Thanks to TV Line, we have our first look at The Vampire Diaries Season opener “Growing Pains”. Check out this photo of Jeremy and Bonnie! What could be happening here? Head on over to TV Line for more, and speculate!

E!Online and EW have a couple a few tidbits for us. Any hope for Bonnie and Jeremy? And will Klaus and Caroline share another dance at the next Decade Dance? Read on to find out!

Via E!Online:

Rebecca: Please tell me there is hope for Bonnie and Jeremy on The Vampire Diaries! Is Steven R. McQueen coming back?

You will see him again, but sadly, we’re not too hopeful about a Bonnie and Jeremy rekindling. Kat Graham herself tells us this when asked if she’s rooting for Bonnie and Jeremy: “I’m all about the character constantly evolving. [Executive producer] Julie Plec talks about the character having layers and anything that progresses [Bonnie] forward and you’re able to see more dimensions, I think that’s good. If it brings out a different side of Bonnie, then yes. If not, then let’s just move on.”

Via EW:

Hey Sandra. I’ve heard rumors about Klaus & Caroline dancing together at the decade dance, but I wanted to know if that’s true or not. P.S. I’d love to play Draw Something with you. My username is

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— Amy

Um, I’m SO there. Look forward to amazing art of the highest quality. (Not really.) As for your question… Joseph Morgan won’t say for sure whether Klaus and Caroline share a spin around the dance floor. (After all, I imagine that’s something jealous Tyler would want to stop at all costs.) But it sounds like there’s a good chance, considering he was very careful about his word choice.

MORGAN: They will be on the same dance floor.
EW’S MANDI BIERLY: Dancing together?
MORGAN: [Laughs]
BIERLY: You’re too good! I can’t trick you.
MORGAN: [Laughs] Well, you know, I’m trying.

What he was a little more forthcoming about? The fact that Klaus isn’t fazed when Tyler moseys back into Mystic Falls. “He doesn’t think that Tyler is going to be any kind of competition for him, so I think really he’s not taking that threat seriously at the moment,” he says. “Klaus is gonna be looking to make some sort of connection with Caroline. The way he feels is, if he HAS to go to this dance, then obviously, she’s gonna be the reason why he goes.”

KTLA’s Sam Rubin caught up with Kat Graham at LA Live for a Pre-Grammy Event. Kat talks about Bonnie & Jeremy’s “make-out” scene and we get to see her perform her new song “I Want It All”. Check it out!


Part 2 of Zap2It’s interview with Kat Graham was posted last night, and here she chats a little bit about Bonnie and Damon…TOTAL SPECULATION on her part. So please check your “hate comments” at the door. She also discusses what Elena might think of a relationship between Bonnie and Jeremy. Please head on over to Zap2It to read the rest of Zap2It’s article after watching the video below.


LA Times Showtracker‘s Vlada Gelman, (@stayingin) gets Julie Plec to offer up six teasers, some of which will surface in the next couple of episodes, and a few to get us through the upcoming holiday hiatus. Here in particular, she shares some info on the Jeremy/Bonnie/Luka triangle.

Pick your love triangle: Tyler, Caroline and Matt aren’t the only complicated love triangle in town. “We’ve kind of set a lot of these little triangles in motion,” says Plec. “So the next episode…really gets us deep into all the triangles in the show.”

Even though Bonnie (Katerina Graham) bonded with warlock Luka (Bryton James) in the last episode and forgot all about Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), don’t count him out just yet. Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) little brother Jeremy will continue to step up and come into his own. “Jeremy kind of does something in the next week episode to let his feelings be known in a very dramatic and risky way,” says Plec, adding, “His actions make his feelings clear.”

Read the rest of the teasers over at LA Times Showtracker!

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