Spoiler Alert! Nina Dobrev Teases December 9th Episode in TV Guide

The Vampire Diaries is featured in next week’s issue of TV Guide Magazine in the Thursday Highlights. Thanks to my bud Tariel as always, for sending me this scan. CLICK WITH CAUTION. Several SPOILERY tidbits ahead! Please credit Vampire Diaries Online and Tariel if you use this scan. Thanks!


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  1. i think the steamy scene that Nina referes to is with Kat and Stefan.. just saying..

  2. Please let it be Elena and Damon, but common sense says it will be Katherine and Stefan…..NO…NO…. it has to be Damon and Elena! :)

  3. My common sense tells me to agree with Jackie, but my hopes, dreams, wishes, ect. 100% agrees with Kaylee…..Please, just once, let it be Damon & Elena!!!!

  4. I think… that it’ll be Elena… while she’s impersonating Katherine. So who knows who the guy will be? XD

  5. According to the preview after tonight’s epi, it’s Katherine (hopefully elena impersonating her) and Stefan. And it makes me very mad at Stefan.

  6. I don’t know what to think anymore….but I believe in Stefan! The writers just want to mess with our heads…there might be a twist. I don’t know why so many ppl want Elena to be with Damon. I mean, to me, it doesn’t make sense b/c I see Damon as more of a protector of Stefan and Elena b/c those are the two ppl he cares abt so much. It’s like Bonnie, tyler, caroline, matt, jeremy, alaric and jenna and other ppl in town have Stefan and Elena to constantly protect them and then Stefan and Elena have Damon to protect them. Damon plays such a important role in TVD b/c he keeps them protected and he doesn’t think twice abt who he’s hurting for those two ppl even though he doesn’t show emotion! I don’t know how to explain it clearly, but to me, Damon’s role is a bit higher that it doesn’t make sense for Elena and him to be together…

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