Today Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Morgan, Julie Plec, Caroline Dries and Michael Narducci, were on hand to talk TVD and The Originals at the 2015 Winter TCA Tour in Pasadena, CA. Thanks to HitFix we have a live blog breakdown of what was discussed at the panel, here’s an sneak peek, read the rest over at HitFix! (View more photos from the panel over at Zimbio)

What’s coming up in the spring on the shows? Dries says that the main through line will continue to be learning more about The Gemini Coven. Kai has now absorbed all of Mystic Falls’ magic and he wants to Merge with Jo and become a leader of the Gemini Coven. Dries says there will be a lot of drama “and death” continuing through the season. “We’ve got Damon and Elena finally working their way back towards each other,” Plec says, noting that Damon and Elena may actually achieve a comfortable relationship without internal conflict. “We get to see part of the relationship that we didn’t get to see the first time around,” Dries says of the four months of happiness we skipped before the start of the fifth season.


The Vampire Diaries will once again be heading to PaleyFest, this time along with the spin-off series The Originals. TVD was last honored at PaleyFest in 2012. Their scheduled panel will take place March 22nd, 2014 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, CA at 7PM. There are still plenty of tickets available and you can purchase them at Ticketmaster.com.

Check out the following Lineup:

The Vampire Diaries – Moderator: E!’s Kristin Dos Santos – Talent: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, EPs Caroline Dries and Julie Plec.

The Originals – Moderator: Buzzfeed’s Jarett Wieselman – Talent: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Leah Pipes, Danielle Campbell, EPs Julie Plec and Michael Narducci.

Also Ian Somerhalder is schedule to appear with the cast of Lost for their 10th Anniversary Panel on March 16th at 7PM. Those tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster.com as well.

Fox59 in Indiana chatted with Joseph Morgan and Ian Somerhalder this morning! Check out the video interview below!



FearNet chatted with Joseph Morgan recently, and talks about Klaus’ love, his flaws and The Originals backdoor pilot.

Klaus and Caroline (Candice Accola) are now officially “friends.” At this point, where are his head and heart when it comes to her?

Klaus is still very much enamored with her. Look, he felt he was dying and called Caroline. Not his sister. Not his brother. That says a lot about where he is in terms of his feelings towards her. We had that episode where Caroline was dying (Into the Wild) and she said, “I know you’re in love with me.” Klaus wants to believe he is, that he is someone capable of love. We’ll see how it plays out, but he’s definitely on board with the idea of being with her.

Read the rest of the interview over at FearNet.


Joseph Morgan gives us a little more intel on possibilities of why Katherine has popped up again via TV Guide.

While the trio’s drama was playing out in Mystic Falls, a very big enemy of Klaus’ was returning out on the island. Just as Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) was trying to get the cure free from Silas’ fossilized hands, Katherine swooped in, grabbed the cure, and was gone before Jeremy could breathe his final breath. What does this all mean for the hybrid who despises the doppelganger? “Well, there are going to be interesting developments with that,” Morgan says. “We’ve got to bear in mind this is someone who Klaus hunted down for 500 years. So she’s going to want to do everything she can to avoid him, whether that’s trying to kill him or make peace with him or trying to broker a deal with him, that remains to be seen, but absolutely not something that’s brushed over.”

Read the rest of the story at TV Guide.

Down the Rabbit Hole

TV Line and EW caught up with Joseph Morgan where he talks about “the cure”, plus he teases his upcoming potential new TV Show The Originals, and Klaus’ Mystic Falls exit.

Via TV Line:

TVLINE | And congrats on the possible spin-off. That’s a big deal.
Yeah. I’m very, very excited about it.

TVLINE | Does it feel like the pressure’s on? They want to make a whole show centered around your character.
It’s interesting because I’ve been playing this character for a while, almost a full two seasons now. So I feel like I’m doing something right. The character’s been received pretty well even though he’s incredibly flawed. I think that’s part of the reason he’s popular. So I don’t feel so much of the pressure. Also, I have my brother [played by Daniel Gillies] to share that pressure with. I don’t know. We’ll see. I’m just excited. There’s other stories to tell outside of Mystic Falls, and this is a chance to really expand that universe. It’ll be so interesting to play all the crossovers, as well, if they allow characters to move between [shows]. For the fandom, this is a huge thing because it’s going to introduce more and more characters into the world, make the whole thing a lot bigger and a lot more complex, which has got to be a good thing.

