The CW has released the synopsis for episode 6.05 titled “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”. SPOILER ALERT!! And thanks to E!Online we have our first look from this episode above!

IT’S HOMECOMING — With Homecoming around the corner, Elena (Nina Dobrev) invites Liam (guest star Marco James) to attend a party at the corn maze with her.  Instead of attending the homecoming festivities, Caroline (Candice Accola) is preoccupied after Stefan (Paul Wesley) shows up unexpectedly and needs her help cleaning up a mess created by Enzo (Michael Malarkey).  Heeding Elena’s advice to be more social, Alaric (Matt Davis) reluctantly attends the party, but a devastating accident quickly leaves him and Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) rushing to save lives.  Elsewhere, Tyler (Michael Trevino) finds himself in a dangerous position when his werewolf curse is put to the test, and an emotionally embattled Stefan comes clean to Caroline about his intent to move on from Mystic Falls.  Lastly, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) make an important discovery that affects their quest to get back home.  Leslie Libman directed the episode written by Brett Matthews (#605).  Original airdate 10/30/2014.

Amazing and intense episode tonight! Check out the preview for next week’s episode “Welcome to Paradise”. Watch, then sound off in the comments! Let me know your thoughts on tonight’s episode!


Tonight, Enzo returns to The Vampire Diaries, so check out the latest interviews from Michael Malarkey discussing tonight’s episode and more! We’ll add more as they come in!

Via THR:

What would that reunion be like for Enzo if Damon does come back to the living again?

I think Enzo probably feels a lot closer to Damon than Damon feels to Enzo. Damon has an entire friends group and people care about him and Elena. Enzo’s just one piece of his past that meant something at a certain time to him, but for Enzo that’s all he has. He doesn’t have anything else. He doesn’t have any family. So for Enzo, Damon means a lot more to him than he means to Damon. You do see Enzo just hoping for that [reunion] to happen and I don’t think he can see past that.

Read more over at THR.

Via TVLine:

“All romantic connotations aside, he considers [Caroline] one of his road dogs,”Michael Malarkey tells TVLine of Enzo’s relationship with Ms. Forbes. “She ends up getting swept up alongside some of the missions he goes on and, for better or worse, they pair up. I also think he appreciates her sense of tenacity and loyalty. Also, she just has this elegance which is also attractive to him.”

And should that relationship turn romantic, you can count Malarkey in.

“I’m all for it,” he says. “Candice [Accola] is just a joy to work with. She’s got a real effervescent energy, and I’d love to have more scenes with her, romantic or otherwise.”

Read more over at TVLine.

Via Access Hollywood:

Access: How hard is Enzo going to be working [to bring Damon back] because this collapsed Other Side thing and where Bonnie and Damon are is really the big mystery this season, but you do play a very determined character.

Michael: He’ll stop at nothing to try to get what he wants. He’s got a soldier’s mentality, so anything he deals with, he wants it to get done and he’ll stop at nothing short of making out with people and killing others. So a bit a both.

Access: I’m glad he’s willing to go there. Is there any chance we’ll get some flashbacks with your character this season?

Michael: You know, I’d really hope so. I kind of have my own theories as to how he became a vampire and all that stuff and I’d like to see if the writers’ ideas are similar or not. I’ve talked to some of the writers about all this stuff, and I think they are keen to explore some things. Hopefully we can manage to squeeze it into the season, depending on where the storylines go.

Read more over at Access Hollywood.

Via Alloy Entertainment:

Alloy Entertainment: In the past, Stefan and Enzo have had some major showdowns. What’s their dynamic like this season?

Michael Malarkey: [Laughs] It’s exactly that! In Enzo’s eyes, Stefan is going about the whole Damon situation the way a coward would; he has run away from all his problems and coping with his grief. I mean, he’s even completely left town to start up a new life elsewhere. And as much as we can understand why Stefan would choose that route, Enzo isn’t too thrilled by the decision. So he addresses these issues with Stefan in TVD episode 6×02 and there are some great scenes between the two of them — very intense.

Read more over at Alloy Entertainment.

Via Zap2It:

What about Enzo’s interactions with the other characters?

I think Enzo is 100 percent about omission. He comes from a soldier background so that is always something that’s ingrained within him: What’s the mission? How do I accomplish it? Who’s in my way and what can I do about it? The only people he’s going to interact with are the people who are directly helping or hindering his mission. You’re not going to see any scenes with him trying to chat up Elena in the bar or anything.

What about Matt?

There are some cool scenes coming up [in episode 3] with Enzo and Matt. Matt finds out through Enzo in a roundabout way who the people are who he’s been dealing with, some of the truths about these people, which shakes Matt up a little bit.

Read more over at Zap2It.


Check out the most recent preview clip released by The CW for The Vampire Diaries Episode 6.02 “Yellow Ledbetter”. Caroline is trying to talk Elena into rethinking this “forget Damon” nonsense…




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Check out the latest Vampire Diaries scoop from TVLine and TV Guide.

