TV Guide’s Vampire Diaries Bite: Is Damon in Danger?

Check out the latest TV Guide Vampire Diaries Bite, Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan tease tomorrow night’s episode “Down the Rabbit Hole”.


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  1. THE ONE TO BITE IT IS JEREMY in order for this “so called game plan ” to change everything it has to
    be him………………………Elena’s humanity is in question (I mean they have dropped enough hints) so shit
    bye bye Jer…………………….

  2. I’m hearing there are two in the next coming episodes, and that one is tonight. My guess is Shane. Only speculation though, haven’t heard anything.

  3. thanks- I heard 2 exits as well, but that one may not be a death…. So I am thinking Damon leaves town and Jeremy dies. I laugh as I type this because I will probably be way off. LOL

  4. I believe its going to be jer but if so that really sucks bc I like Elena with her humanity that’s the one thing I love about her character but we all may be way off. LOL just have to watch and see!!

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