Life After The Vampire Diaries: See what the TVD Cast Is Doing Now

Let’s Check in with the TVD Cast to Find Out What Life’s Like After Mystic Falls With the 2017-18 Fall season approaching quickly, many favorite shows are returning for a brand new season and new series are set to make… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Keck’s Exclusive Scoop on… Gasp! Damon Naked?! Again?!

Keck’s Exclusive from TV Guide is reporting on an upcoming scene where we find Damon…Naked AND in bed with a hot vamp! Check it. Ian Somerhalder told me at the People’s Choice Awards that he’d just shot a Vampire Diaries scene where Damon… Continue Reading

Vampire Diaries Buzz – Spoiler Chat With E!Online’s WWK

Here’s a little tidbit from WWK. Wendy: As hot as angry Damon is on The Vampire Diaries, I have a soft spot for good Damon. Tell me he chills out in upcoming episodes. Well, he’s going to try. Ian Somerhalder promises us… Continue Reading

Steven R. McQueen Talks Jeremy’s Relationships with TV Guide

Thanks to Robyn Ross of TV Guide, for emailing us this awesome new video interview with Steven R. Mcqueen, where he talks Jeremy and Bonnie’s relationship and his “little” bromance with Damon.


Vampire Diaries Scoop – Spoiler Chat From WWK

Here’s a little Dalaric scoop from WWK’s Spoiler Chat: Britney in Dallas, Texas: I’m so over Stelena and Delena on The Vampire Diaries. Please tell me we will see more Dalaric! You can rest easy because we will be seeing… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries – The Truth Behind Series – Videos

Over the past couple of weeks, the CW has been posting cast interviews as a part of their “The Truth Behind” Series. They now have up 4 videos, The Truth Behind Elena, Stefan, Damon and now Bonnie. You can watch… Continue Reading