Via TVLine’s Ask Ausiello:

Question: Got any scoop on Enzo from The Vampire Diaries? — Amy

Ausiello: Enzo makes his triumphant return this Thursday, and he’s a man on a mission. “He’s his same mischievous, slightly conniving self, but he’s also one of the only ones actively trying to figure out what happened to Damon and to see if he can get him back,” Michael Malarkey says. And even though Enzo and Damon didn’t end things on the best of terms before they both died, it sounds like that’s all water under the bridge. “Their friendship spans over quite a number of years,” Malarkey adds. “He just wants his buddy back.”

Via TV Guide’s Mega Buzz:

Are Bonnie and Damon really stuck in the ’90s on The Vampire Diaries? — Lindy

Well, if the music and Damon’s outfit didn’t clue you in, the ’90s song-inspired episode titles have been hinting at it for weeks! But don’t worry about Bonnie and Damon. Despite suffering some I Am Legend-caliber boredom, they’ve become like an old married couple: cooking, grocery shopping, even doing crossword puzzles to pass the time. They’ll snap out of it, though, and back into action at the first glimmer of hope for a return to Mystic Falls.

Welcome back to Mystic Falls everyone! …Sort of. Thanks to the Travelers, supernaturals are still not allowed to enter the town limits but that doesn’t stop certain pesky vamps from lurking around the border to feed on a pair of underage drinkers. Pretty harsh P.S.A huh?

Was it me or did that mystery vamp look an awful lot like Elena? (Spoiler Alert: It totally was)


Don’t look at me all innocent-like missy…

Elena Goes Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

It’s safe to say that Elena has absolutely lost it. She has guilt tripped Luke into being her witchy drug supplier so that she can hallucinate her lost love. As charming and wonderful as fake drug induced Damon is, he is just a projection of Elena’s own mind. I know that one should always strive to love thy self but this is a little ridiculous.

It isn’t until she almost kills someone in front of Caroline does she realize how far gone she really is. Elena needs help and this being Elena, she picks the most drastic option: SHE ASKS ALARIC TO ERASE ALL HER MEMORIES OF DAMON.

Can someone please hack into Elena’s Netflix and queue up some Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Homegirl needs some serious reminders.


College Students are Blood Sausages

Understandably, Alaric is not adjusting to being a vampire very well. This is not something he would have ever chosen for himself but he was given a second chance at life so he’d better give it his very best.

Personally, I am thrilled to see Professor Saltzman back on the ol’ chalkboard. Did anyone else notice that he brought up resurrection five seconds into teaching? I’m sure that won’t be at all relevant ever.

Now if only he would stop seeing all his students like this:


Stefan Models Skinny Jeans

Okay, fine he’s a mechanic now but he might as well be modeling those jeans because my stars is he rocking the greaser look. (Excuse me while I fan myself for a minute). Stefan has done what he does best; detached himself from everyone and disappeared. Does anyone on this show learn from their past mistakes? (No, no they do not)

Stefan told a frantic Elena that there is no hope and that she should move on but I can’t shake the feeling that our brooding hero has a trick or two up his sleeve. A trick that involves his new sex buddy Ivy…

Someone Answer Caroline’s Calls!

Remember when Tyler went AWOL and Caroline spent half a season calling his voicemail? It was heartbreaking! Now Stefan is the one not picking up and I want to throw my Lean Cuisine at his beautiful brooding head. I would love to see Caroline and Stefan pan out (hate tweets can find me at @EmilyTalksTV) but something tells me it’s going to be a bit of a slow burn.


How’s the rest of the gang doing? Meh.

Let this GIF be a succinct summary on how our boy Jeremy is doing:


Good thing he has Matty Blue Eyes to keep him in check. Speaking of Pudding Pop Donovan, our favorite human has gone a tiny bit commando (did anyone else make the comparison to Riley Finn) as of late. This could lead to an awkward falling out with his friends later in the season but as long as he continues to wear those workout shorts I will not complain.


The Rise of Lyler/Tiv/Liv Tyler

Holy sexual tension batman! Tyler is newly human with those charming old anger issues and a growing soft spot for witchy Taylor Swift. I’m sure this romance will blossom without any unforeseen complications and heart ache because TVD is the feel good show of the last decade.

Bamon Go to IHOP ( International House of Purgatory)

Apparently the afterlife is full of plaid and cute little vampire pancakes. Has somebody been reading my dream journal!!? Seriously though, do these two even know they’re dead? ARE THEY DEAD? What brand of pancake mix is available in the afterlife?! IS MRS. BUTTERS-WORTH GOD?


So many questions, so much syrup….

I’m sure we’ll find out where our dearly departed Bamon is sooner than later but that ending definitely left me asking more questions than it answered.

Check out this new “Need to Feed” promo for The Vampire Diaries! Gotta love that Enzo…”You have a lovely clavicle…”

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