New Exclusive Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Preview Clip via EW *Spoiler Alert*

Thanks to EW, we have a brand new preview clip from this week’s Season 4 finale episode “Graduation”. Click the image below or link to watch the video clip over at EW.

Thanks to the CW we now have updated the post with the embed of the preview clip!


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  1. OMG Bonnie really is dead I seen a picture of her wit Elena and Caroline in cap & gown so I assumed she made it back some how man damn how Julie gonna kill off Bonnie this sux!!!!

  2. i knew it there ain’t going to be two more season for the dead of Bonnie the dumb ass witch for not listen to her special kindly granmother the dumb ass idiot!! huush and not neseserly had to secrefise her self to save a soul the dumb ass witch

  3. Lol ok like she said in the last episode of the walking dead “oh my got i m dead” ok how the hell spoke to Caroline if she is dead in the episode of a walking dead how the hell did she do that this is strange i m telling you this and Caroline doesn’t knew she is dead so there u go so she is in the Astral Proyeccion or how the hell is she do Spoke with Caroline if Bonnie is dead answer that nasty true?!?!?!

  4. Caroline is also a vampire too and vampires are one of the only people who can see ghosts along with werewolves I think. That could be the reason why she could be able to talk to Caroline. Plus her ability to hold the phone and not have it go through her fingers. Bonnie dropped the veil so ghosts are corporeal which is why Alaric could hug Damon and Jeremy and Elena could hug also. Otherwise wouldn’t they go right through each other?

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