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TV Line‘s Ask Ausiello has some more spoilery goodness for us! Check it!

Question: I know it’s a little early to ask this, but anything you can give us on next season of The Vampire Diaries? — KS

Ausiello: Well, KS, before you ask what’s coming up in Season 6, you should probably ask which characters might not live long enough to see it. ”There are going to be a lot of goodbyes as we realize the other side is disintegrating,” executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine. “Not everybody is going to survive that. We’re going to have to say goodbye to some characters that we’ve grown to love over the years. That’s what we’ll see when we get to the finale.”

Question: Any Vampire Diaries scoop? Especially something about Caroline? — Chery

Ausiello: If by “Caroline,” you mean “Stefan and Caroline,” I’ve got you covered, Chery. The fan-favorite characters are about to spend a lot more time together, including one particularly steamy scene that Plec was happy to tease for us: “They go on an adventure, there’s a train car and it’s cold outside. So what are a girl and a boy to do, but cuddle up for warmth?” What, indeed.

No Exit

TV Line’s Andy Swift caught up with Caroline Dries to preview tonight’s episode. See what Caroline had to say about Damon’s dark path, and how will he and Stefan react to discovering Elena is really Katherine.

TVLINE | Even before getting infected, Damon was headed down a dark path. What, or who, will it take to bring him back?
It’s not going to be an easy road for Damon to come back, because what he did was pretty bad. What we’re trying to explore is, now that Stefan is moving on from Elena after this whole Katherine chapter closes, he’s trying to figure out the next big movement in his life. And since his brother needs him more than ever, Stefan will be the one to kind of pick him up — in a very Stefan kind of way.

TVLINE | I imagine Stefan and Damon will have very different reactions when they discover that Elena is really Katherine.
They definitely will, but their shock of discovering that it’s Katherine will be trumped by the fact that they need to figure out how to get Elena back. That’s the more urgent thing, so ultimately, they have to figure out how to mastermind the master manipulator. It becomes a ‘Katherine vs. our heroes’ kind of storyline, which is very fun.

Read the rest of the interview over at TV Line.

TV Line has an exclusive preview clip for us for Thursday’s episode “No Exit”. Stefan and Katherine give us a history lesson…Click the screencap below to view over at TV Line.


Handle with Care

TV Line has posted their Winter TV Spoiler-palooza, and including some scoop from The Vampire Diaries, courtesy of Julie Plec.

PREVIOUSLY ON… | Damon broke up with Elena so he wouldn’t change her, Katherine had a heart attack and the truth about Wes and Grayson Gilbert’s experiments came out.

COMING UP NEXT | The show hits the big 100 with surprises, tears, romance, nostalgic moments, juicy twists and maybe one or two familiar faces, executive producer Julie Plec previews. At the center is a dying Katherine, but she isn’t exactly surrounded by well-wishers. “She doesn’t have a huge fan base at the Salvatore house where she is, so Stefan is the person who’s there for her,” says EP Caroline Dries. The milestone hour will also be a “huge” one for Damon and Elena as the action picks up right after their split. “[We] see how they’re both handling it,” says Dries, adding that things between the pair are “still so tender. There’s still so much that is unresolved about it.” Another couple, Bonnie and Jeremy, will “hit some speed bumps,” while Caroline “needs some lovin!” the EP notes with a laugh. And did we mention Klaus and another Originals character will visit Mystic Falls?


Check out the latest interviews from a recent visit to the set of The Vampire Diaries from TV Line, Zap2It and E!Online.

Nina, Ian and Paul talk Delena tension, Stelena’s faded romance & Katherine via TV Line:

“It’s the elephant in the room,” describes Nina Dobrev during a TVLine visit to the show’s Atlanta set. “When you’re in a relationship and there’s an ex-boyfriend around, the significant other is always like, ‘Hmm, I wonder…’ There’s always that insecurity. They might say that it’s OK, but it’s in the back of their mind. It’s the same thing with Elena and Damon. He’s pretending to be OK with it, but he can’t unthink and unknow what he heard and what he knows now.”

Having that little destiny nugget tucked away in Damon’s mind “will always cause tension in their relationship moving forward,” continues the actress.

Read more of the interview over at TV Line.

