Several Vampire Diaries cast members were spotted at the 2011 KIIS FM Jingle Ball this past weekend. Here are a few shots of Joseph Morgan, Kat Graham, Candice Accola and Micheal Trevino on the red carpet. Thanks to KaterinaGraham.org, Joseph-Morgan.net, Candice Accola Web and Joseph Morgan Georgia Fans for the photos, view the rest via the previous mentioned sites.

Check out TV Guide‘s latest Vampire Diaries Bite courtesy of Robyn Ross. Joseph Morgan expresses his thoughts on a possible showdown between Klaus and Elijah.

Next week’s TV Guide Magazine features a Q&A with Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan. Click the image below to head on over to Vampire-Diaries.net to read the entire scan, provided by their pal Denise!

Thanks to Andrea of Nina Dobrev Network for clipping this video interview of Joseph Morgan last night on E!News and to Vampire Diaries Web for posting! Joseph Morgan talks about tonight’s episode!

Here’s an adorable interview with Joseph Morgan from Young Hollywood Studios. He’s quite charming isn’t he?

If you follow us on Twitter (@tvdfansonline), you know that the weekend was a buzz with the first Vampire Diaries convention by Creation Entertainment, that took place in Nashville, TN. Thanks to all that kept us updated from the event, @tvdnews, @TVAfterDark, and @vampireidiaries. And huge thanks to those that shared photos, especially @KYChelsMarie. I’ve posted a couple of her photos below but you can view the rest on her Twitpic profile in the link provided. Thanks to @TVAfterDark for the photo of David Anders.

On Saturday, Daniel Gillies (Elijah), David Anders (Unlce John) and Joseph Morgan (Klaus) appeared on stage for their Q&A panels. Here are some photos and highlights from their panels.

Highlights from Daniel Gillies panel via @tvdnews:

  • Elijah will be pissed when he wakes up.
  • On s3: nobility will have to take a backseat to revenge.
  • he’s learning about photography in his free time.
  • Daniel was “incredibly personable, asking questions, complementing fans, feels like we’re all at his place hanging out”.
  • on heart snatches, prop was latex spongy balls covered with fake blood.
  • not surprised by fan reaction to Elijah, on reading it, he knew that he’d grow on audience.

Highlights From David Anders panel via @TVAfterDark:

  • David Anders ia going to be on a zompire film. It’s dark & awesome. He had to wear contacts he couldn’t see through.
  • Will you be back on the show as a ghost? It’s a possibility.
  • What is your fave scene on TVD? Says the scene where he died for Elena.

Via @tvdnews:

  • First cut of finger cutting scene was too gruesome to use.
  • Asked if there is ad-libbing on TVD- yes, some. He and Ian ad libbed a lot.
  • What was he like in high school? Short, funny, class clown. Liked reading aloud in different voices.

Highlights From Joseph Morgan panel via @tvdnews:

  • Has been teased by producers that Klaus might be infatuated with someone season 3. Will keep asking for it.
  • Had to force Gillies. To be quiet during scenes where Elijah is daggered – Gillies would crack them up with comments.
  • They had him in the trunk for the whole scene before his first appearance.
  • This (his role on TVD) is the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Has always wanted to play a supernatural creature.
  • Last season his chair said “cast”, is happy to have one with his name. (Joseph is now a series regular on the show)
  • He loves playing the bad guy and causing the drama that the good guys must fix.
  • Favorite part of playing a vampire is the power and fearlessness, intimidating people as Klaus is fun.

Here are a couple more video interviews from the CW Premiere party red carpet. E!Online chats with Nina, Ian and Paul about the new promos, and Joseph Morgan reveals some scoop about Klaus from MTV’s Hollywood Crush. Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net for the heads up!

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Today Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan stopped by KTLA Morning News. So charming! Love him! He says “knickers” lol Plus an brand new clip with Klaus and Stefan!! Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries season 3 premiere 8/7c.


Thanks to Jarett of The Insider for releasing this brand new Vampire Diaries Season 3 promotional photo of Joseph Morgan, aka Klaus, aka “The Hybrid”. We are so looking forward to seeing more of a favorite “werepire” and finding out more about The Originals this coming season! Kevin Williamson is too!

“I love the mythology behind the family of Originals. I like that there are eight members — the husband, the matriarch, someone cheated and a hybrid was born. Klaus is the bastard child of this entire family that we haven’t met yet, so as long as the show continues to thrive, every single one of them will show up!”

Head on over to The Insider, to read the rest of the article and enjoy the larger version of the photo!

The lovely Kristen Nedopak of Think Hero caught up with the cast at Comic Con. See below for her interviews with Joseph Morgan, Candice Accola, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev.

The Vampire Diaries Cast chats with EW at Comic-Con 2011 and pose for portraits. Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net for the heads up.

Heads up guys! We have another guest announcement for Creation Entertainment’s Salute to the Cast of The Vampire Diaries Convention in Nashville, TN. David Anders (Uncle John) now joins previously announced guests, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan.

David will appear with Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan on Saturday, while Paul and Ian are both scheduled for a Sunday appearance.

The convention will take place at the gorgeous Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN. For more information on tickets and packages available, please head on over to Creation Entertainment.

Also, make sure you are following Creation’s specific Twitter for these conventions, @TVDCon and their group on Facebook.

Not sure if you guys have ever seen these, but I instantly became a big fan of Shannon Durkee when she tweeted me her video “All I Want for Christmas Is Ian Somerhalder“. Since then, Shannon has made many more hilarious videos, including “Paul Wesley: Welcome To Twitter“, “Just Can’t Get Enough Vampire Diaries“, but by far my fav is her “Ode To Julie Plec” (posted below).

Well, this past weekend Shannon was at Comic Con and ran into Julie Plec, Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan. Check out her recap of her “epic” meeting with Julie Plec (Julie remembered her video!)

Shannon Meets Julie Plec, Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan!

So I’m waiting in front of the soon to be WB party for the cast to show up for a good 3 hours. My friends and I walked to the lobby and I’m sitting around looking for Paul and 2 minutes go by and I’m like wait, that’s Kevin! So I get up and start walking towards him when I stop in my tracks because Julie is right in front of me. I gasped and put my hand over my mouth and stare at her and she stares at me and this goes on for a good 20 seconds and Im like “You’re Julie Plec” and she laughs and is like “Yeah. I didn’t know if you thought I was someone else” and Im like “No I love you. Can I have a hug?” and she’s like “Of course”


San Diego 6 has interviews with Nina, Ian, Paul and Candice posted from the SDCC Press Room this afternoon.

Update: We’ve now added their interview with Joseph Morgan….LOVE HIM…that. is. all.

We are so excited to announce that Ian Somerhalder has been confirmed for both Vampire Diaries conventions in Nashville (September 17 – 18) and Chicago (April 14 – 15) brought to you by Creation Entertainment.

Ian joins previously announced guests Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan (Klaus). Paul and Ian will appear on Sunday, and Joseph Morgan on Saturday. More guests will be announced soon!

Also, Creation has created another twitter account and Facebook page dedicated to this convention, so please be sure to follow them there for all the latest information on these exciting events!

Follow @TVDCon for the latest updates and be the first to learn guest announcements!

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