Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.07 – Masquerade – Episode Stills

Thanks to Andrea of Nina Dobrev Network and Vampire Diaries Web for sending these new episode stills our way! We have 30….that’s right I said 30 brand new stills from episode 2.07 “Masquerade”. Lots of really cool things going on in these and kinda spoilery, so I’ll post a few, and the rest are after the jump. Enjoy!


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  1. i can’t tell who is Kat and who is Elena… UGH!!!! gonna have to watie the three weeks i guess..

  2. You can tell it’s Katherine by her necklace :3 These promos look awesome! I can’t wait to see the episode.

  3. they all look like katerine by the necklace even the one where stefan has his arm around her and im like wtf now

  4. I am sooo hooked on this show. It just gets better and better each week. Paul Wesley is drop dead gorgeous in his black suit. Can’t wait for this episode to air.

  5. it definately is katherine in these pictures because the necklace the girl is wearing is the same that katherine is wearing in the first episode of season two when she says goodbye to damon! :)
    i hope that elena will be dancing with damon at the masquerade ball, i would love to see that! ;)

  6. I can’t wait!!
    i think elena won’t pay atention to damon.. She’s just broken up with stefan… I have to admit it was really SAD to see stefan’s face while elena was telling him “it’s over”

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