Vampire Diaries – Episode 3.14 – Dangerous Liaisons – Episode Stills

The CW has released episode stills for the February 9th episode 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons”. Thanks to TV Overmind for the pics!


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  1. Elena looks happy to be dancing with Damon, not so happy to be dancing with Stefan. Caroline is taller than Klaus.

  2. OMG STELENA FOR EVER THEY ARE SOOO CUTE!!! and ^ she may look happy dancing with Damon but her look at Stefan is an ‘I Love You’ stare!!! love them forever and so does so many others!!

  3. Elena doesn’t look so happy talking to Damon in the other pic…

    Stelena fans rejoice :D This looks like it’s gonna be a good episode!

  4. I don’t care about Damon and Elena anymore I use to but know there lame not interesting same old same old boring time 4 something new Caroline and Kalus Now they r interesting she look better than Elena because her dress is pretter

  5. is it just me or elena looks more like katherine on these pictures, especially the picture where she and stefan are staring at each other and the one where she’s talking to damon

  6. That pic of Elena staring at Stefan reminds me of a scene from the Grinch where he goes nose to nose with Max. Stefan being the Grinch with his evil look and Elena being the wide eyed with trepidation Max.

    Kelly, I don’t think she looks like Katherine, but her hair is curly so you never know.

  7. I love Caroline’s dress:) it’s like Cinderella or Taylor Swift’s love story video dress. I want one!

  8. omgomgomg elena and stefan , look at that stare, and hes holding her hand, i hope she starts to fight for him soon, they belong together!

  9. i was thinking that maybe katherine will be there, but in these pics it is elena.

    i think maybe katherine will be there to help just in case elena is in trouble

  10. Damon and Elena will never be boring. The chemistry between them actually heats up my television. The dance in the Miss Mystic Falls; the scene where he gives her back her necklace and tells her he loves her; the way THEY kissed; they way he is currently treating her…teaching her how to fight, standing between her and anything that threatens her, being so very patient. Boring? No. Stephan and Elena – my television has little reaction, in fact, I think the picture actually loses a little color.

    Klaus and Caroline? Can we say “Ulterior Motives?” Tyler may actually help kill Klaus. I certainly hope Elija wakes up and smells the coffee where Klaus is concerned. He is so honorable that I hate to see him taken for such a fool yet again.
    Jusy my humble opinions.

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