Michael Trevino Talks Kissing Caroline & Breaking The Curse

Lots of goodies coming in from the new controversal promotional campaign to cast interviews. First, here Michael Trevino talks to E!Online about kissing Candice Accola and EW about the possibility of Tyler trying to break the curse.

Via E!Online:

Romance-wise, Michael tells us, “Me and Candice are really good friends, we’re close, we have a blast on the show. And this season has been really fun because we have a lot of scenes together, and it’s just joke after joke after joke. And it’s good whenever—working with her is just so easy, and she’s so talented and I just like the chemistry we have on screen.” So what was it like when Tyler kisses Caroline this week? Trevino tells us it was a bit like kissing his little sister and that, “This kiss—you can tell by in the teasers of that episode that airs this week, it’s not the type of romantic, passionate, long, soap opera kind of kiss, Tyler is just overcome with emotion and he just goes in for it. So it’s funny how the end of that scene plays out and it’s good, it’s a good awkwardness.”

Via Entertainment Weekly:

“Once he learns that bit of information, I think he’s gonna fight to find a way to break that curse,” Trevino says. Sounds like the actor may have good instincts: “I don’t think that spoils too much to say that yes, that becomes very appealing to him,” exec producer Kevin Williamson says. “He does not want to go through that [transformation] again.” Two more things to remember: Regardless of whether you’re a vamp or a werewolf, the ritual must still be performed — which means Elena (Nina Dobrev) would still need to be sacrificed, and once a vampire or werewolf breaks the curse, the other creature is eternally screwed. So if a vampire breaks the curse first so all bloodsuckers can walk in the sun (and not just the Originals or those with witch friends), wolves will forever transform on the full moon. If a wolf breaks the curse first, the vamps stay in the dark.


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  1. Yay!! haha the only thing I found weird was when actors (and from many other shows) say that they’re soo close to their co-workers that in kissing scenes, it’s like kissing family… which is reeeally awkward.. can’t they just say what they REALLY feel? ;) Or am I the only one noticing that?

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