Paul Wesley Chats With Sugarscape: Which Brother Should End Up With Elena? (Video)

In gearing up for The Vampire Diaries DVD UK release (August 20th), Paul Wesley chats with Sugarscape about which brother should end up with Elena, 50 Shades of Grey and answers a few Twitter questions.


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  1. Human Elena winding up with a human made sense in terms of what she wanted (brats, wrinkles, a mortgage), but it never made sense in terms of the show since one of the show’s main themes is a human girl with two vampires after her heart. To have her end up with anyone other than a Salvatorre (maybe one could wind up becoming human somehow) negates the show and would really tick off fans that they spent X amount of years watching it for Elena to runoff with lets say Ted the lawn.

    Now that Elena is a vampire, putting her with a human would be a HUGE mistake. It would be one thing for her as a human to try out dating a human if she broke up with Stefan, to see if she could have a vampire free life, but they didn’t do that. Now she’d be denying the human things she wanted and put them in danger.

    Having read when the writers thought up the shows finale (while writing the masquerade ep) I do think Elena will suffer the fate book Elena suffered in the original ending. WHich is that she’ll die killing Katherine to save everyone from her. They’ll be tied together magically like they were in the masquerade ep and Elean will walk into the sun or fall on a stake.

    Everyone in Mystic Falls, band together and tell Elena, “You make bad choices and you’re no longer allowed to run our lives with them. We’ll stop you when you think the world revolves around what you alone wants.”

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