Caroline Dries and Paul Wesley clear up the Silas confusion via Zap2it:

Zap2it went straight to the “TVD” boss herself, executive producer Caroline Dries, while visiting the set in Atlanta to get some answers. “I feel like people were a little confused by that. But remember what happened with Katherine,” Dries tells Zap2it. “Silas ingested the cure from her and now she’s aging.”

Dries says the problem Katherine is currently dealing with will now happen to Silas, and everything shifts over one person. “That’s going to happen now that Amara drank the cure. She’s now mortal, and he’s now immortal but dying,” Dries says. “She just needed to be able to kill herself. It’s a very uplifting show. The CW was like, ‘Um, we get what you’re doing here but you have a number of characters trying to kill themselves. Just be careful.’”

Read more over at Zap2It.

Paul Wesley and Candice Accola on Steroline via E!Online:

“I can see why viewers of the show see a Caroline and Stefan connection of sorts; I don’t think the characters themselves really think anything of it, if I had to jump into the Caroline brain,” she explained. “But I can see them growing as friends, it’s really up to the writers where these characters are going to go.”

Plus, Caroline is totally Team Stelen according to Accola, who spilled, “I think Caroline truly believes Stefan and Elena are supposed to be together, so I can’t imagine her, at this time, trying to get in the way of that.”

Read and watch the interview over at E!Online.


TV Guide’s Mega Buzz and TV Line’s Ask Ausiello has posted their latest TVD scoop! Major spoilers on Stefan & Elena and Silas & Katherine!

via TV Guide:

More Vampire Diaries details on Stefan and Elena, please! Last week’s spoiler got me so excited! — Kaitlin

ADAM: More good news for Team Stefan! Paul Wesley recently said that he believes that Stefan will never truly get over Elena. “That love has to always exist,” he says. So how will they keep the triangle alive now that Damon and Elena are so happily in love? Look for an early-season reveal that suggests that Elena and Stefan will forever be linked.

via TV Line:

Question: I’m so excited about season 5 of The Vampire Diaries! In the new promo, there was moment where it seemed like Stefan was flirting with Katherine. Now that Elena is with Damon, does this mean that Stefan has his eyes on Katherine? —Rashad

Ausiello: Actually, if you caught the finale, it means Silas has eyes for Katherine. But trust me when I say, his intentions with the now-human rabble-rouser are far from amorous.


TV Line has some Vampire Diaries Season 5 Scoop for us in their Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular! Plus a sneak peek at Delena with this new photo from the Season 5 premiere “I Know What You Did Last Summer”.

PREVIOUSLY ON… | Stefan — who was revealed to be Silas’ doppelganger — was locked up at the bottom of the ocean, Elena chose Damon, Katherine became human and Bonnie resurrected Jeremy (but remained a ghost herself).

COMING UP NEXT | The new season picks up three months later, following a (relatively) quiet summer. But this is Mystic Falls, so peace doesn’t stand a chance, particularly with Silas posing as Stefan. “We’re going to explore this phenomenon of the doppelganger and how and why they exist in our mythology,” teases executive producer Caroline Dries, who also previews the arrival of a “legitimately Bigger Bad” down the road who is “scary and creates a new dynamic.” On the romance front, Elena and Damon’s honeymoon period could be disrupted by her friendship with a fellow college student (played by Melrose Place‘s Shaun Sipos), while Caroline remains focused on Tyler even as she connects with upperclassman Jesse (Greek‘s Kendrick Sampson). Speaking of Tyler: While the EP won’t reveal when the hybrid returns, she does promise it will be “in a very beautiful, appropriate moment” — and with “a little bit of attitude” about needing Klaus’ OK. Lastly, Bonnie and Jeremy experience some connectivity issues that not even AT&T MiFi can resolve. Explains Dries: “The external conflict is, ‘I can’t touch you,’ and the internal conflict is, ‘I actually have feelings for you, but I can’t talk to you about it.’”

TVLINE BONUS SPOILER | Mystic Falls’ favorite busboy is getting a juicy storyline following his return from Europe. “[Matt is] not a peripheral character this season,” teases Dries. “He really has an interesting, intriguing storyline this year. We are introduced to it briefly in the season premiere.”

The Vampire Diaries cast stopped by TV Line‘s suite at SDCC to chat about season 5, college, Silas! Funny stuff! Watch!

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