Legacies “We’re Gonna Need A Spotlight” Producer’s Preview and Scene

It’s Showtime! The CW has released some great BTS footage from tomorrow night’s talent show episode titled “We’re Gonna Need a Spotlight”. We are so pumped! Watch the producer’s preview, a scene and some more behind-the-scenes video below! The cast… Continue Reading


Legacies “We’re Gonna Need a Spotlight” Trailer and Episode Stills

The Salvatore School’s Talent Show! Thanks to EW and The CW we have the episode stills from next week’s episode titled “We’re Gonna Need a Spotlight”. The episode will feature the Salvatore School’s annual talent show. We are sure to… Continue Reading


Thirteen Things We Learned from #Legacies Episode 10 “There’s a World Where Your Dreams Come True”

After the Squad vanquished the dream demon, one can’t help but wonder what’s going to come after the urn next. Especially with this “monster of the week” format, which I’m kinda loving (mostly because it reminds me of Buffy the… Continue Reading


#Legacies Snark: Episode 10 “There’s a World Where Your Dreams Come True”

I am seriously loving the “monster of the week” way this show is going. It really takes me back. But, what REALLY gets me? All those snarky one-liners. And let’s not forget those tear-jerking speeches. Or the angsty teen stuff.… Continue Reading


Thirteen Things We Learned From #Legacies, Episode 8 “Maybe I Should Start From the End”

Last week’s ending had us wondering what was happening with Landon, and what it meant when The Necromancer said that the first lock had been broken to Malivore. Oh, right. And our sweet MG . . . is a Ripper!… Continue Reading