The Vampire Diaries Tops New York Post PopWrap’s 2010 Best Television

HUGE thanks to Jarett of New York Post’s PopWrap. Not only did he list The Vampire Diaries in his 2010 Best Television as his number one choice, he gives an amazing shout out to the fans of the show. Thank you so much Jarett! We love you too for all your wonderful Vampire Diaries scoop and amazing support of the fandom!

Scoff if you will, but for my money, no show on television has better pacing, plots or performances than The CW’s “Vampire Diaries.” There is never a dull moment in this mythological smorgasbord — which achieves the near impossible task of seamlessly crafting a series that is at once a comedy, a thriller, a drama¬†and a character piece.

The world Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec created is lush, rich and filled with amazing personalities — characters that are in good hands with the excellent actors who have assembled to bring this tale to life (Ian Somerhalder is particularly exceptional as the ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold).

But what “Vampire Diaries” has done better than any other show currently on television is foster a fervent fan community that feverishly — and publicly — count down the minutes to the next new episode. And that, my friends, is the rarest occurrence of all.
Best Episode: “The Return”

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  1. what is gowing to happen with Damon and Elena i men they shoed end up toghther after all they are made for echother they atrackt ever time she could be indanger Damon comes to the resqu downt you think so and they do make a cut cuppol after all. Stefon is okay but not as hot as Damon and it lokkes to me that he stell has fellings for katalina or katherin. Stefon konw that deep depp down that Elena has strong filling for Damon even if she wont admed it to her self. so how are they gowing to get together.

    ; )

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