Vampire Diaries Episode 6.18 “I Never Could Love Like That” Preview – April 16th


Check out the preview for the next episode, airing April 16th, titled “I Never Could Love Like That”. That’s right a huge hiatus ahead of us, then the show is back for 5 straight episodes until the season finale, May… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Episode 6.09 “I Alone” Preview

Check out the preview for the next episode set to air December 4th, titled “I Alone”. What did you guys think about tonight’s episode? I’d say it’s the best one of this season so far. Lots of twists! Let me… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Episode 6.07 “Do You Remember the First Time” Preview

SPOILER ALERT!! So annoyed and aggravated over tonight’s episode…granted, it was VERY “on the edge of your seat” good, but that whole “Elena didn’t lose her compulsion when Alaric died and came back”, did not make sense at all! Who’s… Continue Reading