Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.03 – Bad Moon Rising – One Minute Preview

Forget the little 21 sec promo that aired after the show last night (of course I’ll post that too under the cut), check out this 1 minute preview posted by the CW shortly after the showed aired. Gave me chills!… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Featured in This Week’s TV Guide

The Vampire Diaries is featured in this week’s TV Guide’s Returning Favorites. Click each scan for larger. Thanks to the lovely Tariel at I Worship the Television Altar for the scans as always. Check out that never-before-seen promotional photo of… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries New Season 2 Promotional with Ian, Nina and Paul

Here is another stunning promotional photo of the trio. Thanks to Natalie of Blood Falls for the heads up and Nina Dobrev Network for posting! We saw it previously via EW, but now we have it in a gorgeous HQ!… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: 2.1 The Return

WARNING: Okay firstly, this is going to be a massive recap, so apologies ahead of time. They won’t all be this long, but this episode was an exception. And secondly, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD if you haven’t seen Episode 1. I’d… Continue Reading


Ian Somerhalder Thanks Fans And Talks Vampire Diaries Season 2

EW chatted with Ian Somerhalder recently where he thanks fans profusely for the support and enthusiam during the Ultimate Sexy Beast Game! And he chats a little bit about Vampire Diaries Season 2 as well. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Congratulations on Damon… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Cast Interviews

Here’s a round up of cast interviews that have been posted throughout the past few days. The Collider interviews were taken from previous interviews during Comic-Con, but still may contain things you have heard or read. Ian Somerhalder and Michael… Continue Reading