TV Guide’s Vampire Diaries Bite *Spoiler Alert*

Holy crap on a cracker!! TV Guide’s Robyn Ross is offering up a doozy of a spoiler in the most recent TV Guide Vampire Diaries Bite! Who does Elena kiss in the episode? Ya wanna know?? If not, then move along…


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  1. ive been watching TVD from the very first episode, i adore it, but if they make Elena choose Damon, I’ll disown the whole series and be horribly disappointed. I mean who wants to watch Damon and Elena in a steady healthy relationship? I dont

  2. I would like to see damon and elena have a relationship. And so would 65% of the fan base according to tv guides polls. unfortunately i dont think that will happen i think she’ll choose stefan even though this show is supposed to be based on a love triangle. im ready to see the other brother get his turn. i love both but im ready for a little delena action. considering this show is based on a love triangle she would need to be in a relationship with damon to really see the “love triangle”. one kiss does not make a love triangle. but im cool with stefan as long as he keeps the bad boy persona and sweetness at the same time. cant help but love a bad boy..

  3. Damon & Elena!!!! They look cute together.. Damin will change because of his love to Elena.

  4. I agree with Tink 88 I would like to see damon and elena together but its highly unlikely…On the whole stefan is the more solid of the two and damon the firecracker. Although Stefan seems to be the better choice – there is something to be said for having a misunderstood “bad” guy redeem himself for the right woman – and shouldn’t damon have that chance? I can think of several possible for what will play out tomorrow night
    scenario a) Stefan caused the accident on the bridge with the parents and was their to save elena then and now when rebecca causes her and matt to go off the bridge again..hence stefan the knight in shining armor wins.
    scenario b) elena for some fantastic reason chooses damon – who has a heart to heart with stefan – who accepts the choice apologizes for leaving damon in the past and gives his blessing because he loves them both – then damon compells elena to forget him out of guilt and love for stefan – stefan wins
    scenario c) elena calls one of the brothers to say she loves/chose him only we never find out who because elijah steals her away
    scenario d) elena chooses damon who is stabbed by alaric or jeremy (to return next season as a human) which is the game changer.
    really the only way elena will choose damon is if there is some unknown bit of information we have not been given yet..but I agree with those who have said it would be a real shame to waste all the lovely scenes we had between damon and elena…and bottom line the characters have more chemistry on screen than stefan and elena
    oh well here is hoping (delena shipper to the end)

  5. Im kind of thinking shes not going to choose either, which would be even more disappointing than if she chose Damon!

  6. I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe in the poll… DE fans have always been more vocal than any other fans and depending on which site you go in, the polls change… LOL

  7. I think fans change I’m one of those who jumps between ships I love both brothers for different reason but I would like to see delena right now we have seen Stefan an elena in too previous seasons I’m ready to see if damons the best or worse for elena.. I agree with Ronbon if she for some miracle chooses damon he’ll compell her to forget or something will happen to that effect.. I don’t think delena will happen although if bad Stefan still around I could stand for some stelea. There’s just something bout a bad boy wit a soft side for his woman..

  8. I think the problem with DE on tv show is that people will expect Elena to sleep with Damon. This is where the problem lies. I know we cannot compare the books and the TV Show, but the only reason the triangle was working in the books was because they were able to make people believe in the love without Elena sleeping around. I know, I know, we are in the 21st century, but making Elena sleeps with both brothers would just be wrong. Fans are already complaining about Elena who’s unable to chose, making her sleep with both brothers could/would destroy that “pure” side they’ve always been trying to push at. And if the fans hate the lead, it can’t be good for the show, right?! And seriously, I’m Team Salvatore, if they make her choose Damon, make her sleep with him and then make her drop him to go back with Stefan… I’ll be freaked out big time! I seriously don’t know how they will make this work…

    They should have made her change camp at the end of S1, it would have been easier to make her go yo-yo between the guys from season 1 instead of starting at S3… because no matter who she chooses now means that she will change again later, fans will go berserk LMAO

    I’m still saying, best option for S3, kill Elena or make her forget, or turn her into a vampire AND make her forget. At this point of the series, she should be alone so that fans can learn to love her again, make her fall for Damon and when she remembers everything she chooses again for good who she wants… I’m crossing my fingers for a Team Salvatore endgame (like she dies or chooses neither)

  9. As for the chemistry between Elena and Damon, I’m still saying that 75% is due to the fact that they are a real life couple and before that, it was UST! :D

  10. So she picked Stefan, no surprise. I just wish that they would stop with the Delena teasing, which given the clues dropped last night, they aren’t. I find her picking Stefan the boring choice for the show, does anyone think after this that she’ll ever really pick Damon? But if Stefan is always going to win, why have Elena say if she had eternity (which she now does) or had met Damon first (which she’ll now remember she did) that he might have won? It’s just mean to their fans and it’s tedious to those like me who just want to see a the freakin’ triangle they keep saying this show is when it isn’t. A triangle is one person equally in love with two others. Not one person in love with another and having some undefined feelings for a second person who always comes in last.

    On one hand I could say they are still setting it up for Delena and we’ll see when we see who Elena wakes up to, but on the other, it’s pretty clear no matter how many polls Delena wins that the writers want Stelena. They will be the endgame or it will end with Elena dying (which was the original lame cop out ending to the books).

    I know I seem to come down more on the side of Delena, but I really like Stelena too. I just feel the writers allowed them to stagnate in season 2, that Stefan was a jerk to her in season 3 and that the writers missed a big chance to have Stelena be a sweeping love story where she saved him instead of love for his brother making him feel. The show is either about a triangle or it’s about family, trying to make it both steps on the toes of both.

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