TV Guide caught up with the cat of The Vampire Diaries at the CW Upfronts this past Thursday, and the cast share their reactions to the season 3 finale and their hopes for the upcoming season 4.

Thanks to Chris Mollere for providing us with the song list of season 3’s finale “The Departed”.

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1. Pink “So What”

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3. Shadow Rewind “Airplane”

4. Metric “Sick Muse”

5. Sigur Ros “Dauðalogn” – Not released – Available May 29th

If you have watched last night’s episode…you know that something pretty epic happened at the very end. Something that we’ve all been waiting for…Elena’s a Vampire!!! I had a feeling that this is where they might be going and I’m very excited about it. But, were you like me, and found yourself with a lot of questions after the finale ended? Well, Julie Plec answers those burning questions and more with EW.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How long have you known Elena would end season 3 in transition to become a vampire? JULIE PLEC: The ending had been in the works for about two years. In the first series of books, that’s what happens to her. When Kevin [Williamson] and I first came on the show, we said, “Well, it can’t happen to her the way it happens in the books,” which is on, like, page 200 of the first book. [Laughs] That felt obviously soon and rushed, and we didn’t want to make a show about a teenage girl who instantly becomes a vampire. But we always knew that her journey would take her there eventually, and we just kept riding the way of when it felt. You’ve got a girl who just sorta lost her last adult living family member when Aunt Jenna died last year, so when we started this season, what we really wanted to do was begin this relationship with Alaric as her guardian and mentor, and then tear that away from her at the end leaving her and her brother with nobody. It felt like now was the time when you’re left with no grownup, no adult supervision, no parent, no guardian, for Elena to experience the next evolution of her journey. All the stuff that we did with having her get stronger over the course of the year training and getting in touch with her physical self, and all the grief and all the emotion that she went through, and all the compassion that she has for everybody, will all play into next year and what kind of person and vampire she will actually be– if she should so choose to see the transition through.

Read the rest of the interview at EW.

So many interviews roamin around out there from Kat Graham, Michael Trevino and Nina Dobrev! So we are just going to post a link to each one! Much easier that way don’t you agree? All these interviews just feed the nerves and anxiety we are feeling leading up until tonight! I barely got any sleep last night…why does this show do this to me??? Anyway, as always, tread with caution. Spoilers ahead!

Kat Graham on the season finale and Bonnie’s possible dark side.

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Michael Trevino on Tyler and Caroline and the “Wow” Finale!

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Nina Dobrev on choosing between the boys and fan’s reactions!

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Holy crap on a cracker!! TV Guide’s Robyn Ross is offering up a doozy of a spoiler in the most recent TV Guide Vampire Diaries Bite! Who does Elena kiss in the episode? Ya wanna know?? If not, then move along…

Thanks to Julie Plec we have the final producer’s preview for The Vampire Diaries’ season 3 finale, episode titled, “The Departed”. Spoiler Alert, watch with caution.

Here’s a roundup of the latest spoilers from E!Online, TV Line and TV Guide. 2 more days until The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale. Are you guys ready for this??? If you don’t won’t to be spoiled then I suggest you click that little x in the corner…and what’s going on in this episode still from the finale? I have some ideas…what are yours? Can’t wait!

Via E!Online:

Thomas: SO excited that Elijah is returning in the Vampire Diaries finale! Any hints on what he’ll be up to? Maybe facing off against Alaric?

Funny you should ask, because we served up that exact question to Daniel Gillies when we chatted with him about a cause close to his heart. “I can’t say,” he says of a possible Elijah-Alaric face-off. “But at this stage, if you were Elijah, wouldn’t you just want to get the hell out of a place causing so many problems? Elijah really has a thing for Elena if he’s sticking around.” Maybe Elena’s choice is…Elijah?! We ship it.

Via TV Line:

Question: Curious if you have any spoilers on who Elena chooses in Thursday’s Vampire Diariesseason finale? —Bridii

Ausiello: The only spoiler you’re getting out of me is that she does make a choice. [Beat] I lied. I have one more spoiler for you: The scene/moment/twist you’ll be talking about Friday morning involves a flashback.

Via TV Guide:

I can’t believe The Vampire Diaries finale is Thursday! What will we learn from the flashback to Elena’s parents’ accident? — Rachel 

NATALIE: For one thing, it wasn’t part of some bigger conspiracy. “That was an accident. Period. End of story. No supernatural influence,” executive producer Julie Plec says. But on the season finale, Elena and Matt’s impending accident will seem oddly reminiscent of the Gilbert family crash — including who saves them.

Wow! What an intense episode! What did you guys think? Let us know in the comments. But first check out the extended preview for the season 3 finale titled “The Departed”.

We have some spoilery goodness for you guys! But first check out this brand new Vampire Diaries Poster for May Sweeps courtesy of E!Online. That tag line really gets your wheels a turnin’ doesn’t it? Check out E!Online’s speculation and feel free to share yours in the comments!

Now, tread carefully with these spoilers ahead. We’ve got scoop from E!Online, TV Guide and TV Line.

Via E!Online:

NN234: On TVD, anything on the love triangle? Anything at all? I’ll take anything!
Well, as you saw in last week’s episode, Elena and Damon are just getting started with their, um, let’s call it exploration of feelings. And Ian Somerhalder is girding himself for more backlash, since just one kiss launched a million fan wars on the Internet. “I think a lot of them were really excited and a lot of them were really angry,” he tells us about Elena and Damon’s make out session. “It was like a minefield, the Internet, the twitter-verse and everything. I think it became like a minefield. One kiss.” What’s going to happen if Elena chooses Damon in the finale? Play nice, TVD fans!

