More Stills from Episode 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons”

Thanks to TV Overmind, we have even more still from the February 9th episode, “Dangerous Liaisons”. Enjoy!


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  1. The first picture of Stefan and Damon.. I’m thinking they are looking at Elena comming down the stairs… So obviouse

  2. I’m putting my vote on Stefan. I can’t be Klaus cause the back of the tux he’s wearing is pointy at the end. So yeah, Stefan… And also because if Damon’s hope are dashed, it’s because he did something bad to Stefan and Elena chose Stefan’s side!

    I’m still hoping for Katherine to show up, but I don’t think we’ll see her in this episode…

  3. I agree, Damon and Stefan are probably looking at Elena. Hard to say who Damon pushed off the balcony. His is fond of testing Ric’s eternity ring when he gets in a snit. Stefan was my first thought, but it is not like it will kill him so why bother?

  4. @Melissa I can answer the “Why bother”… With Damon the answer is always the same “because he’s pissed!” LoL Last time he broke Alaric’s neck, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pushing Stefan off a balcony, he already staked him once… LOL And we are rarely wrong, so let us stick to Stefan!! It will be more amusing anyway!! :D

  5. is it just me or does Stefan look soooo much more hotter in a tux than damon??

    they’re both hot but stefan looks good ;)

  6. Vampiregirl91, it is the different tuxes effecting the hotness. Damon has a vest with his, Stefan shows more shirt. Stefan’s look bettr, less buttoned up.

    Ok Marie, we will stick with Stefan. I love a good guy fight. And this is a guy fight in formal wear ;)

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