Today, a pretty cool event happened in Washington D.C. and Ian Somerhalder was invited to attend and speak during it. He attended the Washington Post Energy Panel. We should have video up from the panel later, but while he was there, he was interviewed by Washington Post journalist, Jen Chaney. Check out the video below!

Interview Magazine caught up with Ian Somerhalder. Here he discusses, BP, Twitter and being accosted by Wonder Woman at Comic-con.

INTERVIEW: What led you to break down and start Twittering? I’m actually looking at your account right now, and you seem to do it a lot!

SOMERHALDER: To be honest with you, I don’t know. It was one of those things I thought I would try. It’s kind of a cool place to get thoughts out. A lot of things that happen in the world make me a bit crazy. I won’t say “environmentalist,” but I care deeply about the environment and it was a great way to spread information, and to also update people with what’s going on with the show…Like, I can have a thought or take a cool photo on set and I can immediately put it online where unbelievable amounts of people see it. They do this verified account thing, because there are so many people pretending to be you, and once that happened and people knew it was me, it was just pretty cool.

INTERVIEW: There’s a lot of vampire-themed entertainment in the world right now; it’s a craze that’s really shown a lot of staying power. What do you make of that? Do you watch other vampire things?

SOMERHALDER: No, unfortunately, I don’t. I live in it, and eat, sleep, breathe it. I think True Blood is a phenomenal show–when I can catch it, I love to. I think the writing and the filmmaking and the actors are doing a killer job. I’ve never seen any of the Twilight movies, never read any of the books.  I haven’t seen it purposely because I wouldn’t want to have the subconscious comparison in my own head.

INTERVIEW: I can imagine you guys have some pretty intense fans. What is that like for you interacting with them?

SOMERHALDER: I got accosted by a six-foot-one Wonder Woman [at Comic Con]. I was sort of pushed against a wall, so that was pretty cool. The fans are awesome. I think our panel went from last year being 1,000 people to at least 5,000, which was really really cool.

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Here’s another great interview with Kat Graham, this time with TV Guide. She discusses where all her relationships stand, specifically her relationship with Caroline after the most recent turn of events, and what we can expect from Bonnie in tonight’s episode, “Brave New World”.

TVGuide.com: Will Bonnie and Elena ever be as close as they once were?

Graham: I don’t think the relationship with Bonnie and Elena will ever go back to the way it was. I think they can be friends and they can still be close, [but] it’s different. We all have those friends we have serious problems with, but you know they would die for you.

TVGuide.com: Do you see the vampires and witches ever aligning?

Graham: For the benefit of a life, yeah. Just for the benefit of the vampires? No, I don’t think Bonnie would do that.

VGuide.com: What about Bonnie and Stefan or Damon?

Graham: I don’t know if it’s never going to happen, but I don’t know about a friendship. They’re going to have to work their asses off to get Bonnie to even like them. I think if it helped Elena, she would definitely work with them and I think that says a lot about Bonnie.

TVGuide.com: How does Bonnie take her anger out on Damon in the second episode?

Graham: She keeps her promise, I will say that, and she will do something unthinkable.

TVGuide.com: How will the dynamic between Bonnie and Caroline [Candice Accola] change after what happened during the premiere’s final scene?

Graham: Caroline’s always been the chatty, blonde, silly frenemy, and now that that’s changed. It’s left them all in a vulnerable place, especially Caroline. Bonnie wouldn’t ever just cut anyone off for no reason. If they were really not going to be friends anymore, it would have to be because of something Caroline did. No matter what Caroline is, it would have to be something awful. Other than that, Bonnie is pretty accepting of the fact that her friends are a little different. I think Elena choosing a vampire is just as strange as Bonnie being a witch, personally.

Read more at TV Guide.com.

This was posted on PopWrap bright and early on Friday morning after the premiere. I tweeted it, but somehow it slipped my mind to post it here. An awesome interview with Kat Graham. As always, SPOILER ALERT to those that haven’t watched the premiere yet.

PW: Last night we saw Bonnie continuing to work with The Salvatore brothers despite her season finale declaration — will that continue?

