Hollywood Life had a chance to catch up with Kevin Williamson at this year’s Young Hollywood Awards. Check out what Kevin had to say about Elena’s journey as a vampire.

Assignment X caught up with Vampire Diaries Executive Producer Kevin Williamson to talk about what’s in store for the rest of season 3!

AX: How do you feel about how VAMPIRE DIARIES Season Three has gone so far overall? Is it going pretty much as you imagined it would at the outset?

WILLIAMSON: Things always change when you start breaking the storylines, but I think from the day beginning when [fellowVAMPIRE DIARIES executive producer/show runner] Julie [Plec] and I sat down and laid out how are we going to get to the finish line of the very end of the entire show, we’re still on track. It’s going to end where we always said we were going to end. And we’re doing it all within the right time. We said, “This is going to happen in Season Two, and this will happen in Season Three.” And so we know where we’re headed at the end of the season to launch our fourth season.

I don’t want to give too much away, but we’re in addition to following the books to some degree, we keep going back to the books and saying, “What can we pillage? What have we not done yet? What have we not used? How can we take this storyline and manipulate it and change it and turn it around?” This year, we’re diving into the Original family, we’re still playing with the hybrids and so the whole thing with Klaus is going to lead us right up to the climax of the season.

Read the rest of the interview at Assignment X.

Kevin Williamson talks about season 3 storylines with Collider. He also talks about his brand new show, The Secret Circle, and makes comparisons between the two. Head on over to Secret Circle Online for the scoop!

Question: What will be going on with the supernatural mythology of The Vampire Diaries in Season 3?

KEVIN WILLIAMSON: In the first half of the season, I think we’re going to really enjoy Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and him being not only an Original, but the bastard child of the Original Family. Now, he’s a hybrid and he’s lifted the curse. It will be watching what he does. He has a whole plan behind it all, and Stefan (Paul Wesley) is part of that plan. He sets his plan in motion in the very first episode, and we play that out for a while.

Will viewers get to see much of Klaus’ life and family?

WILLIAMSON: That’s the idea. We have so much story to tell, with regard to what’s happening in Mystic Falls and the little road journey that Klaus and Stefan are on, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) attempt to save him, and what Klaus is actually up to, that I’m not exactly sure how much of the original family we’ll get to, but you are going to meet a few of the original families. Hopefully, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) will return, at some point. We have no set plans yet, but we love him so much that we definitely want him back. There are so many characters and storylines that are rich, but we’re hoping that, as the season progresses, by the end of the season, it will all come together. We have a bunch of loose threads right now. Julie [Plec] and I worked out this master plan that ties it all together, but it’s a mythology, so it’s chapter by chapter by chapter. By the end of the season, it will all make sense.

Check out the rest of the interview over at Collider.

Thanks to Jarett of The Insider for releasing this brand new Vampire Diaries Season 3 promotional photo of Joseph Morgan, aka Klaus, aka “The Hybrid”. We are so looking forward to seeing more of a favorite “werepire” and finding out more about The Originals this coming season! Kevin Williamson is too!

“I love the mythology behind the family of Originals. I like that there are eight members — the husband, the matriarch, someone cheated and a hybrid was born. Klaus is the bastard child of this entire family that we haven’t met yet, so as long as the show continues to thrive, every single one of them will show up!”

Head on over to The Insider, to read the rest of the article and enjoy the larger version of the photo!

The Insider caught up with Kevin Williamson, where he offers up a handful of juicy tidbits of season 3 spoilery goodness. He talks The Originals, Stefan’s Ripper side, Matt’s discovery of Vicki and where is Katherine this season? And thanks to Andrea at Nina Dobrev Network for the HQ of the season 3 promo shot.

On the originals:

Last year, fans met ancient vampire brothers Klaus & Elijah — one of whom is M.I.A. for the time being. But if you had fun getting to know these two, just wait until the rest of The Originals come to Mystic Falls. “I love the mythology behind the family of Originals,” Williamson tells me. “I like that there are eight members — the husband, the matriarch, someone cheated and a hybrid was born. Klaus is the bastard child of this entire family that we haven’t met yet, so as long as the show continues to thrive, every single one of them will show up!”

On Katherine:

With all the attention on Elena in the season premiere, it might be easy to forget about Katherine — who seemingly sauntered off into the night after witnessing an epically understated DaLena kiss. So will she return? Kevin remains coy: “If Katherine appears, and how she appears, remains to be seen.”

