TV Guide has posted yet another Vampire Diaries Bite, this time it’s from Kat Graham, when they visit the set! Watch now, and then head on over to TV Guide for more on what’s coming up for Bonnie.

Kat Graham has a huge announcement guys! She just posted this video on her Youtube and Facebook. So happy for you Kat and I wish you the best of luck! Can’t wait to hear your new single! xoxo ~ Ruthie

LOVE this video of Kat Graham doing her thing, hosting the red carpet for the 2012 BET Honors. This is an event where BET honors legends in the African-American community. Among some of the honorees were Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey and Spike Lee. The show will air February 13th at 9PM EST. Thanks to Kat for sharing!

Kat Graham chatted with TV Line and TV Guide about tonight’s episode and what’s coming up with Bonnie and her mom, Abby Bennett.

Via TV Line:

TVLINE | This week is Caroline’s birthday. How does the gang celebrate the big day? In an unpredictable way. And where it takes place and what happens during the birthday is also a surprise that I don’t think has been revealed yet. It’s not a normal birthday.

TVLINE | Caroline is struggling as she turns a year older. What’s going on with her? Getting older is hard, especially if you’re a vampire. She’s facing new thoughts that she hadn’t necessarily considered before. Everything’s kind of triggered it. She’s also in a slump because of what happened with her and Tyler.

TVLINE | It’s been a while since we’ve had some good Bonnie/Caroline or just friendship scenes. Does this episode give you a chance to have more girl time? Absolutely. Girl time is so important. We have this powerhouse female as a writer, Julie Plec, who’s just so girl power in everything she does. You’ll definitely get to see some scenes of us together.

Via TV Guide:

“How Elena is affected in all this really is very important to Bonnie [so] she’s going to be weighing all the options. If she does [open the coffin], does she let Elena know? Does she not let Elena know? What would happen if she lets Elena know?” she says.

Ironically, Bonnie’s involvement with Stefan leads her to an important person in her life: her mother, Abby Bennett. “This leads her back to finding her mother who, we’ll learn, left town 15 years ago, gave up her witchcraft and gave up her family,” executive producer Julie Plec says. “[She’ll be] reuniting and working out a lot of issues with her mother.”

Graham adds that Abby’s involvement in the mythology is “intriguing and shocking and important and you’ll be surprised.”

The Insider‘s Jarret Wieselman chatted with Kat Graham the other day when she was making her interview rounds, and here she teases the next big shock.

Insider: In this dream, she saw Klaus lying in the coffin that in reality can’t be opened. How long will it remain sealed?

Kat: I can’t say how long it will be but I can tell you that whatever is in that coffin is extremely important to the future of what’s happening in Mystic Falls – and the show in general. There’s a lot of weight to that reveal.

Insider: Suffice it to say, the reveal will be, in true TVD fashion, shocking?

Kat: So shocking. I thought that by season three they wouldn’t be able to shock me anymore, but that has not been the case at all. It’s always said that a third season is the best season, and in our case, that’s so true. This year is so incredibly shocking. It’s a mind f*** and I love it [laughs]. People will not believe what’s coming and the degree of twists and turns with how they interlock the originals with other things and how their relationships with everyone in Mystic Falls is going to play out.


Yesterday Kat Graham was making her rounds chatting with the news sites. Here, she talks to E!Online, Zap2It and EW. I’m sure there will be more to come.

Via E!Online:

We’ll soon meet Bonnie’s mother, and Kat tells us she’s “like a kid in a candy store” to be getting this backstory. “[Bonnie’s] mother was out of her life for 15 years and…her father didn’t really want to be involved in any of this mess. They’ve still yet to introduce him so them bringing in the mom before the father is for a specific reason and it really makes sense for the storyline and what they need right now.”


Via Zap2It:

Mysterious! So how is Bonnie’s friendship with Elena progressing?

I think the foundation of their relationship is solid, but you will start to see some serious bumps come along where Elena is forced to make decisions based on the facts at hand, and maybe not necessarily the repercussions — and the repercussions might be Bonnie. There are going to be a couple of bumps, and I don’t know how deep those bumps are going to go or how high. You are going to see happy and sad, which I think is normal, but there are going to be certain instances that have never happened before that are going to happen this season with Bonnie and Elena.


