Check out these great interviews with Paul Wesley from TV Guide and THR. Paul talks about his recent directorial debut with tonight’s episode “Resident Evil” and some of the challenges he faced. Read an excerpt from each interview below then head over to both sites for the full interviews!

via TV Guide:

Although Wesley has been learning about the process for a while now, finally taking charge behind the camera didn’t come without its challenges. The biggest surprise? How willing he had to be to compromise. “You read something and you have a good idealistic vision of what it should be and then you get [to location] and the set isn’t exactly what you wanted it to look like or the actor has a different interpretation,” Wesley says. “So there’s an interesting compromise you have to make as a director. You have to be open to that and if you’re not you can get yourself into a lot of trouble. You have to be open to change at any moment.”

via THR:

But because of his on-camera responsibilities as a series lead, Wesley’s one regret was not being unable to be present in the editing room to see his episode become fully realized. After sending off the footage to the editors to assemble, Wesley was only able to offer “a couple of notes” over email. “That was probably the most frustrating part of it,” he admits.

Another unexpected hiccup was weather-related. In February, Atlanta was hit with a massive winter storm that forced shutdowns on numerous productions in the area, including Vampire Diaries. The show went dark for a few days. “It was a really long, tedious shoot with weather issues, changing schedules,” Wesley recalls. But the production halt was actually a blessing in disguise, he says, affording him more time to prepare.

Thanks to TV Guide we have a brand new clip from this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries “Resident Evil”. Damon and Elena see each other for the first time since the “break up”.

Man on FirelIn case you missed it, TV Guide posted an exclusive photo of Damon Salvatore in 1960 yesterday. Check out the full version over at TV Guide. But first, check out what’s going to be going down in this episode titled “Man on Fire”.

In the April 24 episode “Man of Fire,” The Vampire Diaries will flash back to the decade right after Damon (Ian Somerhalder) escaped from the Augustine cell. Could this scene also include Maggie, played by Heather Hemmens, who makes her debut appearance in that episode? As Enzo (Michael Malarkey) explained in “The Cell,” Maggie was Enzo’s only companion while he was locked up and she was “the one who got away.”


Check out the latest spoilers from TV Guide’s Mega Buzz!

What can we expect for Caroline on The Vampire Diaries‘ next few episodes?! — 4evaKlaroline, via Twitter

Well, 4evaKlaroline, I have it on good authority that Caroline and Stefan will be cuddling up soon. “We just [filmed something] that was pretty intimate,” Paul Wesley tells me. “It wasn’t sexual, but borderline-platonic, where we’re giving each other looks and it really drives me crazy.” We already know how Candice Accola feels about the possible pairing, but is Wesley on board? “I think that would be wonderful,” he says.

Gone Girl

Caroline Dries chats with TV Guide about last night episode “Gone Girl”. She talks about where exactly Katherine went, and here she explains what has happened to Elena.

“It’s now, how do we get out of this?” Dries says. “Elena is dealing with the turmoil and emotional damage left in Katherine’s wake, but Elena is also dying. This virus is killing her. Two of our main characters have this incurable virus and they want to kill everyone, so what do they do? Our guys will have to make a deal with the devil to save their friends.”

Read the rest of the story over at TV Guide.

The Devil Inside

TV Guide caught up with The Vampire Diaries EP Caroline Dries. Will Damon and Elena have a chance at reconciliation?

“That’s the big question,” Dries says. “Now that he has killed Aaron Whitmore (Shaun Sipos), what kind of fallout will that have on the Damon-Elena relationship? And not just Aaron, but everything he’s done [lately] is so reckless. So Elena has to take a hard look at herself and say, ‘Who am I? How have I changed?  I have these feelings for Damon and I think I know who I am, but all of a sudden I’m starting to be OK with things that old Elena wouldn’t have been OK with’. What Elena goes through with Katherine will have such traumatic effect on her that coming out of it she’s more insular to the Salvatore drama and more substantially to her relationship with Damon. So we don’t want to throw that out the window, we want to explore why [the relationship] is facing new challenges. It’s not black and white, what they decide; it’s confusing.”

Read more over at TV Guide.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

While E!Online has some more scoop on our new castings, TV Guide has some scoop on Stefan and Katherine/Elena.

Via E!Online:

Lauren K.: Loving Enzo so I’ll take any more info on his new love interest on The Vampire Diaries!

As we exclusively reported, Heather Hemmens will take on the role of Enzo’s long lost love, who he met in 1953. What we can tell you about her? She’s a kind, warm and engaging medical student, with a compassionate soul and a lot of courage, which will be tested when her feelings for Enzo lead her down a dangerous situations. As for Luke, the new Whitmore student played by Chris Brochu, expect him to have some unexpected insight into what the war between the witches and travelers will mean for the doppelgangers.

Via TV Guide:

Will Stefan and Katherine hook up again on The Vampire Diaries— Bridget
Well, Katherine has made it her mission to do just that now that she’s taken over Elena’s body. She’s going to come really close in the first episode back when the two take a little road trip that, of course, involves a stop at a motel… and a steamy shower.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

TV Guide caught up with Candice Accola. She talks Tyler and Caroline and her recent hook-up with Klaus!

Klaus and Caroline finally had sex — hot sex. Were you happy they went there?
Candice Accola: 
Yes. When I get very into a storyline as a TV viewer and want something to happen so bad and there’s so much build-up, it’s exciting to watch. To my knowledge, the writers never had any intention of bringing those two together, especially with the spin-off, so I think it was a great moment and I think the whole 100th episode was written with the viewers in mind to give them what they wanted.

It’s always a hot topic. Did you receive negative feedback about it?
I’ve never gotten any sort of negative feedback, but people would say, “I want Tyler and Caroline to be together, but I want her and Klaus to just do it once.” So it was great to know it was going to happen and people would get what they asked for.

Can Caroline and Tyler recover from this?
Do I think they can come back from Caroline’s time with Klaus? I don’t think so. On paper, no one did anything wrong. They were broken up. No one cheated. But it’s personal. When you cross those lines and those boundaries, I would find it pretty impossible to be in a relationship and then be able to come back from that.

Read the rest of the interview over at TV Guide.

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