Paul Wesley Talks Playing the Bad Boy with EW

EW chatted with Paul Wesley, where he talks about how he is enjoying playing the villain, and here he talks about the upcoming scene with Elena that we’ve seen in the promos.

 “He’s essentially kidnapping her,” Wesley says. “There’s layers of humanity, regret, and sadness in his eyes, but it’s all sort of masked by this sociopathic, raging maniac who’s scaring her to death. His relationship [with Elena] is sort of the antithesis of what it was, which was this really romantic, soft, protective relationship. Elena is the key to everything [in his battle with Klaus], and Stefan will go to any extreme to get what he needs, which makes him much more terrifying.”

On playing the “Bad Boy”:

Early in season 2, you sat down with Plec and said that while you love Stefan’s heroic side, as an actor, you’d love to dirty him up a bit. She told you she and Kevin Williamson already had that in the works. Has this arc turned out to be everything you hoped for?

Yeah, I don’t want the arc to end. I don’t want to go back to being the good guy. Look, Julie said we’re gonna milk it as long as we can. I also understand that things get old. Hopefully this is still new and fresh. You know, he was the good guy for two years. Maybe I can do another two years as the bad guy to balance it out. [Laughs] I think everybody likes playing the bad boy.



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  1. Paul Wesley is at his best when he’s playing the bad guy! Loved him in Smallville and I simply ADORE him in TVD!

  2. They are already digging themselves into a hole with Stefan if they ever expect Elena to feel anything for him again. It doesn’t sound like there is an end in sight for bad Stefan and he is not playing dark to keep her away from him out of guilt or fear he might hurt her, he has no love in him for her. After using her, they can’t have him wake up one day and say, “sorry my switch was off, take me back”. They are giving Elena a clear path to Damon this way, but I am seriously hating Stefan in a I will never forgive the character way. About the only save is if we find out Rebecca seceretlu compelled him to hate Elena.

  3. Really apreciate ur wrk! Zats really wonderful 2 watch vampire diaries!! Within 2 days i’ve watchd season 1-3.. I really luv watching u guysZz! Continue wrking lyk zis n increase number of fans.. Luv u all!

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