Via EW:

”There’s going to be some unanswered questions that Bonnie’s gonna have: Why did you leave me, or why did you disappear? What made you disappear? Where did you go? Why were you not in my life?” Graham says. “A lot of those questions will get answered and you will find out where her mom’s heart is and why she has to come back into Bonnie’s life. And that whole thing will surprise you, too, because it’s not what people think.”


StarCam caught up with Kat Graham, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev at The Ripple Effect Charity dinner hosted by Kat and Ian for The Water Project.

Kat Graham (The Vampire Diaries) StarCam Interview by starcam

Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) StarCam… by starcam

Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries) StarCam… by starcam

On December 10th, Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder hosted the event The Ripple Effect, a charity dinner to benefit The Water Project. Several cast members and crew from The Vampire Diaries were also in attendance to show their support for the cause. Michael Trevino, Nina Dobrev, Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson. As well as former guest stars Bianca Lawson and Arielle Kebble. Here are a few photos from the event (view more over at Katerina Graham Source), and a couple of video interviews with Nina and Ian from Mingle Media TV. You can view more celebrity interviews from the event on their YouTube channel.

Video Interviews with Ian And Nina by Mingle Media Network

The CW has just recently launched a new feature on their website, Causes to Care About. The page includes several CW actors and information about each cause they support. Vampire Diaries cast members Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Kat Graham and Joseph Morgan are listed.

Via Press Release:

December 7, 2011 (Burbank, CA) – The CW has launched Causes to Care About, an online destination where viewers can learn more about the charities embraced by the stars of their favorite CW shows, and donate to their favorite causes this holiday season.
Fans can go to causes.cwtv.com to find videos from stars of many of The CW’s primetime shows, in which each actor talks about why their chosen charity is one close to their heart. The site will also link to each actor’s chosen charity, so fans can easily donate directly to them.

Here are the causes each one supports:

Nina Dobrev – Free the Children

Ian Somerhalder – Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Paul Wesley – Global Roots

Kat Graham – Ian Somerhalder Foundation/The Ripple Effect

Joseph Morgan – Positive Women

Click the links above to view each actor’s personal page, information on how to support and/or watch their personal message.

Also, today is Ian Somerhalder’s 33rd birthday! And what better way to celebrate than donating to his cause The Ian Somerhalder Foundation. View his birthday project message below! And we at Vampire Diaries Online would like to wish Ian a very Happy Birthday, and wish him many more to come!

Several Vampire Diaries cast members were spotted at the 2011 KIIS FM Jingle Ball this past weekend. Here are a few shots of Joseph Morgan, Kat Graham, Candice Accola and Micheal Trevino on the red carpet. Thanks to KaterinaGraham.org, Joseph-Morgan.net, Candice Accola Web and Joseph Morgan Georgia Fans for the photos, view the rest via the previous mentioned sites.

Nina Dobrev on MTV’s 10 on Top

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Nina Dobrev was featured on MTV’s 10 on Top, with a little popin from Michael Trevino and Kat Graham. Thanks to Nina Dobrev Network for capturing the video!

Kat Graham stopped by Pix 11 Morning News to chat about The Vampire Diaries season 3 and what’s going to be happening with Bonnie.


Prestige Hong Kong has an amazing photoshoot and interview with Kat Graham in their latest issue. Here Kat talks about her biggest gig yet.

What has been your biggest gig so far?

I would say The Vampire Diaries. That’s definitely the biggest exposure I have today. We’ve started our third season already. I just won a Teen Choice Award for Choice Scene Stealers for season two. It’s my first award, so it’s really exciting.

Check out the rest of the interview and photos over at Prestige Hong Kong.

Digital Spy caught up with The Vampire Diaries stars Kat Graham, Candice Accola and Steven R. McQueen while they were doing press in the UK.

Part One

Part Two

Tour Kat Graham’s Closet with Teen Vogue

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Kat Graham gives Teen Vogue an exclusive peek into her closet. Check it out!

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