Vampire Diaries Spoilers Roundup – Damon’s Mysterious Woman

We’ve had a couple of spoilers from Kristin and Ausiello, talking about who Bonnie kisses in the next coming months. Last week Kristin teased and Ausiello tells us straight out so caution if you don’t want to know. Also, everyone has been talking about the new episode stills, and the mysterious woman in the shots with Damon. Well, I have been sitting on this for a couple of months, because well, it’s from a casting side, and we all know how those casting sides can be…anyway, the following might be what’s going on in that photo above. So if you want to know scroll down for the spoiler.

Via Ausiello:

Question: What’s coming up necks on Vampire Diaries? —Krista

Ausiello: Necks. Funny. The long-awaited Bonnie-Jeremy smooch will finally be sealed in February/March. Right around the same time, Elena decides that the only way to save her family and friends is to sacrifice herself to Klaus (role still being cast).

Question: Can you tell us something about how Tyler and Caroline’s relationship is going to develop on The Vampire Diaries? —Nuria

Ausiello: It’s going to develop into a (wait for it… ) triangle. And the third wheel’s name?! (Drumroll… ) Matt!

Via WWK:

Gregory: Is it true what your frenemy said about Bonnie and Jeremy kissing on The Vampire Diaries? What more will happen from there?

I’m told that for now, there’s not much more planned beyond the kiss. But yes, the kiss will indeed happen. Who’s happy? And if not, what is wrong with you?! I kid. Not really.

@CAccolaWeb (via Twitter): Previously you said that Matt and Caroline fans shouldn’t give up hope…Is that still the case now?

I see no reason to give up hope now! As far as I know, Matt and Caroline will be in a love triangle with you-know-who (Tyler), but so far no indication on which guy will come out the big winner. What I can tell you is that there will be some smoochery. And sooner rather than later.

Damon and mysterious woman spoiler:

A character named Jessica, played by Ahna O’Reilly, 22 years old, finds herself in danger when she almost hits a “guy” lying in the road.

We are now to assume that the “guy” is Damon, and what appears to be Damon about to spill innocent blood for the first time in a very long time. Of course, I’m speculating, but I feel pretty sure that’s what is going on here. But to know for sure, we will have to wait until January 27th!


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  1. Interesting-but I think this girl would survive at least for a next episode since I’m suspicious that she’d be the misterious woman Damon showered with..(?!)

  2. There is another character, Andie Star, played by Dawn Oliveri, coule be her in the shower too. She plays a new reporter.

  3. I really like Bonnie…as for her and Jeremy…to me Bonnie is GORGEOUS/SEXY and way to mature for Jeremy. Don’t get me wrong I like Jer he’s a cutie, just not with Bonnie. Bonnie deserves an epic love story. I do like comments I’ve seen saying she’d look great with Damon. Witch and Vampire love…LOVE IT! As for Caroline torn between Matt and Tyler, sounds great. I don’t know which I prefer. Caroline and Matt made such a great couple, but then again Tyler the werewolf and Caroline the vampire sounds great too. Damon going back to his old ways, killing/torturing…LOVE IT. That’s the Damon that was fun to watch. I know alot of people like the new sensitive Damon, I just find the old Damon more exciting to watch.

  4. Jeremy with Bonnie, Tyler with Caroline a Elena definitely with DAMON! I love sensitive Damon, he is so alone, suffering and without love…he deserves Elena…

  5. I love the new sesitive Damon so much but I think if he does go back to his old ways and kills someone just for a little while it might make Elena realise how much he’s changed for her( then she can dump Stefan. Get together with Damon and live happily ever after, metaphorically speaking that is).

    And I don’t care who Jeremy gets with I just want him to have a normal relationship where the girl doesn’t die.

  6. Agree with you Ladies (Sinka, Karina), I love to watch Damon being sensitive, caring, protective…all those things. Even with these new qualities, he still manages to be strong and badass! Love it!! I cannot picture him with anyone except for ELENA!!!!!!!! Love those two. To me, Damon is not there yet, meaning, he is started to feel and he is afraid of it. Just imagine once he accepts his humanity how wonderful his character will be?! Oh, the combination of him and Elena will be explosion of passion, devotion, unconditional love, all I call EPICNESS.

