Vampire Diaries Season 2 Starts Tonight with “The Return”

Well, it’s finally here. After waiting 4 long, grueling months, the wait is over. The Vampire Diaries Season 2 opener “The Return” airs tonight! So to celebrate here’s a clip from tonight’s episode, you can view it here on Blood… Continue Reading


Ian Somerhalder Thanks Fans And Talks Vampire Diaries Season 2

EW chatted with Ian Somerhalder recently where he thanks fans profusely for the support and enthusiam during the Ultimate Sexy Beast Game! And he chats a little bit about Vampire Diaries Season 2 as well. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Congratulations on Damon… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Cast Interviews

Here’s a round up of cast interviews that have been posted throughout the past few days. The Collider interviews were taken from previous interviews during Comic-Con, but still may contain things you have heard or read. Ian Somerhalder and Michael… Continue Reading


Kat Graham Dishes on Vampire Diaries Season 2 with Popstar Online

Check out this interview with Kat Graham. Popstar Online caught up with her at the Teen Choice Awards and she talks about the season opener and what to expect from Bonnie. She also shares a little something about her co-star… Continue Reading


Steven R. McQueen Talks Vampire Diaries Season 2 With TV Fanatic

Here is a great interview with Steven R. McQueen from the TV Fanatic, and a tad bit on the spoilery side, so tread with caution. Obviously, Jeremy wakes up, changed or not changed. Can you tell me how life goes… Continue Reading


Michael Trevino Dishes on the “Lockwood Curse” with TV Fanatic

Here’s a VERY in depth interview with Michael Trevino from the TV Fanatic. He discusses the transformations his character will go through this season, how he deals with his father’s death, and most importantly his discovery of the so-called “Lockwood… Continue Reading