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Thanks to the WB for these snapshots of the cast of The Vampire Diaries at the WB Booth Signing at this year’s San Diego Comic Con! We should have some video to share later, and stay tuned for coverage of the Vampire Diaries Q&A panel!

As part of their coverage of Comic-Con 2011, The Hollywood Reporter has interviews with Nina Dobrev and Kevin Williamson, where they discuss their experiences with Comic-Con in the past, but here are a few spoilery tidbits they offered up during the interviews.

Kevin Williamson on The Originals, Elijah, and what he has learned from The Vampire Diaries:

THR: What can you tease about Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries?

Williamson: We’re having a lot of fun with the originals, the original family. Elijah has surfaced and he’ll continue to wreak havoc.

THR: What have you learned from Diaries?

Williamson: As a storyteller, I always felt that this type of storytelling — I call it hybrid – is part high school, part drama, part family, part vampire, part horror. I felt like all these types of shows when you see them on TV go too slow. I felt like it needed to have an energy to it. After watching eight years of24, you can see what an adrenaline show can be like. I wanted to bring that adrenaline to a melodramatic horror soap opera. I didn’t want it to be slow and gothic and boring. I wanted it to be alive, and pulsating every step of the way, whether it’s through action, great emotion or epic love. I wanted to tell a big, huge epic story and I feel like the fans who watch it religiously understand that. And I hope more people will watch it. It’s just that little show on the CW still.

Read the rest of Kevin’s interview over at THR.

Nina Dobrev on how The Originals will impact the show this coming season:

THR: How will the originals impact everyone next season on The Vampire Diaries?

Dobrev: The originals have come in and now that stuff has gone to the dark side. The whole chemistry of the show is shifting and it’s going be changing the relationships between people who previously bonded. Now that Jenna is gone and Alaric is single and that Elena and Jeremy don’t have parental figures, if you will, it will be interesting to see who rises to the occasion. Everything has shifted, and everything is off-balance, so everyone is going to have to compensate in different ways.

Read the rest of Nina’s interview over at THR.

EW caught up with Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson and they spill on what Tyler and Caroline will be facing when season 3 returns, September 15th.

“We now have a mother who knows her daughter’s a vampire, and we might soon have a mayor who figures out that her son is a werewolf,” Williamson says. “When that happens, it’s certainly building itself to a family feud. That’s the fun Mystic Falls storyline that’s underplaying throughout the entire season.” Adds EP Julie Plec, “When their mothers find out the truth about each of them, they’re gonna have a say in whether the two of them should be together. There’s always going to be push and pull in their friendship as it travels down a romantic road. There’s gonna be people who don’t want them together, including themselves. It’s that forbidden love: we can’t quite stay away from each other, and yet, we shouldn’t be together. And the question will be at what point will they act on that and how will that go?”

Read the rest of the interview at EW.

Via Warner Brothers Official Press Release:

The clock is ticking, and Comic-Con is right around the corner! By bringing 16 series to Comic-Con International: San Diego, Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG) further strengthens its presence at the world’s leading pop culture convention — and will deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for fans in the process. The anticipation is building as a star-studded lineup of performers and producers from Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros. Animation series prepare for a robust schedule of panel sessions, screenings, media appearances and autograph signings.

The Vampire Diaries Stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan join executive producers/writers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec.


3:30–4:15 p.m. The Vampire Diaries Screening and Q&A – All the way from Mystic Falls, the cast and creative team behind The Vampire Diaries descend on Comic-Con for a third time! Series stars Nina Dobrev(Degrassi: The Next Generation), Paul Wesley (Roll Bounce), Ian Somerhalder (Lost), Candice Accola(Juno) and Joseph Morgan (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World) join executive producers/writers Kevin Williamson (Scream) and Julie Plec (Kyle XY) to enthrall fans with a season two highlight reel and Q&A session. This edgy, romantic drama remains the number one series on The CW, and promises another round of twists, turns and “triangles” in season three. From Bonanza Productions Inc., Outerbanks Entertainment and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios, The Vampire Diaries will return for its third season on September 15, airing Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW, and The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season will be released on Blu-ray™ and DVD August 30. Become a fan of The Vampire Diaries on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thevampirediaries and follow The CW on Twitter @CW_network.  Ballroom 20

Autograph signings will be announced at a later date. Stay tuned to @TheWBdotcom on Twitter or www.thewb.com/comiccon in the coming weeks for more details about activities at the WB booth.

