Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoiler Roundup

We’ve got a roundup of the latest Vampire Diaries Season 4 spoilers from this past month via E!Online, TV Line, TV Guide, and the newest from EW.

Via E!Online:

Felicia: Needs me some Vampire Diaries information!

It’s flashback time, y’all! Episode four will feature the first flashback of season four and we’re going waaay back…to the 1100s! We’ll meet a vampire hunter named Alexander who was rugged, handsome and charismatic…as vampire hunters tend to be. (Miss you, Alaric!)

Christine: TVD scoop!

“There’s going to be a profound sense of guilt, but shadowing that is going be this overwhelming feeling of being loved. Matt hasn’t felt that kind of love since season one or if ever in his life,” Zach Roerig says of Mystic Falls’ resident human/busboy in the beginning of season four after he learns what happened to Elena (you know, the fangs and bloodlust). “Matt’s going to be guilty, but also because he’s been loved so much, earn his life everyday.” Roerig adds that Matt and Caroline share a scene in the premiere that is “not too emotionally charged” and was the actually the first scene shot of season four. “I was honored to start the year off.”

Via TV Line:

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about a big Vampire Diaries death? Any hints about the victim?—Clay

Ausiello: Stop asking yourself who dies and start asking yourself who does the killing. That’s what people will be talking about the following morning at the watercooler on line at Starbucks.

Question: I’ll take any Vampire Diaries spoiler you’ve got. I’m not picky. —Daniel

Ausiello: A flashback in this season’s fourth episode unearths a “big secret that will change the course of the season for everybody,” teases EP Julie Plec.

Question: Will Bonnie be at odds with group after what she did in the Vampire Diaries finale? —Tony

Ausiello: According to showrunner Julie Plec, she won’t suffer “friendship consequences,” but she will suffer “witch consequences.” Elaborates the EP: “She tapped into something pretty dark to do it, and she’s going to have to tap into that again in the first episode. It’s not going to be a walk in the park for her. She’s going to be struggling with her own darkness inside of her as Elena is starting to adapt to hers.”

Question: What will Meredith’s role on Vampire Diaries be now that Alaric is gone? —Tiffany

Ausiello: In a word, complicated. “Meredith in the beginning is just trying to keep her head above water, realizing that she’s found herself dropped into this supernatural world she never really meant to get involved with,” offers exec producer Julie Plec. “She has a choice to make: Does she want to dive in head first and embrace it? Or does she want to pull back and say, ‘Hey you know what? Why don’t you guys leave me out of it.’ We’ll be seeing a little bit of her in the beginning of the season.”

Via TV Guide:

Is there really a chance that The Vampire Diaries‘ Esther might not be the Original witch?—TJ

NATALIE: The mythology of the witches hasn’t been told completely. Executive producer Julie Plecexplains what’s left to uncover. “To clarify what I said [at Comic-Con] … when Esther used that spell to make her children immortal, which created the Original vampires, that spell existed already. So who wrote it? That’s the question that will remain a question in this season and possibly in the series. We dabbled with the Original vampires, but who were truly the Original witches?”

How long will it be before Elena starts embracing her vampirism on The Vampire Diaries? — Amy

NATALIE: Not long. Once the transition starts, there’s no turning back. Fortunately, she’s got a ton of friends who have already been through it themselves! In the season premiere, Stefan will have a heartfelt chat with Elena about her new strengths and weaknesses. He’ll also present her with her first daylight ring — made especially for her by Bonnie.

Via EW:

Hey, Sandra! It’s been WEEKS since Vampire Diaries scoop. So help a girl out. – Heather

While some of the gang might be looking to help Elena fight her craving for a kill, there’s one person who certainly will not: Damon. Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec says the elder Salvatore is rooting for Mystic Falls’ newest vamp to give in to what he feels is certain to happen. “In his mind, there’s an inevitability to being a vampire that we should just get to and get past. [It’s] the equivalent of kicking Elena out of the bird’s nest and letting her fall and see if she can fly.” What do we say gang? Fight or flight?


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  1. Will Bonnie still be able to give Elena day walking ring being that she’s working against them now.

  2. I thought maybe Elena would wind up using Isabel’s day necklace that she was left with after Isabel burned up. Oh well.

    I am a bit confused by all the spoilers. Julie said Damon was going to blow Elena off for not picking him (which he should), but now he’s going to be one of her vampire tutors. Unless this is one scene of Damon saying she should feed live because eventually she will no matter what and that’s the last we hear of it. (Like Elena wanting kids being a “big” issue in season 2 when it was only discussed twice.)

  3. Good point marissa about her mother Isabells necklace I guess it was just such a small part of that season that they probably forgot about it.

  4. I read these spoilers and so many spoilers I’ve read have contradicting I don’t know what’s true what’s not. The spoilers say Bonnie goes dark then say she fights the only spoiler I’ve read that hasn’t contradicted is matts behavior. I’m not impressed that there going to give elena a ring I thought for sure they’d give her isabell necklace guess they forgot. The writers seem to do that a lot. And now there talking bout more orginals what the hell I thought that was last season now there’s more I’m confused

  5. Each daywalking piece of jewelry is specifically made for that person, it will not work on someone else. Elena has to have her own made. No one else’s will work on her. Remember in 162 Candles, Lexi offered to trade her mood ring for Stefan’s ring? And he said, “Now you know it doesn’t work like that?”

  6. You guys think Damon will kill Rebekah? After all, he looked in the killing mood, and he was the last one near Ric’s Invincible Stake. I hate Rebekah since the murder of one (True Damonic) but I love Claire Holt. Ah well.

    I do hope he doesn’t kill Meredith. She’s finally growing on me. After all, Damon and Stefan are not strangers on a train. It doesn’t work in the “You kill mine I’ll kill yours” way. (Love NIan!!!) *grin*

    A random Damonic, Somerholic, Delenian, and Dobrevic

  7. I was thinking Elena might kill Meredith for not fessing up to injecting her so she could have been more careful. Or maybe Stefan or Elijah will do it for her carelessness hurting Elena. It has to be Meredith who dies, without Ric, what is the point of her?

  8. @melissa I thought they would have meredith as damons new love interest or his new buddy. I thought they would give damon a new love interest but it kinda seems maybe he’s just going to go right back to elena. I don’t thknk they’ll kill her off yet.

  9. @tink, I read that Stefan of all people was getting the new love interest. Early on they said Meredith was going to be Damon’s drinking buddy, but recently they said it was Kalus in Tyler’s body who was going to day drink with Damon. I really don’t know what to think. To me the most recent comments seem to indicate that Meredith may not be around long, but that is just my interpretation and the writers do outright lie about spoilers.

    They either need to let Elena be with Damon or stop with The teasing. It gets old because it’s not a triangl. How many times can we watch her maybe be attracted to him only to run back to Stefan declaring she doesn’t Damon? A guy like Damon wouldn’t keep going back to her he’d move on.

  10. i agree with @melissa they should stop with the teasing, either get elena and damon together or give damon a new love interest i for one am tired of the whole wll they or wont they run around.

  11. People seem to be getting confused, well then stop reading spoilers… forget about it until you watch it… they could just be fooling us around and until something is published nothing is cretain. Hey, who knows after the mention of the neclace they could very well be using it. So suck in the anicipation and WAIT….

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