  7. Love Caroline the Vampire, with Matt the sensitive human. Love the idea of Bonnie and Damon. I still love the badass Damon from Season 1. The new sensitive Damon, not so much. I really hope they bring back badass Damon. Sorry Delena fans with all do respect Damon is just boring following Elena around trying to be her hero. I love when Damon uses people for his own benefit and chases and gets women, like Caroline, Isobel and whoever else catches his eye. LOL

  8. Damon is not necessarily going back to his old ways, but what he has to do to the the girl in the picture, Jessica, may be a means to an end and may very well have something to do with trying to save Rose, his special friend with benefits. I am actually hoping Rose can be saved and the woman in the shower and tub scene is her since the Powers That Be haven’t put him and Elena together yet. Rose knows, understands and accepts the fact that Damon’s heart belongs to Elena. Rose is the one person that has actually liked and understood Damon for who he is. It will be very sad if she dies. Even Elijah said he honored Rose for her loyalty to Trevor. Damon being sensitive, caring, protective and passionate is how I want him to stay, but at the same time being brutal and percise to protect the ones he loves. As far as the road to redemption that has been talked about to make Damon worthy of Elena, well for me that is just a load of crap. Watching how Damon has changed since the beginning of season one and has put his life on the line for Stefan and Elena time after time, I am beginning to think that Elena is not worthy of Damon. However, Rose is worthy. She pushed Damon out of the way and took the werewolf attack and bite for him. To put Damon with another female in the next episode (Daddy Issues) after The Descent will make no sense at all. Actually, it will be wierd. His relationship with Rose at least made sense and the timing was right. Damon had made the decision that Stefan deserved Elena and he didn’t. Every female that guest stars on this show is constantly thought of as being Damon’s new love interest. Really? Why? Damon loves Elena. His heart belongs to Elena. I am still waiting on that triangle. You know, the one where the human girl is torn between the two vampire brothers. Elena has to fall in love with Damon too for there to be a triangle. Tick tock, tick tock, Waiting….. still waiting.

  9. @Tamara,
    At what point does Damon follow Elena around and at what point does Damon become boring? He is just as much a badass as he ever was. Actually the sparks fly between him and Elena. They argue and rarely agree. That is what makes them so interesting. Putting Bonnie and Damon together….don’t make me laugh. That would be a HUGE mistake. If Bonnie has to be with a vampire, put her with Stefan. At least they have a rapport and trust with each other. The Vampire Diaries was promoted by the charm of the triangle between Damon, Elena and Stefan. They are the three main characters.

    I do agree, however, that Caroline (the vampire) and Matt (the human) need to stay together. Oh the possibilities of pure humor and alot of comedy there. That would be total perfection. I am not on board at all with a Tyler/Caroline hook up. Tyler was way too abusive to Vicky Donovan and he has always been insulting to Caroline. Why can’t Caroline and Tyler just be friends? Other than Caroline and Matt, I would much prefer bringing characters from outside Mystic Falls as romantic interests for the supporting cast/side characters. Bringing Luka in for Bonnie makes sense, but putting her with Jeremy doesn’t. The writers need to keep it fresh and not turn it into Melrose Place.

  10. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend Damon fans. That’s just my opinion. I love the show and from what I have heard it is based on books but only based, the show is different.(I heard and read) I love the Damon character, I just like him when he’s exciting. To me, in season 1 he was such a badass and a flirt with different women. Loved how he would say silly one liner comments, loved when he would just kill because he wanted to. Season 1 with Damon killing when he felt like it was great. What I meant when I said Damon following Elena around, he does. Whenever Elena is out, there’s Damon looking all kinda like a lost puppy. I just like when Damon is being strong and independant and living and doing what he wants. Damon is hot and sexy and so is Bonnie(my fav).

  11. If Bamon ever happens or I even get a sniff of bamon spoilers o: then frankly THE TVD IS DEAD TO ME!!!!!!!!!!. Damon and Elena belong together full stop, so it’s either Damon with Elena in the end or Damon dying:). I will ever except my boy Damon to be tainted by that judgy witch no way, hell will freeze over before that happens.

  12. OMGGGG I would love if Damon got with our gal Bonnie. Bonnie is so beautiful! I actually liked my Damon tough and badass sleeping with all the women. lol This so called sensitive caring Damon can be summed up in one word Yawnnn. He is too sexy to be acting all whimpy chasing Elena and pretending to be all human. I want caroline with tyler and have matt get jealous.

