Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Keck’s Exclusive Scoop on… Gasp! Damon Naked?! Again?!

Keck’s Exclusive from TV Guide is reporting on an upcoming scene where we find Damon…Naked AND in bed with a hot vamp! Check it.

Ian Somerhalder told me at the People’s Choice Awards that he’d just shot a Vampire Diaries scene where Damon “wakes up naked with another woman who is a hot vampire.” Might this be Katherine? Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) hints, “I can’t say whether or not I’m in that scene, but it is a character fans are familiar with and Elena will definitely have an opinion on it.”


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  1. I really hope Damon doesn’t sleep with Katherine thinking it was Elena!! That would suck for Damon and for Delena fans!!

  2. It must be Katherine because Caroline will never do this and all the other vampires who we are familiar with are dead.

  3. kherine will not be in episode 15. Nina said its a vampire we are familiar. We all know its not Caroline. So it leads us to believe its another vampire, that right now hates Elena and wants to to take revenge for what she did. :)

  4. I’m putting my vote on Kat or Bekka!!! :D Julie Pec did say that Rebekka would awake at one point. I wouldn’t be surprise to see her doing that to get back at Elena.

  5. Well if its not Kat then its definated gotta b Rebecca becaue there are only a few female vampires and it seems something Becka would do to get back at Elena, after all she stabbed her in the back literally :L

  6. I am thinking it is Rebekah. While I could see Katherine setting Elena up to think she slept with a Salvatorre, I would expect her to use Stefan not Damon since she would want to keep Stelena broken up. Hopefully whoever it is, is just trying to cause trouble and Damon does not sleep with another woman. It wouldn’t be cheating since Delena are not a couple, but it would give Elena another reason to avoid being with him and I am tired ot one step forward, ten steps back with Delena. Either let them be together for their time or stop teasing it.

  7. I agree with Melissa, it’s clearly another ploy to try and separate Delena apart but it’s not really going to work because Damon’s done worse in the past, like snapping Jeremy’s neck in Season 2, but she eventually forgave him in the end and she’s A LOT closer to him now so she’ll probably understand. It might not have even been his fault because if it was Rebekka then she could have compelled him to do it and not remember it afterwards or something, so many possibilities :L

  8. I think it’s Katherine. I just don’t get why though. Because he obviously knows the difference now between the two.

  9. i also think it is rebekah. someone must un-dagger her at the party that klaus is supposed to have and maybe at that party elena and stefan reunite so damon will be angry.

  10. I need to stop getting worked up over spoilers. Last season they sounded great and I wound up being disappointed, this season they sound awful and wind up being great on screen. I am holding out hope that Delena do not end at one kiss. That Elena’s reaction will prove to everyone that she cares way more for Damon than even she knew and it will be a half step forward for them instead of a roadblock. After all, he broke her brother’s neck fully into intending to kill him and Elena got over it.

  11. I’ve been wondering what happened to Jenna. Staking a vampire doesn’t seem to be the end of everything. Just pull out the stake and he/she wakes up. Or most of the time, anyway. At the end of the episode where Jenna is turned into a vampire and is staked by Klaus, Elena and crew are at the cemetery. They place flowers on four graves–two of which are Elena and Jeremy’s parents. So that leaves two graves holding who knows who. And who “died” during that episode? John, Greta, Jules, and Jenna. (Did I leave anyone out?) If easy to assume that those graves were for family members, which would be John and Jenna. But what if they weren’t? What if Damon wakes up with Jenna? Wouldn’t that be a major twist in the story line???
    I think Jenna needs brought back, but I think she still needs to be with Alaric.

  12. Sherry, that is with Originals, it’s a special dagger dipped in white ash oak that kills them. With Vampires any wooden stake can kill them and it doesn’t have to remain.

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