Kat: I hope so. As of right now, [they’re filming episode 6] yes. She’s still getting dragged into making the decision between helping The Salvatore’s or not. She doesn’t want to help them but if it has to do with protecting Elena or Caroline or the mortals … they’re her weak spot. That’s her family, so she can’t really say no to that – but she won’t stop trying to stop the vampires.

PW: On that tip, Bonnie was the one who told Damon to heal Caroline with his blood, so the fact she might now be a vampire lies squarely on her shoulders. How much guilt will we see Bonnie feeling next week?

Kat: There’s a lot of guilt there – she’s thinking, “if I had never done this, then none of this would have happened.” But she still blames Damon. She still blames Stefan. Bonnie knows that if they hadn’t come to town in the first place none of this would have happened. One friend would have still been alive, the other would still be normal and her grams wouldn’t have died. There’s a guilt there and a sense of “I don’t want to deal with this” but simultaneously a need to fix it. At the bottom of her heart, she believes that the vampires are the reason this is all happening – and they are, darn it! [laughs]

PW: Tonight ended with a huge shocker — Katherine killed Caroline, seemingly turning her into a vampire — how much does the fallout from that change the direction of season two?

Kat: It affects it completely. When that happened, it altered anything me, Kat Graham, would have thought could happen in episode two. When I read the script, I was like “already? We’re already going there? What are we going to do for episode two?!?” But that’s just the genius of [creators] Kevin [Williamson] & Julie [Plec] – they can create these amazing storylines that completely capture you to the point where you have to watch next week. We’re shooting episode six right now and that moment is still affecting the storyline – it has a huge impact on all the characters and changes everything. Then you have this whole werewolf situation, there’s a lot going on, so you have to watch every episode and pay attention to everything.

Read the rest of the interview at PopWrap.

TV Squad’s “The Show Girl” Maggie Furlong shares some outtakes of her interview with Ian Somerhalder. He answers a fan question about Damon and Alaric’s bromance. And he admits he’s getting teased for being named “Sexiest Beast” by EW and talks about which sexy beast Kevin Williamson wanted to vote for instead…Click through to watch the video over on TV Squad’s site.

Well, it’s finally here. After waiting 4 long, grueling months, the wait is over. The Vampire Diaries Season 2 opener “The Return” airs tonight! So to celebrate here’s a clip from tonight’s episode, you can view it here on Blood Falls. Also, to keep you busy until tonight’s premiere, take a look at the following round-up of the latest interviews and reviews!

E!Online has posted what we can expect from tonight’s episode!

Now, for you diehard fans, a taste of what is in store:

  1. The first five minutes alone will have you gasping. It picks up exactly where we left off—with a certain someone giving someone else a five-finger discount.
  2. I honestly can”t count the number of surprises I did not see coming…There are that many.
  3. Whether you like it or not, you diehard Damon (Ian Somerhalder) fans are gonna be more drawn to Stefan (Paul Wesley) than ever. Let’s just say he’s not taking kindly to any threats to his precious Elena (of the kissing kind or otherwise), and you’ll see him protect her in a way that is both ridonkulously hot and notably Damon-esque. (Paul Wesley, you are so owning the role of “Ste-fuh” in this episode, my friend. Kudos.)
  4. Nina Dobrev knocks it out of the park as Katherine, giving the role just the right amount of edge, while not overdoing it, and as a testament to her acting ability: I want to punch Katherine in the face. Yay!

Read the rest at E!Online.

Interview with Kat Graham via TV Fanatic (she wants YouTube reactions of fans watching the premiere!):

Does season two push the bar even more than the first season?

Just the first episode alone raises the bar. It’s very, very rare in TV for the second season of any show to overtake the first one. But the first episode back just… I read it and I was shocked. This is my job, and I shouldn’t be shocked [laughs]. I read it just like a fan. When I get a new script I sit down and I can’t stop reading. It’s not a script to me, it’s an amazing story and I have to know what happens next…

People need to film themselves watching the Vampire Diaries first episode, and seeing their reactions. I would like nothing more than to see the fans YouTube their reactions and them talking about it. I’m dying to know what they think. Fans, Tweet me the link to your YouTube reaction!

Read the rest of the interview.

Another Kat Graham interview with BuzzSugar:

Buzz: Are we going to see Bonnie kicking ass this season?