  13. Maybe this whole Damon with that new girl in the shower thing was a spur of the moment. I want Delena to happen SO badly but it probably wont happen for a while. So that doesn’t mean Damon can’t fun have for waiting for it to happen!! ;D I hope and pray that Damon and Elena get together soon but Damon deserves a little fun! :)

  14. I agree Chelsea I think Bonnie should be with Damon. They have more chemistry than DE.

    I find them more exciting.

    I want Stefan to be happy.. tired of Damon hurting him just like he did with Katherine….besides Kat playing both of them but Damon still went after her.

    I think Damon needs to be with a woman that will love him whole heartedly.. SE complete each other.. while Bamon would be hot!

  15. With all due respect Elizabeth, are you referring to The Vampires Diaries??? Bonie and Damon have chemistry?? When and where exactly you saw it?? In 2 or 3 scenes we had?? Which showed that Damon is pretty much annoyed with her. Do not take me wrong, I like Bonnie, I think she has potential and can have a great story line but based on what we have seen so far, I am sorry, but she is very far to have even any connection with Damon and vice versa. I know that sometimes our perceptions can be shadowed by who we favor, but in case of Bonie and Damon, from the factual stand point, THERE IS NOTHING

  16. Cannot wait until the 27th! Jeremy and Bonnie–NO Jeremy is just a kid. Ok he has changed his hair and deepened his voice. I just don’t see it. Bonnie and Damon—YES. I see that. If we go by the theory (with all due respect, Damon fans) they don’t get along. Well the best and most passionate love scenes are usually between two extremely hot people who have just had a heated argument. Bonnie and Damon are two extremely sexy people. The fireworks would be outstanding between them. Have to admit this softer Damon isn’t exciting to watch. Like the badass, kill man who cares for no one and is there to have fun Damon. Didn’t like Caroline very much in season one. Now the new kickass looking sexy herself Caroline is great. I’m hoping for Matt and Tyler fighting over her.

  17. Well I think rose might die, and Damon will go out and nearly do something rash when he suddenly manages to stop himself in time, and goes back and end’s up giving Elena a big old teddybear hug lol Come on, if they are gonna get these two together he has to start to do SOMETHING right… he’s always messing it up xD

    As for Jeremy… FINALY! Poor guy has had so much bad luck lol

  18. She probably went out to the woods to live cos she’s being a pain in the house, you know, trying to kill Elena n all… so then the werebitch torches her ^^

  19. @Dorkus, completely agree with you. Bonnie and Damon have no chemistry at all. I have not seen a scene yet that would make me even think there is potential for anything between them. Considering Damon’s heart belongs to Elena, why even try to go there. I wish folks would stop trying to put Damon with other women. It will never work. He loves Elena….only Elena.

  20. I can’t believe Bonnie and Jeremy will kiss. That’s like… :|
    Anyway! I really wanted to know what happened during the hugging picture of Elena and Damon.

  21. Thanks for the news, Ruthie ! :)

    I’m glad to hear about Bonnie and Jeremy. After thinking about Bonnie’s character, it’s better for her to be with Jeremy instead of her new ‘wizard friend’ who’s a liar (ie : when he made her believe that they had destroyed the moon stone).

    Also want to see that girl (from the photo). What will happen with her arrival on the show ? oO

  22. I don’t see anything but a Dalena story for Damon. But being Damon, there has to be lots of twists & wrong turns along the way and I’m happy with that. He’s Damon after all :) He’s not a one note character, he has to grow and that is part of any story. He’s still bad ass, and seeing him grapple with his emotions and humanity is compelling.

    IA with Miranda, I think that in order to get to a triangle, we need to see some moevement with both Damon & Elena and I’m hoping that this will happen in the 2nd part of the season.

    As for Bonnie, meh. They’d need to make her far more likeable for me to even care about her. I like the possibility of her with Jeremy, but am more interested in Jer, than her. If it’s good for him, then that’s ok with me, but otherwise, I’d be happy with a new witch coming to Mystic Falls & getting rid of Bonnie.

    Bring on Dalena please!!!!

