Thanks to @xLuvDamonx for bringing this interview to our attention! TVNZ 20/20 chatted with Kat Graham, Michael Trevino, Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan. Check it!

Joseph Morgan was recently featured in TV Guide Magazine (on newsstands now) and here are some quick takes from his photoshoot and interview.

The CW has posted a great interview with Joseph Morgan answering fans questions.

Check out this cool video clip from MTV’s 10 on Top. Joseph Morgan takes us on a tour of Klaus’s crib.

As we mentioned a few months ago, Joseph Morgan, David Anders and Lauren Cohan will be attending MegaCon in Orlando FL. There will be opportunities to have photos taken with them and a Vampire Diaries panel is scheduled for Saturday at 11:40PM to 12:30 PM in Room 224. Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net for the reminder!

While down in Atlanta, GA on The Vampire Diaries set, E!Online chatted with Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan about the possibility of a Klaus and Caroline romantic storyline. Watch Candice below, and then head over to E!Online to see what Joseph had to say!

Check it out…Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Morgan, Claire Holt and Nina Dobrev talk about the upcoming ball in “Dangerous Liaisons”, the original family, and Ian’s posh chair on set on MTV’s 10 on Top.

Wetpaint caught up with Joseph Morgan at the TCAs to discuss Klaus’ new infatuation with someone. Of course, we all know who that is now. But check out what he has to say!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What will Klaus go through in the near future?

Joseph Morgan:¬†We’re going to see more layers, more aspects to his character. There’s going to be a love interest introduced.

What should we know about her?

Well, what do you know about her? Nothing. All I can tell you is that he becomes pretty infatuated with someone, and he’s not used to not getting his own way. And this person presents a new set of challenges to him, which only spurs him on further, only makes him more determined.

It’s a great thing for me as an actor because I’m playing a side of him that we haven’t seen before, a more tender side, the side that’s trying to woo someone, trying to flirt, trying to convince this person that he’s not just been killing for a thousand years. He does have a knowledge of culture and art and music and all of these things.

Read the rest of the interview at Wetpaint!

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