Check out the latest spoilers from TV Guide and TV Line! Great stuff! Mega spoiler on Klaus and a “shocking and much-anticipated return”! Proceed with caution…

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Any Klaus scoop before he heads to New Orleans on The Vampire Diaries— Rachel

NATALIE: Can we say hot hybrid sex? Joseph Morgan’s wishes have been granted and in an episode to air in March, Klaus is finally getting some lovin’. But who’s the lucky girl? Share your best guesses in the comments!

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Question: I would dearly love some hints to narrow down who’s dying soon onThe Vampire Diaries. Is it a male or female character? And does the death stick? —Audrey

Ausiello: Fun fact: Lost amid all this departure chatter is the potentially bigger news of an imminent, shocking and much-anticipated return.


Thanks to the lovely @JokoyaMcLean for the heads up, we have more information on the new backdoor pilot spinoff “The Originals”. The pilot will air as a Vampire Diaries episode in Season 4 (Episode 4.20) on April 25th.

Via Acting-Auditions.org

Warner Bros. Television in association with Bonanza Productions and Alloy Entertainment are in pre-production on a new series titled “The Originals”, which will be a spinoff from the hit CW series “The Vampire Diaries”. Casting directors in Los Angeles and New York are holding auditions for the series regulars, which include an over 18 actress who can play a 16 year old witch, an early 20’s female student who is intrigued by the deviance of the French Quarter, a late 20s early 30s female witch, and Klaus’ diabolical former protégé Marcel who is late 20s early 30s. Shooting begins March 6, 2013 and will take place in New Orleans and Atlanta.

“The Originals” centers on Klaus Mikaelson and the Original family of vampires, as he returns to the supernatural crucible that is the French Quarter of New Orleans, a town he helped build centuries ago, and is reunited with his diabolical former apprentice Marcel. The show will feature two new characters who are witches, as well as a human female named Cami who is a psychology student fascinated by the study of Human Behavior. Cami is allured to the aberration of the French Quarter, resolute on answering the unanswerable question – what makes someone evil?

Read more about the pilot over at Acting-Auditions.org

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E!Online has some scoop on our favorite Big Bad Hybrid. Check it!

AlexJohnJohnson: Vampire Diaries, pretty pretty please?
How about some scoop on Klaus? Good? Good. The OG hybrid will have a “heroic moment” in Thursday’s episode, but in a classic Klaus move, it’ll be followed by “something so horrible, you’re like, ‘Man, what’s wrong with you?!'” teases executive producer Julie Plec. “Klaus will never be a hero, but that’s not to say he won’t do heroic things.” So what’s Klaus’ next move now that his mother has successfully created the ultimate vampire hunter? “This is a second call of arms to Klaus, who may have gotten distracted by pretty blondes and paintings and horses,” Plec says. “This is the reminder that this guy means business, and he’s not going to let his guard down again. It’s a nice reboot of the villain.” Hero and villain all wrapped in one devilishly handsome British hybrid? Only on TVD!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! The CW has whipped up a few Vampire Diaries related Valentines to share with your friends. Enjoy valentines from Damon, Klaus and Stefan…I personally think they should definitely add some from the girls, don’t you think? Head on over to The Vampire Diaries official Facebook page for all three!

Here are another set of spoilers from next week’s episode “The New Deal”. This time Zap2It dishes with 5 things we can look forward to.

1. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has a domestic side. We’re almost nervous to admit it, but our big bad wolf has become one of the most complex characters on television right now. The way that his vulnerability and villainy tangle up together is fascinating to watch. With his father out of the picture, Klaus has big plans to reunite his remaining family members — complete with a dream house in the town where they last loved each other as humans. It’s poetic, really.

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Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net and @ninadobrevstuff for the heads up on this Associated Press interview with Nina Dobrev, where she discusses Klaus and what’s coming up in the next episodes.

European trip anyone? The Accents are… *fan self*. Klaus is charming ~ O.O? Alaric is. Well we don’t know yet. (lol) Damon isn’t just pissed, he’s upset. (Oh boy!) *raised eyebrows* Stefan’s looking a little deadly. (We like that.) AND Elijah OMFG!

The anticipated arrival of KLAUS (Guest Star, Joseph Morgan is REVEALED — I think were in for some bloody excitement.

I think its safe to say the surprise has just begun, if you haven’t seen what this still means. O.O Go watch Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 17 “Know Thy Enemy”

The CW has released the episode synopsis for episode 2.19 “Klaus”.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Vlada Gelman of LA Times, caught up with Julie Plec where she teases upcoming episodes, a return of a character and Klaus’s arrival.

“We will be seeing Trevor again this year,” executive producer Julie Plec revealed to Show Tracker during an interview. But even “Vampire Diaries” can’t perform miracles, so the character won’t be coming back from the dead. Instead, the return appearance will come during a format that fans of the show know all too well for period garb and revealing truths. Yes, another flashback episode is on its way!

“It’s Episode 19, which is the first time we meet Klaus,” explained Plec. “We’re also going back into the past.”

Read the rest of the article over at the LA Times Showtracker.

Thanks to Nina Dobrev for tweeting us the heads up! The actor that will be playing Klaus, Joseph Morgan, has joined Twitter. So if you are on Twitter, make sure you are following him, because something tells me we will be in for some great tweet treats!

MTV’s Hollywood Crush also caught up with Ian at the Cosmo Fun Fearless Awards event. Here he talks about Klaus and his thoughts on Joseph Morgan being on set.

As we tweeted earlier, Deadline is now reporting that Joseph Morgan has officially signed on to play “Klaus”. TV Line’s Michael Ausiello was originally the one to break the news. Ausiello also reported the other day that Klaus will make his debut in the April 21st episode.

Joseph Morgan has now been signed to play him. Morgan, who’ll next be seen in the Henry Cavill-starrerImmortals, played supporting roles in the Peter Weir-directed Master and Commander, and Oliver Stone’s Alexander. He plays the title character in ABC’s upcoming miniseries Ben Hur. He was set for the show after more than 100 actors read for the role all over the world. Morgan’s deal was made by WME, Richard Koenigsberg Management and London-based Curtis Brown Group.

So…what do you guys think, now that we have official confirmation? Check out this fanmade video below showcasing Joseph Morgan in some of his previous projects.

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