencaps to illustrate our story!


Picture this: School classroom, replete with Civil War artifacts, vintage books, dead toy soldiers and creepy battlefield death photos, presided over by PsychoRic Salzman, some-time Mystic Falls High history teacher. [In the interest of our typesetters, Alaric is effectively ‘gone’ at least for the moment, so we’re reverting to the shortened version ‘Ric’ for this edition!] And he has Stake 2.0, ultimate recyclable weapon of all weapons, in his hands.


Ian Somerhalder dishes on The Vampire Diaries season 3 finale in this video interview with THR. *Spoiler Alert*

Thanks to @xLuvDamonx for the heads up! The CW has released two preview clips for the much anticipated season 3 finale “The Departed”. I have not watched them…I’m trying to remain spoiler free, as much as a person that runs a TVD website can. And by the looks of the video screencaps, they look pretty darn spoilery! ;) Thanks to MiI2aCIe for posting! Enjoy!

Preview Clip 1

Preview Clip 2

Once again, Julie Plec previews tonight’s episode “Before Sunset”. *Spoiler Alert* for those wanting to remain spoiler-free.

More spoilery goodness is coming in. First, E!Online adds more scoop from Julie Plec about the anticipated flashback of the Wickery Bridge accident in the season finale!

“The Departed” will flash back to the night Elena’s parents drove off the Wickery Bridge—and executive producer Julie Plec assures us that no supernatural elements factored into their death. “This episode isn’t about peeling back a layer of the mythology onion. We actually will get a little flash of something else that happened during that time, that we never even really considered, and it’s more of an emotional thing than it is a suspense thing,” she says. On the love triangle side of things, Ian Somerhalder reveals to us that the “losing” brother agrees to leave Mystic Falls after Elena makes her choice.

And TV Guide‘s Mega Buzz has some interesting Boonie scoop!

What’s going to happen to Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries— Sally 

NATALIE: Sure, she was bitten by Alaric, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to go the way her mother did — in fact, Damon will see to that by saving her life. However, their Alaric issues are much more pressing since he’s immortal now. Can the spell be reversed? Yes, but Bonnie doesn’t know how to do that particular “kill your ex-history teacher who’s now a vampire-hunting vampire” spell… yet. We’re guessing that her witch-turned-vampire mother might be able to help her though.

E!Online has some scoop on our favorite Big Bad Hybrid. Check it!

AlexJohnJohnson: Vampire Diaries, pretty pretty please?
How about some scoop on Klaus? Good? Good. The OG hybrid will have a “heroic moment” in Thursday’s episode, but in a classic Klaus move, it’ll be followed by “something so horrible, you’re like, ‘Man, what’s wrong with you?!'” teases executive producer Julie Plec. “Klaus will never be a hero, but that’s not to say he won’t do heroic things.” So what’s Klaus’ next move now that his mother has successfully created the ultimate vampire hunter? “This is a second call of arms to Klaus, who may have gotten distracted by pretty blondes and paintings and horses,” Plec says. “This is the reminder that this guy means business, and he’s not going to let his guard down again. It’s a nice reboot of the villain.” Hero and villain all wrapped in one devilishly handsome British hybrid? Only on TVD!

We have the extended preview for next week’s episode “Before Sunset”. Thanks to MiI2aCIe for posting! And as always to @xLuvDamonx for the heads up!

Check out this new episode still courtesy of TV Line. Aunt Jenna!! We’ve missed you so!! And  THR just so happened to one of the lucky ones that pre-screened “Do Not Go Gentle” yesterday. Check out their list of teases for the rest of season 3 and some tidbits for season 4.

Simpler Times: The finale will feature a glimpse into Elena’s life in simpler times, when vampires weren’t in the picture. But there will be a small nugget revealed. “It’s a small little runner that goes throughout the episode as Elena is looking back at a part of her life when things were more simple, at least from a supernatural level,” Plec said, who was adamant in saying that the incident that killed her parents was “an accident.” “We actually will get a little flash of something else during that happened during that time that we didn’t really consider and it’s more an emotional thing than it is a suspense thing.”


Thanks to TV Overmind, we now have a few more episodes stills from this week’s episode “Do Not Go Gentle” to share with you! Enjoy!

Mystic Falls Messenger

It’s road tripping movie week in Mystic Falls! What’s the best thing about joining the mile-high-city club? Turbulence! Paging Dr. Freud! Let’s jump right in and rip out the Heart of Darkness, shall we?

Editor’s note: Our staff once again bows down to Ruthie for tolerating our latent quote tendencies and always finding just the right screencaps to illustrate our story!


Now playing at The Mystic Theater: ‘THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS‘. Filmed on location at the Stately Salvatore Mansion vervain cellar, this surrealistic saga starred none other than our own Alaric Salzman in dual roles. In the opening scene, a slightly guilt-ridden and angsty teenager (okay, pick ONE from our local cast!) delivered a care package to Ric in his semi-self-induced incarceration. Toothbrush, clothes, boring sleepytime literature. Very funny, Prop Master Damon, including a copy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! Elena felt bad about the lock-down, but by Ric’s own admission, it was best to confine him until he or his alter-ego confessed the hidey-hole of the infamous Doomsday Stake (go see the prequel). What would happen if they can’t find it? Stay tuned for the standard Klaus stuff–war waging, murdering, you know.


THR has posted an exclusive sneak peek at episode 3.21 “Before Sunset”. Check out the still below, then head on over to THR to view 6 more!

Now, thanks TV Overmind, we have the rest of the episode stills (untagged) for “Before Sunset”.

Candice Accola has been making the rounds talking about tonight’s episode “Heart of Darkness” and a new villain coming up towards the end of the season! First up, head on over KTLA to watch her appearance on the Morning News, includes a brief clip with Tyler and Caroline from tonight’s episode.

Then, GMMR chats with Candice about Tyler’s return, Klaus and Caroline and more!

Then finally, E!Online catches up with Candice, she plays “Kiss, Marry Kill” and then spills on a new villain coming to Mystic Falls.

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