In case you didn’t already know, the CW has taken on another one of L.J. Smith’s popular book series, and is creating a TV series. The Secret Circle pilot script is currently in production, and Deadline is reporting that The Vampire Diaries’ Kevin Williamson has joined the project. This is very exciting news! Also, if you want to follow the progress of this pilot (still hasn’t been picked up yet), the production and casting go to Secret Circle Online and follow on Twitter @secretcirclefan.

Williamson has come onboard another CW drama project,Secret Circle, which is based on a three-book series from The Vampire Diariesauthor L.J. Smith. It centers on a California teen who moves to her mom’s hometown of New Salem and discovers that she is a witch. To complete the reunion, the project hails from Alloy Entertainment and WBTV, the companies behind Diaries. It was first set at the CW in October with Angel alums Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain as executive producers and Andrew Miller as writer/exec producer. Williamson is now working on the script and serving as an executive producer on the project, which, with its auspices, has emerged as a strong contender for a pilot pickup. Just like with the potential Diaries companion, on which there was talk about Plec joining Williamson, while not currently attached toSecret Circle, Plec could come on board in the future.

Read the rest of the story at Deadline.

There has been so much buzz this week with all the new interviews popping up from the cast and producers due to The Vampire Diaries returning tomorrow. So much that I figured that I would just go ahead and collect them all here for you into one post. We’ve got interviews from Julie Plec, Candice Accola, Kevin Williamson and Michael Trevino.

Speaking of Michael, be sure and tune into KTLA tomorrow morning, January 27th at 7:45 AM PST. You can watch their live feed if you don’t live in L.A. So don’t miss out!

And in these first two interviews, Michael Trevino chats with the L.A. Times and AOL’s TV Squad about the upcoming episodes and teases about how things might play out involving Tyler’s new knowledge of the other vampires and the Curse of the Sun and the Moon.

Via L.A. Times:

It seems there’s a territorial war developing between the vampires and the werewolves. Is Tyler going to be struggling with having to choose a side?

He does. He’s right in the middle. It’s a tug of war between somebody that he’s super-close with now, Caroline, who is a vampire, and then all this new information that he’s learning from Jules, who is a werewolf. It’s a new chapter in his life because he’s gone through this transformation. So now it’s like maybe he doesn’t have a choice. He’s just questioning himself and questioning the intentions of everybody and finding out who’s coming from a good place and who’s coming from a bad place. He does make a decision in the new episodes to come. He does make a decision finally on what he wants to do and is he going to stick with Caroline and just not be involved with these other werewolves, whoever they are, wherever they came from. Or is he going to stick to the wolves and learn more about himself and stay with the pack and not have anything to do with vampires even if that means not talking to Caroline anymore. These decisions are going to be made.

Read the rest of the interview with Michael over at the L.A. Times.


Jim Colucci of Wepaint caught up with Kevin Williamson and Candice Accola at the 2011 Winter TCA Press Tour, and snagged some exclusive spoilery goodness about what’s coming up in the next few episodes. Again, the following interview is quite spoilery, so you have been warned. First, in this two part interview with Kevin Williamson, he talks about the future of Tyler and Caroline:

What’s in the future for Caroline and Tyler’s relationship? Will werewolf/vampire tensions drive them apart?

Yes, 100 percent. In the very next episode, things begin to unfold that don’t bode well for their budding relationship. Tyler starts asking questions and we’ll see that blow open. And don’t forget, there’s Matt waiting over there in the middle. So there’s a little triangle going between a human, a vampire, and a werewolf. Tyler got through his transformation, she was there for him. They sort of have this kinship now, of this curse. And now we take it to the next level and play it out. It’s very tragic.

Read the rest of Part One of the interview at Wepaint.

Kevin Williamson on casting for Klaus and the possibility of a gay character:

Can you say anything more about when we’re going to see Klaus? What episode? Is he cast?

We’re not exactly sure what episode he’ll show up in. But I would venture to say — we have not cast him yet — and we’re heavily casting right now.

Are there candidates or a type you can reveal? A height? A race? An age?

I’ve got to be honest — there are about 100 auditions I need to go home and read through. There aren’t any types — I want that really great actor to surface, and then go, “Wow, I can write for him. He’ll work really well.”

Are there any gay vampires to show up on the show?