  23. Damon is much more interesting with layers to him. The all kill Damon was getting limited and it’s just so heartbreakingly fun to see him almost “human” and then disappoint everyone by being bad in the end. I root for him to get Elena because at least he knows himself unlike Stefan who hides the dark part of himself to pretend it doesn’t exist. What annoys me is all the talk about and screen time on the 2 side triangles (Bonne/Jeremy/Luka and Bonnie/Tyler/Matt) when the main triangle is floundering. Stefan and Elena are together, and Katherine was their main issue, poor Damon is just a guy with unrequited feelings. A triangle has 3 sides Elena to Stefan, Elena to Damon and the third side is conflict between Damon and Stefan. So far it’s just Elena and Stefan with Damon not really in the mix. Glad they are using the supporting characters better this year, but it’s to the exclusion of the triangle. Plus the Katherine over use doesn’t give us much Elena.

  24. Bonnie and Damon have lots of cute kinda flirty moments in the book. But the shows alot differant. I wish they would have Meridith show up somehow!!! They keep putting a Bunch of new people in the show why not let her be in an episode or two??

  25. What makes people think that Damon and Bonnie have chemistry? What scene hints that there will be a Bamon romance now or ever? I know LJ Smith is leaning towards that in her last book, but the show is so different. There is absolutely no hint of chemistry between the two. Bonnie can’t stand the vampire and Damon surely isn’t a fan of the little witch who wants him dead. The only love triangle that counts is the brothers and Elena – always has been. Damon may sleep with, and take showers with, misc women, but Elena is endgame for him. The rest of the scooby gang will be paired together off an on and in triangles because it makes for a better drama.

  26. i know i said everone is entitled to their own opinion and they are, but what scene have damon and bonnie ever had that has had more chemistry than the scene that looked like an almost kiss between d/e.the scene i/m talking about is the when elena goes to punch damon and he stops her has his fist clenched in hers as they slowly lean into each other with that intensity in both their eyes. or when has damon ever looked at bonnie with the same overwhelming love as he did when he told elena he loved her. the fire between damon and bonnie must be when she actually set him on fire. i guess with love does come pain. i hope i’m making myself clear cause its been pointed out that its not my spelling that makes my posts so hard to understand but my wording. it must be for some people i guess cause i never once tried to pass my opinions off as facts. the only fact i claimed was d/e has more fans. i also never claimed to be one of the writers of the show. but maybe for the people that posted they agree with me and that i’m great with my words might like me to be. you may not like or agree with what i have to say but what is so hard to understand? whats hard for me to understand is the same old “how can elena love someone who killed her brother.” i guess the same way she can love someone that can kill their own father and suck him dry. both were unintentional so what makes one worse than the other? jeremy seems to have gotten over it and he was the one killed. not to mention alaric. damon killed him too yet they’re the ones with the bromance on the show. i think damon has saved her ass so many times since then that if she eventually forgives him it wouldn’t be so unbelievable. once again lett me say this is just my opinion with some facts that happened on the show. its all on how you want to interpret i guess. and if you still cant understand my post maybe i should ask you if your from a different country cause i’m speaking clear and coherant english

  27. Lisa- are you the writers of the show and is this the damon show? To say DE is endgame is ignorant.

    We do not know who is .. SE has a strong chance since JP and KW loves them and the fact they started first.

    Also, to be mean and bash Bamon fights you should not do. I respect DE fans so respect SE and Bamon fans please.

    ON a healthy note I hope Bamon Happens!

  28. Chemistry is based on opinion… I only see brother/sister chemistry with DE. I like the sparks between Bamon.. I am sorry but that is just me…

    Why is it when I am on here I see so many DE fans putting down my opinions.. I am expected to want DE yet when I make good points about SE .. I get shot down.

    I respect DE and if anyone doesn’t like my opinions voice it in a mature manner not a dispectful manner.

    Dorkus- this isn’t meant towards you. Anyways it is only Season 2 .. so I believe anything can happen. Why can’t Damon be with someone who isn’t his brother’s girlfriend? why can’t he be with someone totally different?Why does it have to be Stefan to lose? He is the one with the good heart and caring most about everyone.. why must he be with someone different?

    I like Bonnie because of the books and the writers have acknowledged Bamon already. SO to say a couple will never happen is naive. Also, I think Bonnie will accept him more after they become friends. Elena still doesn’t like him because a part of her knows he killed her brother.

    I believe DE will happen doesn’t mean that I think they will be endgame.

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