KG: Oh, yeah, from the jump she’s kicking ass. She’s going to try — although she might not succeed sometimes, she’s going to be trying to kick ass. She’s going to be doing her thing.

Buzz: How will the addition of werewolves affect the show?

KG: It completely affects the show, it alters everything that you might have thought the show was gong to be. Werewolves are going to play such an important part this season. I know that notoriously vampires and werewolves don’t get along, so that creates a whole other conflict for everyone to deal with, and then Katherine’s back, that’s a whole other thing. It’s so interesting to see how they’re all playing with each other. And I don’t think any of them are going to play nice.

Buzz: Will Bonnie be discovering more of her powers?

KG: Absolutely. She also discovers things she can do easily and certain things she’s learning and still developing. Over time we’ll discover more of her abilities, which is always fun for the fans to see.

Read the rest of the interview.

Interview with Ian Somerhalder via TV Squad:

It was quite a finale for Damon last season … we’ve never seen him like that!

[Laughs] Yeah, he is being humbled. It’s interesting, the ups and downs, art imitating life, which is kind of fun to watch, but there are a couple dynamics that are going to start to change. At the beginning of Season 1, Damon’s sort of this almighty, powerful, sadistic, kind of funny individual … and then he just gets leveled. [Laughs] Over and over and over again.

Well on one hand it was nice to see Damon vulnerable, because it proved he still has a hint of humanity, but on the other hand, he can’t stay like that for long, can he?

No, I hope not. You know, Season 2, you start to understand that there are certain elements that’ve come to town that sort of force Damon to shift his focus quite a bit and actually ask himself what’s important to him. I think throughout this first year, he’s forged these relationships. He initially came to town … like Damon said in the finale, “I came here wanting to destroy it, now I find myself wanting to protect it. How the hell has that happened?” And I think that it has happened. Any time you forge relationships with people and you have a vested interest in their safety and well-being, you essentially raise the stakes. You pretty much do anything to protect that. I think he’s found himself, for the first time in 150 years, actually caring about something.

Read the rest of the interview.

Interview with Ian Somerhalder via Zap2It:

“Love makes you stupid,” Somerhalder tells me, by way of explanation, during Zap2it‘s exclusive visit to the show’s Atlanta set.  “Just like wars, famine, the BP oil spill, we have the attention spans of a mosquito, and we don’t remember what made us unhappy in history.”

Dobrev says that despite Elena’s involuntary thoughts about Damon, she still loves Stefan. “It’s always been Stefan,” she tells me. If that’s the case, Damon might be in for some serious heartbreak… again.

“It may be harder the second time around by virtue of the fact that you already know what it feels like for this to happen to you,” Somerhalder muses. “When you’re in love for the first time it’s the most unbelievable feeling, and the second time you get your heart broken you become a little more guarded. You become a little more sensible about how you throw your emotions around. But here’s the kicker… you do it again, and you do it again, and you do it again.”

Read and watch the video interview at Zap2it.

Interview with Julie Plec and Nina Dobrev via TV Guide:

Katherine’s arrival is the worst-kept secret in Mystic Falls, as one by one our protagonists are first briefly duped by Elena’s doppelgänger. The effect is disorienting at first, but Plec points to subtle shifts in Dobrev’s performances that make it clear who’s back in town. “It’s all told in her big brown eyes; her portrayal of Katherine, it’s like the life, the good, the humanity has been stripped out of them. And then you add a couple of curly hair pieces and some mascara and you’re good to go,” she says.

Dobrev agrees. “It shows in the eyes, but before you get to the eyes, you’ve got to think differently. I’m not thinking the same things when I play Elena when I play Katherine.” Her different posture and wardrobe also help complete the illusion.”There’s a way that I carry myself when I put high heels on that I don’t when I’m in Converse.”

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EW chatted with Ian Somerhalder recently where he thanks fans profusely for the support and enthusiam during the Ultimate Sexy Beast Game! And he chats a little bit about Vampire Diaries Season 2 as well.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Congratulations on Damon being named the ultimate Sexy Beast.

IAN SOMERHALDER: [Laughs] That is so cool.

