Check out this cool Katherine Pierce sizzle reel, plus new footage preview that was shown at PaleyFest this past Saturday! Thanks E!Online for posting! You can watch the full video over at E!Online by click the image below.


MTV caught up with Nina Dobrev while filming the movie “Let’s Be Cops” in Atlanta, GA. Check out what Nina had to say about Katherine’s big change for The Vampire Diaries Season 5!

The CW has released another preview clip from this week’s episode! Love this! Katherine: “The one and only, sort of…” Check it out!


Joseph Morgan gives us a little more intel on possibilities of why Katherine has popped up again via TV Guide.

While the trio’s drama was playing out in Mystic Falls, a very big enemy of Klaus’ was returning out on the island. Just as Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) was trying to get the cure free from Silas’ fossilized hands, Katherine swooped in, grabbed the cure, and was gone before Jeremy could breathe his final breath. What does this all mean for the hybrid who despises the doppelganger? “Well, there are going to be interesting developments with that,” Morgan says. “We’ve got to bear in mind this is someone who Klaus hunted down for 500 years. So she’s going to want to do everything she can to avoid him, whether that’s trying to kill him or make peace with him or trying to broker a deal with him, that remains to be seen, but absolutely not something that’s brushed over.”

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Thanks to EW Spoiler Room, we have some scoop about this new Gilbert everyone has been talking about, Julie Plec dishes on “Klaroline” and can we expect to see Katherine back any time soon?

Hi Sandra! I’ve been reading a lot online recently about a new character coming toThe Vampire Diaries, Samantha Gilbert, and that she’s supposedly a new love interest for Damon?? As a hardcore Delena shipper, please SAY IT ISN’T SO!!! — Sophie

It isn’t so. “She’s not for Damon,” EP Julie Plec assures. “We’ll meet her in the past, not the present. She’s somebody that we meet in not present-day Mystic Falls.” All better, Soph?

I am dying over these Vampire Diaries photos right now and don’t know what to think, especially Caroline and Klaus. I need scoop immediately anything on #TVD. — @Gval21

You should be dying — of excitement. Because as hinted in last night’s episode — and teased to Spoiler Room by Julie Plec — it’s on. “I have a feeling that Klaus ultimately is equally capable of indulging in love and sabotaging love, just like Damon is. But there is certainly going to be an object of his interest very soon,” she told us Wednesday night.

Anything about TVD‘s Stefan/Katherine? Thanks! — Rose

Though she’s currently on the down low, I’d expect to see Katherine very soon. “She’s gone underground, and so it will be a surprise when we see Katherine again. As Katherine tends to do, she’ll pop up sometime and throw everyone for a loop,” says Plec.

TV Line and TV Guide’s Mega Buzz has some Vampire Diaries Season 3 scoop for us. When will Katherine return? And what can we expect to happen with Tyler and Caroline? Only one more day, the season 3 premiere is tomorrow! It was a long, hard hiatus, but we made it!

Via TV Line:

Question: Do you have any idea if Katherine will be returning to Vampire Diaries? —Kris

Ausiello: The question isn’t if Elena’s doppelganger will be back, it’s when. “We’re not going to see Katherine right away,” says VD EP Julie Plec. “But when she does show up, she’s not going to show up empty-handed. She’s going to show up with some pretty valuable information.”

Question: Desperate Vampire Diaries fan here! Can I have some “Forwood” scoop, please? —Jo

Ausiello: Elaborating on her Comic-Con tease that Caroline and Tyler would remain in an awkward friends zone in Season 3, Plec says, “The thing about the friends zone is, when there’s that much animalistic sexual tension that exists between two people, eventually the friends zone is going to have a mattress involved. I think we can safely say that sooner or later, Caroline and Tyler aren’t going to be able to avoid the fireworks that very clearly have been simmering between them all summer long.” Nowthat is a woman who knows how to craft a good sound bite. Well done, Plec. Well. Done.

Via TV Guide’s Mega Buzz:

Any scoop on The Vampire Diaries‘ Tyler and Caroline? — Sarah

NATALIE: The sexual tension between this werewolf-vampire pairing is about to bubble over. “There’s a lot brewing underneath that friendship that’s been simmering all summer,” executive producer Julie Plec tells us. “[We’ll see] them deal with that and then maybe act on what’s been brewing. [They’re] particularly fiery.” Here’s to some hot interspecies sex!

Fancast‘s Sara Bibel brings up that very question in this interview with Nina. Plus she talks about who loves Stefan more – Elena or Katherine? And Elena’s feelings for Damon.

If Katherine and Elena are both Petrova doppelgangers, are we going to meet the original Petrova this season? Would you like to play a third character?

Playing a third character would be wild! I feel up to just about anything now though.

Who loves Stefan more: Elena or Katherine?  Why?

I’d have to say that their loves come from two very different places. Elena loves Stefan (Paul Wesley) because she feels a deep connection with him that surpasses all the common emotions of high school life. Katherine loves Stefan because her history with him ties back further than most mortals could ever understand. And its like a game of cat and mouse. He’s playing hard to get. It’s exciting for her.

Will Elena ever reciprocate Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) feelings for her?

Although it seems like an adventurous opportunity, it’s a bit precarious to go along with Damon, so I doubt she would put herself in the line of danger. Plus, she is known for her loyalty so it would definitely be surprising.

Read the rest of the interview at Fancast.

Eric over at IGN had a chance to chat with Nina Dobrev about what’s coming up next for Katherine.

IGN: With the rising threat of Klaus, it puts a different spin on things with Katherine, because now there’s a potential threat to her and makes her current enemies possible allies against a common foe. Going forward, how are things shifting as far as the group maybe needing Katherine and her possibly needing them?

Dobrev: That’s exactly it. That’s the thing. She is stuck in the tomb and is contemplating and strategizing. But there’s only so much you can do. It’s not like she has a cell phone and can call up her buddy from who knows where. She has to be really creative and she’s running out of ideas and she’s getting frustrated and angry and she’s dirty and moody. And she’s not a happy camper right now and she’s also scared, because Klaus is coming after her and he’s the only person Katherine is truly afraid of. So it’s like a ticking time bomb and she’s just waiting for it to explode, because she is helpless. Katherine is not used to being helpless and she doesn’t like being in that position or feeling that way.

Read the rest of the interview over at IGN.

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