All vampires are gay in my mind. We’ve got to get some in Mystic Falls. But I have to kill some people off first. We’ve got to make room for them. I keep envisioning a world in which I can get Caroline’s dad in there. Because he’s a founding family member, and we’ve already established him as being gay. I think it would be great to have a fierce gay man come in there and run that council. I don’t think we’ll get around to it this season. You want to do it right — you can’t just bring him in to bring him in.

Read the rest of Part Two of the interview at Wetpaint.

Candice on Caroline and Tyler’s relationship:

Is the werewolf/vampire divide like a Romeo and Juliet thing?

What I like about the Caroline/Tyler relationship is that it’s the first time that we’ve seen Caroline have a friendship with a member of the opposite sex that didn’t stem from sexual attraction. So yeah, there could definitely be something later on, but that’s what’s so beautiful about their friendship. Yeah, there could be technical problems between a werewolf and a vampire getting together, but there are more important things that are going to be asked, just about their friendship: Do you have my back if I have your back?

So it’s about trust.

Yeah, it’s about human relationships. It comes up in friendships and with a lover. Can I trust you? Will you be there for me? Can I be there for you? Can you trust me? So a lot of those things are going to be coming into play for all the characters. Stakes are being raised left and right between the originals, and this whole idea of Klaus. When you’ve got so many questions and you’re looking for answers, people start questioning each other. People start pointing fingers. It becomes a giant game of Survivor on this island. So who knows?

Read the rest of the interview with Candice over at Wetpaint.

Here are two great interviews. One with Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, including a podcast from Entertainment Weekly discussing what’s to come for the rest of the season and they shed some light on their new companion series.  Then another from New York Post’s PopWrap with Kevin, about the past present and future of Mystic Falls.

Williamson says the idea for the new show is rooted in what the season 1 recurring character Isobel did at Duke University — parapsychology. “We burn through a lot of story [on The Vampire Diaries], because there’s such a world here that we don’t really run out of story. It’s more about how do you shape it and put all the puzzle pieces together. We would have all of these ideas for story lines and characters, and we’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s not this show. Nah, that’s not this show.’ And so next thing you know, we had another whole show of all those other ideas,” he says. “We’d get to do all the story lines we couldn’t do in this show in that show. It would be a companion in the sense that they would sort of exist in the same world, but it’s a different show. I don’t want to mess with [The Vampire Diaries]. This show’s gold. This show is very special.” Still, if the series exist in the same world, there is crossover potential, right? “Absolutely,” Williamson says.

Read the rest of the piece and listen to the TV Insider’s Podcast here.

Kevin Williamson Interview with PopWrap discussing Tyler’s transformation:

PopWrap: First of all, I have to commend you on Tyler’s transformation. I genuinely felt his pain.

Kevin Williamson: We had always come at this knowing it would be a very, very painful process. That’s why we added the tape last week – so he learned how much agony he was in store for. I mean, it’s a brutal, excruciating five hours.

PW: It reminded me a bit of “American Werewolf in London” — is that what you were going for?

Kevin: I remember seeing “American Werewolf in London” as a kid for the first time. I really responded to the idea that a werewolf transformation is so painful. When David Naughton fell apart in the living room and just started ripping his clothes off, it was such a wow moment. That showed how horrible it is. This is a curse and I want people to know it’s a curse. But we didn’t want the goofy hair. Every time you do a big special effect, it can look phony. And our schedule doesn’t allow months and months for special effects, so we tried to limit it; be selective about the shots we chose and be classy about it. We just don’t have the time to go full out.

Read the rest of the interview over at PopWrap.

Twitter and the web is all a buzz this evening about a potential Vampire Diaries Companion series in “ultra” early stages of development. E!Online‘s Kristin Dos Santos, Deadline and THR all reporting the news!

Via Deadline:

Vampire Diaries co-creator/ executive producer Kevin Williamson is working on a new supernatural drama project, envisioned as a potential companion for the CW’s flagship vampire drama. The untitled project, which is in early stages of development at Warner Bros. TV for the CW, is described as “The X-Files meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” It focuses on a group of people who investigate paranormal happenings. I hear that that Williamson’s fellow Vampire Diaries co-creator/executive producer Julie Plec is in talks to come onboard and co-write the project with him.

This sounds really interesting. I’m very excited to hear more information about this potential project! What are you guys thinking? Sounds off in the comments!

Thanks to TV Guide for contacting us with these new video interviews with Kevin Williamson, Zach Roerig, Sara Canning and Kat Graham from NYCC 2010. Kevin explains why he wanted Caroline to turn and Kat Graham talks Bonnie and Damon.

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