Joseph Morgan Talks Klaroline with FearNet


FearNet chatted with Joseph Morgan recently, and talks about Klaus’ love, his flaws and The Originals backdoor pilot.

Klaus and Caroline (Candice Accola) are now officially “friends.” At this point, where are his head and heart when it comes to her?

Klaus is still very much enamored with her. Look, he felt he was dying and called Caroline. Not his sister. Not his brother. That says a lot about where he is in terms of his feelings towards her. We had that episode where Caroline was dying (Into the Wild) and she said, “I know you’re in love with me.” Klaus wants to believe he is, that he is someone capable of love. We’ll see how it plays out, but he’s definitely on board with the idea of being with her.

Read the rest of the interview over at FearNet.


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  1. A very nice interview. He is an excellent actor who has done lots with the character

  2. I know Caroline wants to be with him but she can’t let herself forget about all the fucked up stuff he’s done! That’s what sucks.

  3. I want to see Klaus and Caroline in a relationship. I think the writers need to pursue their relationship. This will be a great story.

  4. Connie don’t force this coz caroline miss Tayler and she is hes best friend of tayler so is cool to have your point of view but not this time but thanks anyway b good

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