What would you like to say to the people who voted for you?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It makes you realize the dedication of the fans, how much fun they’re having and how much fun they make us have. It’s the fans who are making the success of the show happen. We can’t thank them enough. We’re just doing the acting leg of it. Season 2 is starting [Sept. 9, 8 p.m. ET, The CW], and we’re gonna try not to suck. Wow, that’s a terrible pun. Let me reword that. You finish the first season of the show, and everyone worked their asses off, and the season went really well, and people liked the show. But then season 2 comes up, and you realize, whoa, we have more of a responsibility now. The heat is really on now. We cannot do a bad job. So, we are committed to making this a better year of television than last year. So that’s what I want to tell everyone: “Thank you, and literally, we’ll try not to suck.” [Laughs]

We know from promos that Katherine [Nina Dobrev as the vampire lover who essentially turned the brothers in 1864] says she’s returned for Stefan and never loved Damon. What can you tease about season 2?

Poor Damon. Katherine comes back, and it’s the chicken or the egg thing. In the story, Katherine obviously came before Damon, and Damon learned a lot of his antics from Katherine and then 150 years of cynicism. When I watch Nina be Katherine, it’s crazy, the similarity that you see between Katherine and Damon. She starts wreaking havoc in a very similar way that for most of season 1 Damon wreaked havoc — because he wanted something. You’re gonna see Damon in a way in which you haven’t necessarily seen him before dealing with Katherine and what happens after so many years of longing and wanting to be with someone, being hurt and let down in that extreme manner. It’s a lot of fun watching Katherine and how powerful and manipulative and sexy and crazy she is. It’s a lot of fun to play. It’s brutal for me. [In classic Damon delivery] Damon doesn’t always get what he wants now, which is boring for Ian, but great for the story.

I recently spoke with Kevin and Julie for EW’s Fall TV preview issue [on stands Sept. 10], and he said something that I wanted to float by you: According to him, it’s a blessing when an actor is asked to be shirtless in a scene on The Vampire Diaries because of the heat in Atlanta. Is that how you look at it?

At this point, why not? Literally. Let me tell you something. I love the South. I’m from the South. I’m a Southern boy. You experience temperatures here that one just doesn’t understand until one is actually geographically here. I am watching our crew members melting like snowmen. It’s insane. When we are in wardrobe and it’s 100 degrees, with 60, 70, 80 percent humidity, you get this heat index and it just sticks to you. So yeah, why not? It is easier just to have your shirt off. I walk around set with it off half the time anyway now, so we might as well shoot it on camera. I’m imagining this isn’t gonna last much longer, but it is summer in Georgia, baby. That’s what you get.

Read the rest of the interview.

Here’s a round up of cast interviews that have been posted throughout the past few days. The Collider interviews were taken from previous interviews during Comic-Con, but still may contain things you have heard or read.

Ian Somerhalder and Michael Trevino Interview Via Collider:

Question: Ian, what hints can you give about what’s coming up for Damon in Season 2?

Ian: I do know that when Damon finds out that it was not Elena that he kissed, he’s going to blow his top. He’s not going to be very happy about it. Also, by virtue of the fact that there are other supernatural elements coming to town, Damon is going to have to make a decision and figure out whether he can work with Stefan to protect what they love, their way of life and all the things that come with it.

Michael, what can you say about the evolution of your character this season?

Michael: I don’t know much. One big thing is that there’s Uncle Mason. Mason Lockwood is a younger, hipper brother of Mayor Lockwood (Robert Pralgo), Tyler’s dad, and he comes to town. He takes Tyler under his wing and will probably be there for awhile to explain to him why he lashes out all the time and has this rage. He’ll give reasons to that and school him on the Lockwood ancestry from 1864, the werewolf gene, where that came from and why they have it. Somebody will probably turn into a werewolf, at some point. It’s going to be a process. We’re not going to show all our cards right away.

Will Tyler be a villain?

Michael: Yes. Tyler was always a bully and a prick, but now that he has this supernatural ability, he’ll be a villain. Yes, definitely. You can’t just have Damon around, kicking people’s asses and being a punk. If they can write for me as well as they write for Damon, then it will be fun.

Read the rest of the interview.

Paul Wesley Interview Via The TV Chick:

In season 2, how does Damon and Stefans’s relationship change?

From my perspective, for me, I’m broken hearted by my brother because as sociopathic and religious as he is, I still love him, and he knows that as well. I think at this point Stefan — he doesn’t empathize as much or care. He’s like “You know what, I’m not going to deal with this guy.”

