The Ripple Effect Charity Dinner: Photos and Video Interviews

On December 10th, Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder hosted the event The Ripple Effect, a charity dinner to benefit The Water Project. Several cast members and crew from The Vampire Diaries were also in attendance to show their support for the cause. Michael Trevino, Nina Dobrev, Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson. As well as former guest stars Bianca Lawson and Arielle Kebble. Here are a few photos from the event (view more over at Katerina Graham Source), and a couple of video interviews with Nina and Ian from Mingle Media TV. You can view more celebrity interviews from the event on their YouTube channel.

Video Interviews with Ian And Nina by Mingle Media Network


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  1. OMG, Kat and Ian look so handsome together. Kat is so beautiful.
    I wish we could get atleast a Bonnie and Damon friendship.

  2. they ARE friends for sure Lila and they and we are to we are like a brothers then and we Lila and Kath and Ian and we fans are very good friends why the hell not jejejej together scene when bonnie died when she is fighted with klaus in the body of Alaric in season 2 in the episode of “Dance” that scene was so sad but the good news is she is back from the dead alive scene when she is dealing with Damon that,s all yyyeeeeeeeyyyyy WOOOOWWWW!!!!!!

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