Vampire Diaries Promo Video Interviews From Ian, Nina and Paul

Check out these awesome new promo video interviews with Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley. Thanks to Nina Dobrev Network for the heads up. The say some pretty awesome things about their fans. You gotta feel loved! :)


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  1. Paul Wesley… I looove that guy… I speak French and did I laugh or what at the end… He’s simply adorable!! They should use the fact that he speak French somewhere, that would be awesome! :D

    Nina has come a long way since Degrassi! Wow!

    And Ian; “City… Country… Continent… Planet.”?! LOL How can he even say it with a straight face!

  2. @Mary, totally agree! I speak french as well :)

    Appreciate the interviews.. only thing that bugs me is how they describe Elena&Katherine. They’re not completely different, my gosh.. they’re related for reasons more than just looks. It isn’t just Katherine that are those words, though some don’t see it– Elena is acting more like her not BECOMING her just acting like her. She’s not all that ‘sweet’ but I do agree with her description of Elena–well put. I totally agree on Episode 9 too, so many versions, it was my favorite!! And Ian reminds me of my history teacher, all those words he creates (whether they’re real or not) Lol! Oh Paul. :) Cracking his back, Speaking with a French accent.. his interview was by far the funniest/laid back! How can you not genuinely like the guy?! <3

    Can't wait for April 7th !!!

  3. I totally agree that Elena is showing quite a bit of Katherine in her personality these days, especially when it comes to Damon and Stefan. As far as Elena is concerned they are her “boys”….
    As a matter of fact, in the not too distant future, I see Elena and Katherine living at the Salvatore house…. good times ahead!

    Next round guys…. Ian, Paul and Matt Davis made it….. Go Vote! Vote, vote and vote!!!!

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  5. Nop no comment cus everything is ok is very clearly is totaly fine for me i m just waiting for the thrd season of the vampire diaries that,s all thank u

  6. Paul’s interview made me smile. He is really a sweet and funny guy! Pre PAul on twitter interview ! Thanks for these Ruthie!

  7. @Nikki
    The CW Network is on hiatus for the whole month of March, except for American Next Top Model. All TV Shows will start again on April 17, with new episodes!

  8. @Nikki

    My mistake there… some show stars earlier than April 17… as early as First week of April! :D Just don’t want you to miss any TVD episode! :D

  9. love your site! You are my go to place for all TVD stuff and thank you for updating all the time!

  10. I love your site , it’s where I get all my gossip & info on TVD . It’s SOOO amazing !!!

    I also have a question , do you know when TVD comes back on in England ????

    Thanx 4 making such an amazing and wonderful site .

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