What do you think Stefan’s motivations are for season 2?

Elena, Elena, Elena, Elena…he loves her. Also, coming to terms with himself — sort of the transformation. Season 2 is going to be a lot of acceptance for Stefan, being like “this is who I am.” He’s going to do other things. Be jovial. I think it will be nice.

What are his feelings for Katherine?

It’s a mix. He thought he was in love with her at one point and she’s the person that is responsible for his immortality. It’s heavy. [He looks at her with] disgust but at the same time a little bit of sort of interest.

Read the rest of the interview.

Steven R. McQueen Interview Via The TV Chick:

What’s coming up for you this season?

There isn’t much I can give away because of the cliffhanger. I can tell you that Jeremy’s pushed around a lot. He’s lost everything that has mattered to him, and has no father figure and has no mother to give him guidance. So he develops a mindset that he’s done being pushed around and starts to push back.

What about his relationship with Elena, that’s still kind of fragile?

I think he starts to view things from a more logical standpoint, rather than acting on emotion. He sees people for what they are. He doesn’t trust anyone. Elena’s the only family he has left besides Aunt Jenna, but she’s a different age and doesn’t quite understand all this natural crazyness that’s going on. So though he doesn’t trust Elena, it’s the only connection to humanity he really has left.

Are you excited with the way your character is going this season?

I’m very excited. Julie and Kevin are really good at writing a progression. Jeremy never stays in the same mindset for too long. In the beginning, he has a bunch of addiction issues. He loses his memory of everything, rather than kind of indulging in self destruction, he begins to get curious, and he wants to find out all the secrets and turn that negative energy in a different direction. And once he finds out all those secrets, he’s left at a place where he’s got nothing left to find out, but he feels weak and like he can’t fight back and he can’t save anything that matters to him. So now he’s at this beautiful place where anything could happen.

Read the rest of the interview.

Sara Canning Interview Via MTV’s Hollywood Crush:

While highs and lows are likely in the forecast for Jenna and Alaric, Sara believes Alaric is a good match for Jenna. “I think Alaric is so different from a lot of the guys she’s dated. He definitely has a bad-boy streak…but he actually really cares about people,” she said. “He’s lost a wife, and Jenna just went through a major loss herself. She’s lost a major part of her family, and now she’s trying to fill that space for Elena and Jeremy. I think she just realizes that he has that life experience. She can look at him and say, he’s going to be a good dad one day. He’s that kind of guy.”

Read the rest of the story.

Check out this interview with Kat Graham. Popstar Online caught up with her at the Teen Choice Awards and she talks about the season opener and what to expect from Bonnie. She also shares a little something about her co-star Ian Somerhalder.

E!Online caught up with Courtney Ford at Showtime’s Emmy Nominee reception last night, and she had quite a bit to tell about her new role on The Vampire Diaries!

“I play Vanessa Monroe, a Duke University grad student who’s helping Alaric (Matt Davis), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) with Isobel’s research. It’s a really nice arc.”

Isobel, Elena’s birth mom and Alaric’s wife, was so obsessed with vampires that she persuaded Damon to turn her into one. Is Vanessa going to ask the same favor of the sexy Salvatore brother?

Not a chance, Courtney dished. “Vanessa has a conflict, because she studies all this wonderful mythology and folklore, but half of her is a complete skeptic. Half of her is a believer, and half of her is a skeptic, and she goes back and forth. It’s a big conflict for her.”

When we asked Courtney whether Vanessa would see any action in the romance department, her reaction revealed that she’s obviously hooking up with someone…but Courtney’s lips are sealed: “I want to tell you so much, but I can’t!” she said, laughing. We’re starting to believe show runner Kevin Williamson really does put the fear of death in his cast members.

Read the rest of the story.

David Anders talks Uncle John with TV Fanatic and what the second season of The Vampire Diaries has in store for the residents of Mystic Falls.

What can we look forward to this season?
There’s the big werewolf storyline cooking up. As far as I’m concerned, Elena walks in after Katherine slices my fingers off and stabs me and she’s got a big decision to make. There’s a lot of Katherine and Elena. Nina’s got a lot of work.

