Vampire Diaries – Season 3 Finale – The Departed – Preview Clips

Thanks to @xLuvDamonx for the heads up! The CW has released two preview clips for the much anticipated season 3 finale “The Departed”. I have not watched them…I’m trying to remain spoiler free, as much as a person that runs a TVD website can. And by the looks of the video screencaps, they look pretty darn spoilery! ;) Thanks to MiI2aCIe for posting! Enjoy!

Preview Clip 1

Preview Clip 2


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  1. Why is what happens to klaus up to Elena? He is a threat to everyone in that town, especially those who put him in the coffin, the choice is up to them not Miss Idiot. She has not made one good choice, everything she does causes more misery and death, but ok, let her undo the good that was done. Why do the writers confuse making someone a good person with making them an absolute moron who trusts people she have learned not to by now and who refuses to see the bad to the detriement of those around her? A good person can avenge a loved one (Jenna), not believe every lie they are told, and fight back instead of giving in. Ugh!

    Yes, Elena, this time it will be your fault if Klaus kills someone or if his lying backstabbing family still turns on you and your loved ones. Maybe then you will be happy because something is finally your fault.

    Jeez, you would think all those blows to the head might have knocked some sense into her, but they appear to have knocked what little brains she had out of her head. I was so looking forward to next week until I saw that Damon and Bonnie clip. Now I just want to gag.

    Why does either Salvatorre want such a ninny?

  2. Well, it was Bonnie after all… She must be wearing quite the heels to be that tall beside Damon… Is it me or there is A LOT of Damon/Bonnie scenes in the last three episodes, or am I just hallucinating?! But hey, they do make a good team, the problem solver and the solution, quite a team LOL

    @Melissa Two words: Mary Sue!!! HA HA HA But I totally get your point, Elena is clearly no leader material, she’s the damsel in distress in their team.

    Who’s with me and think everything will blow up because of her decision. I would loooove to see her saving the Originals and get one of the Salvatore killed [temporary] in the process. That would be priceless and would redeem the season for me! XD

  3. @Marie, Elena’s plans always blow up (sort of how Katherine’s always work, guess she got the smart genes for all the dopplegangers) so something is going to go wrong because of her do-gooding. One of the originals is going to have to think of killing Elena to kill Ric and go after her. Bex was in the preview, but Kol would do it just to survive and Elijah would do it to save his family. I really, really hope that even if they turn Klaus’ bodyover to his family that they don’t wake him up again. His end came too late, it is not time to free him again. New season, new villian or else yawn, yawn.

    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Esther either. Jeremy’s anti-vampire rant at the start of the ep sounded too much like evil Ric so she must be poisoning him too.

    I wish the good guys would get to act (instead of react) and be a real step ahead vs. thinking they are ahead (when they aren’t) or losing an advantage because of Elena. They need Giles. They also need to compel common sense into Elena.

  4. @maria told you! =) if it was katherine, she wouldve been almost as tall as damon because Elena is tall and then with heels lol haha

    BTW im tired of ELENA like hello he just threatened to kill you for ur blood, leave him dead. Elena pisses me off especially when she wants to leave jeremy out of it. i hate it jeremy stay in the car, go to your room…seriously that boy can do more damage then u can sweety just because u the doppleganger doesnt mean u have super powers. u still and human

  5. Could it be Abby you are seeing Marie and Izzy? She is taller than Bonnie and is back in town.

    I could see Elena trying to “parent” Jeremy even though she is all of two years older, IF she made good choices and if at his age she wasn’t banging 165 year old man like that was normal. She makes bad choices and given what she was doing, is not really in a position to tell anyone how to live.

    @Marie, Bonnie is actually in the show now, but I don’t perceive more of her and Damon than of her and anyone else. She was with Stefan a lot before she became invisible. Generally I dislike Bonnie (funny thing is I hated her from being too flaky in the books and now hate her on Tv for being too miserable and judgemental), but when she was with Jeremy in the woods, it reminded me that I used to like her when the show first started (pre-Gram’s death before she stared acting like being a witch meant she was always right even if it hurt people) and that when she dated Jer I liked her again before they wrecked it. I guess she is now saddled with stranger Jamie who I find rather dull.

  6. There are 3 other originals out there, so I really can’t see Damon and Stefan, who should have been dead a long time ago if Klaus was truly that evil dumping Klaus’s body in the ocean without having to worry about Rebecca, Kol and Elijah coming after them. I agree with them putting him to sleep , but dumping his body is too callous even for them Especially if you consider that all that time Klaus could have kill both of them.

    I like the scene between Bonnie and Damon,and I was glad that he save her life. However I was even more happy that when Bonnie ask him why, he didn’t save it was because of Elena. So Damon save Bonnie, because he wanted to, not because of Elena.

  7. I love that Bonnie and Damon are getting more scenes. I’ve stuck by this pairing for so long and if Elena chooses Damon I will be thoroughly pissed. Aside from the fact that I want Damon and Bonnie to get together, Elena and Stefan have a connection deeper than whatever Elena thinks she feels for Damon. But to be completely honest, I’m just so sick of the whole Damon-Elena-Stefan love triangle. Elena is bland and boring. Damon and Stefan turn into a former shell of themselves when they’re with Elena and it sickens me [Damon moreso].

    Maybe what Elena needs is some time on her own. Not caught up in the love affair with two vampire brothers.

  8. Ok, as I see then previous comments have been all about how you hate some characters and stuff, but i’m gonna talk about something else :D

    In clip 2 Matt says to Elena that Caroline and Tyler got called away from their parents. So maybe one of them is the big death in this season, because last time we saw Sheriff Forbes and mayor Lockwood , they were at the council meeting and when they wanted to go away Alaric stopped them. So maybe then Alaric wants to kill Tyler and Caroline or something.

    And also one more thing. When Elena says that she has to let one of them go and Stefan enters at the same moment, will that be a hint which one she’s gonna pick?

  9. Ok seeing clip 2 has me thinking, is the video hinting that she will pick Stefan (most likely scenario) OR could it mean she was answering Matt at the same time greeting Stefan saying that Stefan will be the one she has to let go?

    While I seriously doubt that would ever happen it was fun to think about for a second…lol I’m a complete Delena fan! :)

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