Vampire Diaries Spoilers – TV Guide Mega Buzz

TV Guide has a little Vampire Diaries scoop in this week’s Mega Buzz:

I’m dying to know if we’ll see David Anders again on Vampire Diaries this season. — Addison

MICKEY: He did kind of disappear without much fanfare, right? The truth is that he might be gone now, but in the season-long struggle against Katherine, it’s going to be Elena’s closest relatives — blood and otherwise — who come to her rescue. And as any fan knows, that is one gnarly family tree.


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  1. I loved David Anders in Season one. Wonder if this means Mia Krishner will be back too. Hope so.

  2. i’m team damon and lov hm so much, i wish lna loves him eventuelly , i like stefan too ut not as much as damon , he’s so hansome delecious and sexy and ian too . he is king hearted he’s not that bad as he looks like he is .

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