Why did John kill Anna?
The fact that she’s a vampire. He saw that she might have dragged my nephew into vampiredom. I don’t think John approved of that. John is Jeremy’s only male figure in his life, so he treats it like a father/son relationship. It was a hard decision for the producers to make, to let her character go.

Will Uncle John and Elena find a way to get along?
It’s extremely difficult for Elena to see any good in me. I’m not well liked around Mystic Falls [laughs].

Read the rest of the interview.

Here is a great interview with Steven R. McQueen from the TV Fanatic, and a tad bit on the spoilery side, so tread with caution.

Obviously, Jeremy wakes up, changed or not changed. Can you tell me how life goes when he does wake up?
Jeremy is a little more calculated. He always had his heart on his sleeve, and he doesn’t [use] emotion anymore. He thinks logically of how he can control the situation.

Will Jeremy and Elena be able to repair their relationship?
They actually get into a fist fight in the first episode [laughs].

Will Jeremy and Katherine have a run-in?

I think the whole Vampire Diaries fan base was in uproar when Anna died.
[Malese Jow is] a very talented actress, and she’s a great girl. It was a bummer to lose her. The writers want people go through an emotional roller coaster. We had an intense connection, and things were finally feeling alright for Jeremy.

Are there any new girls in Jeremy’s future?
I don’t think, emotionally, he’s going to let himself open up to any situation like that. Physically, I’m sure he’ll indulge a little bit.

Read the entire interview over at TV Fanatic!

Here’s a VERY in depth interview with Michael Trevino from the TV Fanatic. He discusses the transformations his character will go through this season, how he deals with his father’s death, and most importantly his discovery of the so-called “Lockwood Curse”.

Throughout season one, Tyler was a hot-tempered human. How excited are you to be a supernatural character?
There’s going to be more storylines, and it’ll show a different side of Tyler. Like you said, all of season one it showed how hot-headed he was, snapping at everybody. Not only that, but for me to be get into the supernatural element and find out the lineage of these werewolves and such, it’s gonna be, not a hard task, but something to look forward to. There wasn’t much of Tyler going on in season one, so they want to throw all of these projects at me now for the new season. I’m ready for it!

Do you have to go though any makeup or prosthetics for the transformation?
I haven’t. All I’ve done so far is some green screen work. We might actually be doing some CGI, so we’re testing some things out right. No word yet on actually prosthetics on my face.

Imagine the shock of seeing yourself.
For me, just the season one finale with the changing of the eye, that alone was a shock for me because I wasn’t able to see it before. So I saw it with the fans, and with everyone else watching the finale. That was exiting. Now I’m even more excited to see how they do the transformation. I think they’re still trying to figure that out.

Is there going to be a lot of self-discovery for Tyler?
Yes there is. My uncle, Mason Lockwood, is coming into town. He has a big part in dealing with that. He has some information and secrets that he can share with me and his own personality. He’s got this curse, too, the Lockwood curse, so he feeds Tyler bits and pieces of information here and there.

How is his relationship with his uncle?
They’re not really close because Mason is the black sheep of the family. He was never really in Mystic Falls. He was there for a bit and then just vanished. With him coming back because of the death of my father and his brother, it’s strange. They’re not close, but he doesn’t have his father anymore, and he needs an older male companion. Mason is going to be there for him, and help develop my character.

What else can we look forward to this season?
We’re filming episode three right now, and I can tell you that there is a lot of Lockwood going around. We’re seeing the day-to-day of Tyler, and a lot of scenes take place in my house now. That didn’t happen in season one. I don’t think we got to know Tyler as whole, just an angry, bully of a kid in season one. Now, we’ll be able to see Tyler when he’s calm and not trying to pick a fight with somebody. Episode three is a big episode. There’s something really important that Tyler realizes and there’s a big revelation for Tyler.

Read the entire interview.

Awesome video interview with Steven R. McQueen via CNN. He talks bout Jeremy and what to expect from him this season and his new film in theaters now, Piranha 3D.

We’ve already seen a sneak peek from this interview posted a couple of days ago. Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev sat down with T4 during their visit to the UK this summer. Really fun couple of videos including vampire biting and a test of vampire senses. Thanks to Katja of Stelena’s Diaries for the heads up!

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