TVLINE | What have you heard about his exit from Mystic Falls?
I’m waiting to find that out essentially. I know the bookends of that story. I know leading up to that point and I know after that point, but I don’t know what the crux is that sends him [to New Orleans]. I’ve got some ideas, and I feel it’s all tied up in the hunt for the cure and in Silas himself and all of that business.

Read more of the interview over at TV Line.

Via EW:

As we’ve been pointing out in our recaps, we’ve never actually heard what form the cure takes and how many people can partake in it. That will change this week: “It’ll become a lot clearer,” Morgan says. “We find out a lot more about what the rules are concerning the cure.” Something else to look forward to: Klaus’ incarceration will leave him understandably pissed: “They killed his brother, he saw it, it was right there in front of him. And to top if off, Tyler spent the next two episodes taunting him. I don’t know if we can get quite as glorious as the slaughter of 12 hybrids with an ancient sword, but he’s certainly going to come out looking for vengeance.” (Klaus won’t be in the Feb. 21 episode, “Stand By Me.” Says Morgan, “That’s because of the way he lays it down in this episode.”)

Read more of the story over at EW.

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Check out the latest TV Guide Vampire Diaries Bite, Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan tease tomorrow night’s episode “Down the Rabbit Hole”.


Thanks to the lovely @JokoyaMcLean for the heads up, we have more information on the new backdoor pilot spinoff “The Originals”. The pilot will air as a Vampire Diaries episode in Season 4 (Episode 4.20) on April 25th.

Via Acting-Auditions.org

Warner Bros. Television in association with Bonanza Productions and Alloy Entertainment are in pre-production on a new series titled “The Originals”, which will be a spinoff from the hit CW series “The Vampire Diaries”. Casting directors in Los Angeles and New York are holding auditions for the series regulars, which include an over 18 actress who can play a 16 year old witch, an early 20’s female student who is intrigued by the deviance of the French Quarter, a late 20s early 30s female witch, and Klaus’ diabolical former protégé Marcel who is late 20s early 30s. Shooting begins March 6, 2013 and will take place in New Orleans and Atlanta.

“The Originals” centers on Klaus Mikaelson and the Original family of vampires, as he returns to the supernatural crucible that is the French Quarter of New Orleans, a town he helped build centuries ago, and is reunited with his diabolical former apprentice Marcel. The show will feature two new characters who are witches, as well as a human female named Cami who is a psychology student fascinated by the study of Human Behavior. Cami is allured to the aberration of the French Quarter, resolute on answering the unanswerable question – what makes someone evil?

Read more about the pilot over at Acting-Auditions.org

For continued coverage of the new Vampire Diaries Spin-off, The Originals, head on over to our sister site The Originals Online.

TV Guide has posted more of their interview with Joseph Morgan, and he talks about a Huge Secret revealed in tonight’s episode!

The CW has released an interview with Joseph Morgan. Here he talks about where we left off last season, and what might possibly happen when the show returns for the 4th season October 11th on the CW.

A pretty lengthy video interview from Digital Spy from Joseph Morgan and Michael Trevino while they attended the Monte Carlo Television Festival. They talk a little bit about the “body swap twist”, Caroline, Bonnie and shipping! Enjoy!

The Teen Choice Awards have added their second wave of nominations, and congratulations to Joseph Morgan, Candice Accola and Michael Trevino for snagging 3 of  them.

Choice TV Scene Stealer Male: Michael Trevino

Choice TV Scene Stealer Female: Candice Accola

Choice TV Villain: Joseph Morgan

So make sure you are still voting every day for them and also continue to vote for your choice in previously announced award nominations for the following.

Choice Fantasy/Sci-Fi TV Show: The Vampire Diaries

Choice Fantasy/Sci-Fi Actor: Paul Wesley or Ian Somerhalder

Choice Fantasy/Sci-Fi Actress: Kat Graham or Nina Dobrev

Choice Hottie: Ian Somerhalder

This is a great interview with Joseph Morgan from TV Guide. Where he critiques fan art. And also discusses how he gets into character for Klaus.

Check out TV Guide‘s latest Vampire Diaries Bite, with a special appearance by our favorite villain, Joseph Morgan! He talks Klaroline, Season 4 confirmations…and drawrings. *wink*

While in New York City, Joseph Morgan stopped by VH1’s Morning Buzz Live. He discusses the “art of vamping”. Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net for the heads up!

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