Via TV Guide – Some Finale Scoop:

How do you get rid of a threat you can’t kill? The finale examines that question as the Salvatores search for a way to contain Klaus. The flashback-filled episode will also show that fateful day when Elena’s parents’ car crashed, but don’t assume that the episode title, “The Departed,” refers to their deaths. In fact, two main characters will be in grave danger and both will come out a bit “different” on the other side of their traumas. Oh, and yes, there will be an important kiss.

Via TV Line:

Question: Can I have a Vampire Diaries spoiler on Caroline and Klaus? —Elizabeth

Ausiello: Our gal is going to be seriously conflicted when it comes a certain Original. “Caroline doesn’t understand what draws her to Klaus [just like] any young woman who is seduced by and charmed by and intrigued by a dangerous man,” says EP Julie Plec. “There’s a lot of things that she can’t really explain about herself and her connection to him.” But there is one thing that she knows for certain. “She’s made her loyalty to Tyler and her love for Tyler very clear and will continue to have to do that.” However, that might not be enough to reassure her hybrid boyfriend, who’s “jealous and pissed off” about her new sorta-relationship with his sire. “[Tyler will] deal with that in the next episode, realizing that, ‘Hey, I sort of brought this on myself by leaving and leaving the opening for this guy to come in and move in on my girl,’” previews Plec. “Unfortunately, there’s still the question remaining: Was he able to effectively break that sire bond, or is he in for a rude awakening? You’ll definitely see that play out over the next couple [of episodes].”

Question: Any scoop on Vampire DiariesSupernatural or Sons of Anarchy would make my day! Do you still accept cases of Snapple as a bribe? —Amy

Ausiello: I choose TVD (and diet raspberry iced tea, thank you). And, if you’re a Rebekah fan, Amy, you’ll be especially interested — and relieved — to know that, even though her mother is currently possessing her body, the lone Original sister is OK. “It’s a temporary problem,” Plec assures. “It will resolve itself quickly and effectively.” But first, Esther will use Alaric to try to get what she wants. “What she sees in [his] alter ego is someone who loathes vampires and could be a useful ally in her quest to kill her children,” teases Plec. “She has big plans for the hunter in him.” As for when the gang will figure out that Rebekah isn’t really herself, “it all comes to a head right away in the next episode.”

Question: I’m dying to know if there are any spoilers you have for Bonnie on The Vampire Diariesat all? It seems like she’s barely on this season. —Suzy

Ausiello: She’s in this Thursday’s episode, and according to exec producer Julie Plec, she “gets to get gorgeous and have a date, which seems like it should be awesome and is briefly a really nice time for her. But then, unfortunately, as things tend to at the Decade Dances, the date gets disrupted and her date, Jamie, gets to see the other side of her life, which is how she saves the day.”

TV Guide has our first look at the season 3 finale, titled “The Departed”. Hmm….wonder what Damon and Rebekah are so shocked about?? Let’s us know what you think! Sound off in the comments! Then head on over to TV Guide to read their speculation.

The CW has released the finale synopsis of season 3 for “The Departed”. Click “Show” to view.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

TV Guide‘s Keck’s Exclusives has our first look from this season’s finale “The Departed”. We get our first look at….(Click show to view)

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

TV Line and TV Guide have a little dish for upcoming episodes including the season finale!

Via TV Line:

Question: Do you have any scoop on the finale of The Vampire Diaries? —Sara

Ausiello: Prepare for an “epic” hour of TV — Joseph Morgan’s words, not mine. “It’s going to be more dramatic than last year’s finale,” elaborates Klaus’ portrayer. “Honestly, I’ve got goosebumps now thinking about it. Get ready, because the biggest thing we’re going to get is a backlash at the end of it from people who are desperate to know what happens next. They’re going to have to wait a long, long time [for Season 4], so I just urge everyone to get ready for the finale to end and go, “Oh my God! But what happens next?!” (And you guys call me a big tease!)

Via TV Guide:

What’s coming up for “Stelena” on The Vampire Diaries? I really miss them. — Sarah

NATALIE: Though Stefan and Elena haven’t been butting heads quite as much lately, don’t expect them to get swept up in another love affair. Still, they’ll make progress in a late April episode when Stefan escorts her to the 1920 Decade Dance. When he picks her up for the soiree, the pair will share a sweet exchange reminiscent of their early dating days.

E!Online has the latest spoilers from The Vampire Diaries. Check it!

GG129: Ian Somerhalder tweeted that the finale of The Vampire Diaries is called “The Departed.” Any hints as to why?

“The Departed” makes reference to those Elena has lost in her life. Remember how we told you they’re going to flash back to the night Elena’s parents died in the car crash? We feel a weeptastic episode coming on. (Shudder.)

Bridgette: Is Matt Davis (Alaric) on through the end of the season of The Vampire Diaries or not because of filming The Cult?

According to a source on the show, Matt Davis is currently juggling pilot duties (yes, he was cast in The Cult) and TVD duties. Fancy! And so we shouldn’t assume Alaric is a goner…at least not yet.

And speaking of TVDKat Graham‘s first music video premieres on E! News today! We’ll also be showing it online at 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PST.

Also, here is a list of upcoming episodes and titles from now until the finale airs. We have a couple of weeks of repeats, but after that TVD is all new until the season ends, May 10th! Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net for the heads up on the info!

  • March 29th – The Murder Of One – Episode 3.18
  • April 5th – Dangerous Liaisons – Episode 3.14 (repeat)
  • April 12th – All My Children – Episode 3.15 ( repeat)
  • April 19th – Heart of Darkness – Episode 3.19
  • April 26th – Do Not Go Gentle – Episode 3.20
  • May 3rd – Before Sunset – Episode 3.21
  • May 10th – The Departed – Season Finale – Episode 3.22

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