Thanks to Robyn Ross of TV Guide, for emailing us this awesome new video interview with Steven R. Mcqueen, where he talks Jeremy and Bonnie’s relationship and his “little” bromance with Damon.

Thanks to Robyn Ross for sending us this video. Candice Accola chats with TV Guide about what she loves most about playing Caroline, what she would like to see for her character in the future.

Zap2it has posted yet another one of their interviews from their December set visit. This time Kat Graham chats about her Garbage cover of “Only Happy When It Rains”, and how that came about and then teases about her upcoming Janet Jackson cover set to release later this month. Can’t wait to find out what song it is! Check out the video interview and then head on over to Zap2it to read the rest of the article.


Sara Canning Interview With TV Guide

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Right before Christmas, TV Guide sent us a video interview with Sara Canning. Here, Sara discusses how she is looking forward to what Jenna is capable of, that infamous stabbing scene, and how she is looking forward to doing some stunt scenes eventually.

EW‘s Mandi Bierly caught up with the newest shewolf in Mystic Falls, Michaela McManus who plays “Jules”. She talks Jules’ motives, how she plans to take Tyler under her wing, and a little bit about what we can expect from another friend of Mason’s, Brady, who is played by Stephen Amell. (You can follow them both on Twitter btw, Michaela at @michaelamcm and Stephen at @CallMePancakes).

Michael Trevino, who plays Tyler, told EW last week that Jules wants to take Mason’s nephew under her win. “She feels kind of responsible for what happened to Mason, and he was this special person to her. So knowing that Tyler is there and he’s unprotected, she wants to take over for Mason and make sure that nothing happens to him,” she says. “She has good motives, I think.” (We’ll trust her, even though Trevino telling us, “She wants Tyler and she needs him — for what, I can’t say,” makes us cautious.) As for what exactly Jules’ relationship was with Mason, she’s not telling. (Did they live together? Did she sublet his place when Mason left Florida for Virginia? Or did she just have calls to his land line forwarded to hers?) But she says it’ll be made clear sooner rather than later. She’s also not revealing what Jules’ relationship is with Brady (Stephen Amell), another buddy of Mason’s who’ll come to town with a vengeance. ”He’s a special friend, possibly, to Jules,” she says. Is Jules the kind of girl who has a lot of “special friends” we ask, hopefully. She just laughs. Not wanting to say anything that will set off a spoiler alert, she states the obvious: “His character is gonna bring a lot of trouble to Mystic Falls.”

Read the rest of this in depth interview at EW.

Fancast has posted an exclusive interview with Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola. Find out what Caroline will be up to when The Vampire Diaries returns in January.

Who is the right guy for Caroline: Matt or Tyler?

I don’t think there is a right or wrong guy.  Caroline, her number one relationship is the one that she has with herself right now.  She cares for both people, but for very different reasons.  The writers have done such a great job because her relationship and friendship with Tyler is based on experience that Matt could never relate to.  It creates a bond for them that there are no words to describe.  Her relationship and friendship with Matt is based on her first love.  That really takes a hold of your heart when you’re young.  It’s like that old sweater that you always want to wear.  But, at the same time, there’s things changing in her life that he won’t be able to relate to.  She will never be able to be her full on, open self with him.  Both of them were lacking what the other one has so there really is no right or wrong choice.

In the preview of the first post-hiatus episode, Caroline laments that everyone is kissing her.  Can you give me some hints about what is happening?

The next episode is her figuring out what she wants.  Now there’s options.  She had to work her butt off to get Matt’s attention.  For the first time she’s really occupied with what she wants in her own mind, where these guys are all coming to her.  I think she’s a little overwhelmed.  It was really funny to read the script.  There’s a lot of kissing in this episode.

Read the rest of the interview at Fancast.

Last week TV Guide was amongst the press that visited The Vampire Diaries and here are couple of sneak peeks into their coverage. First, an interview with Julie Plec. She answers questions about what the show “will” and “won’t” take from the book series.

Why did Elena and Stefan ditch their journals?

Early on in Season 1, the show featured a lot of Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) writing in their journals. Then, suddenly, they both stopped! Plec says that’s because once the two found each other, they wouldn’t need to their journals to turn to. “The power of a journal is when you’re lost and alone and feel like you have no one to talk to,” she says. “What we have fun with is how to integrate the concept of journals — from Alaric typing in his computer or the old John Gilbert journals that set off the mythology of the vampire device. And we still haven’t laid our hands on a Lockwood journal.” Plec isn’t ruling out a return to written thoughts either. “There might come a time when Elena has no one to talk to and needs to go back to that journal, but right now she’s got lots of people to confide in,” she says.

Read the rest of the interview at TV Guide.

Next Robyn Ross chats with Ian Somerhalder, where he discusses whether the “bond” that Damon and Stefan have formed is enough to keep Damon from pursuing Elena. Plus, more from the Julie Plec interview as well, so be sure and click HERE to read that.

Once again, thanks to the CW Source’s Catalina Walsh for sharing this video interview from her set visit of The Vampire Diaries, where some of the cast share behind the scenes secrets from the first half of season 2.


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